2024 Kim Junho Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

The 2024 Kimjunho Pro bodybuilding show is on Sunday, May 12, 2024, in Seoul, South Korea. This show will feature amateur and Masters shows and IFBB Pro League Classic Physique and Men’s Physique divisions.

This is a change from the 2023 show, which had the Bikini division. Those division shows will have 2024 Olympia qualifications that go to the winner. Seventeen athletes will represent five different nations in this event.

2024 Kim Junho Pro Rosters

The rosters for those pro division shows are below, with names in alphabetical order.

Classic Physique

Hyun Seok Lee (South Korea)

Sand Mog Li (South Korea)

Kai Liu (China)

Lihsuan Liu (Taiwan)

Kai Wang (China)

Zhaonian Xu (China)

Men’s Physique

Gantulga Altankhuyag (Mongolia)

Gunseung Lee (South Korea)

Ro Woon Lee (South Korea)

Seungmu Lee (South Korea)

Jinbo Li (China)

Zerul Li (China)

Mengyl Liu (China)

Ajith Raja (India)

Woo Young Seo (South Korea)

Jian Song (China)

Yiming Wei (China)

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Men’s Physique Athletes to Watch

Contention for the top of the podium will likely include the following athletes:

Gantulga Altankhuyag

Gantulga Altankhuyag is coming off a third-place finish at the 2024 Asia Grand Prix (AGP) Pro Men’s Physique Pro on Apr. 27, 2024, won by Yoon Sung Lee. Altankhuyag was only competing in his second pro show when he took the stage at that event.

Being close to contest shape and having an added show’s worth of experience can serve Altankhuyag well at this contest. At this contest, he aims to earn his first pro win and Olympia qualification.

Jinbo Li

Jinbo Li was the runner-up in that AGP Pro show. He won the 2022 Japan Pro. That winning experience could serve him well in a smaller lineup with several pros who have not yet tasted gold. He is considered a top contender in this lineup.

Yiming Wei

The third-place finisher of the 2024 China DMS Pro is also entering this contest. Yiming Wei scored his third top-three finish in his three-year pro career at that show on Friday, Mar. 1, 2024, but he still needs a pro win if he wants to walk on the Olympia stage.

If he wins, Yiming Wei will be the third Chinese athlete to qualify for the 2024 Men’s Physique Olympia.

Other Notes

This is one of two shows to host a Men’s Physique this weekend. The other is the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro in Pittsburgh, PA.

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