The Ultimate Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Guide

From better sleep to active-recovery footwear, these five products will help mom get the most out of her wellness journey in 2024
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Looking for the perfect gift for a wellness-fanatic mom in your life? Athletech News has rounded up five of the best Mother’s Day gifts to promote a better night of sleep, healthier skin, improved recovery and more. 

credit: Tally Health

For Better Sleep 

If Mom is seeking a melatonin-free sleep supplement, check out Tally Health’s Restore. The supplement contains Magnesium bisglycinate, which promotes the natural production of melatonin; L-theanine, which calms anxiety and supports restorative sleep; and apigenin, which induces muscle relaxation and elevates NAD+ levels. Tally Health provides supplement memberships, which start at $79/month. Restore helps facilitate falling asleep faster for a deeper night of sleep and does so through natural ingredients. The supplement also comes in sleek packaging perfect for gift-giving.

credit: Olivier Midy

For Anti-Aging Skincare 

Treat Mom to a luxury, clinical-grade skincare set from Olivier Midy. The French brand was founded in 1718 and claims it originates from the oldest pharmaceutical family in the world. Olivier Midy’s “Le Systeme Midy”, which retails for $424, is a three-step skincare regimen that includes the Lait Midy, an anti-aging oil-to-milk face wash; the Essence Midy, an anti-aging hydrosol cleanser; and the Eclat Midy, an anti-aging santal face oil. The system’s plant-based products promote healthy aging through gentle ingredients.

credit: Kane Footwear

For a Flip Flop Upgrade

Kane Footwear is an active recovery shoe that was created by former professional athlete John Gagliardi, who sought a shoe with high levels of cushioning and arch support. If Mom needs a flip-flop upgrade for the beach, better gardening shoes, or a tool to promote foot and muscle recovery, look no further. 

Kane Revive, the brand’s signature shoe, retails for $75. Kane shoes slide on easily but stay on your feet, even on sand or dirt. Small details on the shoes promote recovery, like perforations for breathability and raised dots on the footbed for blood flow stimulation. Kane shoes also come in a variety of colors and styles depending on Mom’s preferences. 

credit: KNESKO

For an At-Home Spa Day

Knesko’s Luxe Face Mask Kit is a collagen face mask kit for the perfect at-home spa day. The brand’s face masks are infused with Gemclininal Technology, which promotes ingredient absorption. The Nano Gold Repair Mask includes marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide for hydration and elasticity. The Diamond Radiance Mask includes jojoba oil and COQ10 for fighting inflammation and repairing skin from damage, while the Rose Quartz and Black Pearl Detox Masks include ingredients like White Tea Extract and Bamboo Charcoal, respectively. 

The Luxe Face Mask Kit retails for $140. Give Mom a moment of relaxation and at-home skincare with the celebrity-beloved Knesko’s Luxe Face Mask Kit. 

credit: Fabletics

For the Activewear-Obsessed 

Give Mom the activewear gift that keeps on giving with a Fabletics VIP membership. Each month of the membership costs $59.95, but members get access to deals like 2 for $24 shorts, 2 for $15 tops, and $19 pants. Memberships are flexible, with the option to skip any month. 

If Mom is picky about workout wear, gifting the membership allows her to choose her own styles for a fraction of their retail prices. Styles include everything from a Khloe Kardashian-designed jumpsuit to the perfect running windbreaker

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