Adam Roszkowski Wins 2024 Strongman Champions League Hungary

Before all eyes in the strongman world turned to the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest, ultimately won by three-time WSM Tom Stoltman, from May 1-5, 2024, Adam Roszkowski of Poland was raising a trophy above his head in Budapest.

The 2024 Strongman Champions League (SCL) Hungary contest occurred on April 27, 2024. The single-day contest featured 13 strongmen representing 12 countries clashing through five events: Viking Press, Farmer’s Walk, Car Deadlift, Conan’s Wheel, and Loading Race.

When all was said, done, and lifted, Roszkowski amassed 58 of a possible 65 points to claim the gold over runner-up Frédérick Rhéaume of Canada, who was four points back. Below are the final standings:

2024 Strongman Champions League Hungary Results

Adam Roszkowski (POL) — 58 points

Frédérick Rhéaume (CAN) — 54 points

Péter Juhász (HUN) — 53 points

Mitch Flowers (GBR) — 45 points

Andrea Invernizzi (ITA) — 39.5 points

Kevin Hazeleger (NED) — 38.5 points

Alex Cristolovean (ROU) — 31.5 points

Mika Törrö (FIN) — 28 points

Zdeněk Vávra (CZE) — 25.5 points

Alex Véró (HUN) — 23 points

Hristo Muskov (BUL) — 22 points

Jesper Hansson (SWE) — 20 points

Damir Stroil (BIH) — 14 points

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2024 Strongman Champions League Hungary Event Results

Below are the results for each of the five contested events in Hungary:

Viking Press

In a test of overhead strength, each strongman was challenged to perform as many overhead presses as possible within the time cap. Juhász jumped out of the gate with the event win, repping out two more reps than his next closest competitors.

Péter Juhász — 13 reps

Frédérick Rhéaume — 11 reps (T-second)

Andrea Invernizzi — 11 reps (T-second)

Adam Roszkowski — 10 reps

Mitch Flowers — Eight reps (T-fifth)

Kevin Hazeleger — Eight reps (T-fifth)

Alex Cristolovean — Seven reps

Alex Véró — Five reps

Damir Stroil — Four reps

Mika Törrö — Three reps

Zdeněk Vávra — Two reps (T-11th)

Hristo Muskov — Two reps (T-11th)

Jesper Hanssonno lift

Farmer’s Walk

In the fastest possible time, each strongman attempted to farmer’s carry 150 kilograms down a 40-meter course. Grip strength and midline stability proved to be Hazeleger’s forte, as he scored his only event win of the competition.

Kevin Hazeleger — 20.85 seconds

Adam Roszkowski — 21.72 seconds

Mitch Flowers — 22.44 seconds

Zdeněk Vávra — 23.13 seconds

Frédérick Rhéaume — 23.22 seconds

Péter Juhász — 23.35 seconds

Andrea Invernizzi — 24.25 seconds

Mika Törrö — 26.31 seconds

Alex Véró — 27.39 seconds

Jesper Hansson — 27.40 seconds

Hristo Muskov — 32 seconds

Damir Stroil — 34.79 seconds

Alex Cristolovean — 32.9 meters

Car Deadlift

The Car Deadlift featured a 350-kilogram lift to be performed by each strongman for as many reps as possible within the time cap. Rhéaume and Flowers were triskadekaphiles as they locked out 13 reps each to split first-place points.

Frédérick Rhéaume — 13 reps (T-first)

Mitch Flowers — 13 reps (T-first)

Adam Roszkowski — Nine reps

Andrea Invernizzi — Eight reps

Péter Juhász — Seven reps

Alex Cristolovean — Six reps (T-sixth)

Hristo Muskov — Six reps (T-sixth)

Kevin Hazeleger — Five reps (T-eighth)

Alex Véró — Five reps (T-eighth)

Damir Stroil — Five reps (T-eighth)

Zdeněk Vávra — Two reps

Mika Törrö — One rep

Jesper Hanssonno lift

Conan’s Wheel

Although Hansson finished second to last in the overall competition, he did not go home without an event win. The Conan’s Wheel was his competition highlight for Hansson, burying the rest of the field with his 90.8-meter distance.

Jesper Hansson — 90.8 meters

Adam Roszkowski — 81.5 meters

Péter Juhász — 62.3 meters

Frédérick Rhéaume — 60 meters

Mika Törrö — 59 meters

Alex Cristolovean — 55 meters

Hristo Muskov — 49.6 meters

Kevin Hazeleger — 49 meters

Zdeněk Vávra — 48.6 meters

Mitch Flowers — 48.2 meters

Alex Véró — 37 meters

Damir Stroil — 32.2 meters

Andrea Invernizzi — 7.5 meters

Loading Race

Each strongman was tasked with loading six implements in the fastest time possible. Roszkowski made a statement by capping off his title with a closing-event win.

Adam Roszkowski — Six in 39.33 seconds

Péter Juhász — Six in 39.84 seconds

Frédérick Rhéaume — Six in 44.71 seconds

Andrea Invernizzi — Six in 73.64 seconds

Mitch Flowers — Five in 35.70 seconds

Alex Cristolovean — Five in 48.65 seconds

Mika Törrö — Five in 51.75 seconds

Kevin Hazeleger — Five in 54.79 seconds

Zdeněk Vávra — Four in 24.65 seconds

Alex Véró — Four in 28.59 seconds

Jesper Hansson — Four in 44.42 seconds

Hristo Muskov — Two in 16.11 seconds

Damir Stroil — Withdrew

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