Bodybuilding Legend Kai Greene Tours “World’s Greenest Gym” 

Months since his last YouTube upload, bodybuilder Kai “The Predator” Greene is back with an eco-conscious tour of ‘World’s Greenest Gym,’ a Gold’s Gym branch in Berlin, Germany, where he was presented with natural beauty, recycled artistry, and state-of-the-art technology.

We were thinking about how can we bring the legacy brand into the future for all the young athletes” Pierre, who greeted Greene, says of the gym’s energy-efficient efforts. 

The 5,200-square-foot carbon-neutral facility opened in 2021, earning the prestigious Platinum Leed certificate for its ecological achievements. Follow three-time Arnold Classic USA Open champ Greene through the futuristic training factory with unique twists and turns at every corner below:

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Cork Floors and 10-Meter High Plants 

The first stop in the tour was a 320 square meter fitness classroom with gym flooring made entirely of cork, the same material as wine stoppers. Beyond its renewability, cork is sound-reducing, thermal insulating, and shock-absorbent, reducing joint impact during exercise. 

Something not commonly seen in most gyms is 10-meter-high plants concentrated in and around the cardio areas. “You mean to tell me these aren’t like plastic?” says a bemused Green. Pierre assured him they were living, breathing trees, filtering pollutants, and cleaning the air. 

Computer Tiles, Golden Dumbbells & Tire Floors

Tiles from repurposed computer monitors decorate the building’s exterior and interior, showcasing creative sustainability. A concept that often resonates with devout artists like Kai Greene. 

The legendary 150-kilogram (330-pound) golden dumbbells from Gold’s Venice call the Berlin location home. Greene smiled at the idea of gold shiny objects; appearing more intrigued by the main gym floor made from recycled car tires. “This actually has a use value, and it makes the place look beautiful too,” said Greene. 

The “Special Room” 

“We have to go to a special room,” Pierre insisted as Greene proceeded cautiously and skeptically. Although the giant bright words that read ‘Posing Room’ gave it away.

Greene went from highly suspicious to nearly stripping down to his posing trunks. Hanging from the walls just outside the posing doors are nostalgic images of iconic bodybuilding figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo.

Performance Paradise, Boost Bikes, & Muscle Park

Pierre took it up a notch with the 2,000-square-meter “Performance Center,” separate from the regular gym. 

It’s a training paradise.

From artificial grass turf to a combat ring, climbing ropes, weight lifting equipment, and much more, it has everything to accommodate the training needs of elite performers. 

Gold’s Berlin partnered with the Technical University of Berlin to transform stationary cardio bikes into power sources to expand its green initiatives. 

 “You can bring us some energy, and we save the energy, and then we use it to run the place,” Pierre offered as Greene hopped on for a ride. “There are cycles out there; they can produce energy but not on a level like these bikes.” 

Impressed by the indoor portion, the last attraction was Berlin’s version of Gold’s Gym Venice outdoor gym, or Muscle Park. “This is where the magic happens without the roof,” says Pierre after passing through the spinning doors. 

With not much to see other than plate-loaded machines and free weights on a chilly day, that wrapped up the green tour. “I will take this experience with me everywhere I go,” left Greene. 

Featured image: @kaigreene on Instagram

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