2024 Kokeny Classic Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

Budapest, Hungary, will host the 2024 IFBB Pro League Kokeny Classic Pro on Saturday, May 11, 2024. This show will feature three pro divisions: Classic Physique, Figure, and Bikini.

The winners of those contests will join the list of qualified athletes for the 2024 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024, if not already qualified.

2024 Kokeny Classic Pro Rosters

The roster for all three events is below, with names in alphabetical order:

Classic Physique

Luigi Maria de Robertis (Italy)

Florin Dogaru (Romania)

Jovan Giamocanin (Serbia)

Dilans Kurepins (Latvia)

Andrea Mammoli (Italy)

Richard Nagy (Hungary)

Damian Narecki (Poland)

Kevin Stutz (Austria)


Carolina Fernandez (Spain)

Rejoice Godwin (Spain)

Chantal Keimer (Germany)

Nina Paulus (Germany)


Anastazja Biedka (Poland)

Martina Fainozzi (Italy)

Aisha Kaipova (Kazakhstan)

Doriana Kandeva (Bulgaria)

Roberta Mangraviti (Italy)

Violeta Palamarchuk (Ukraine)

Lisa Reith (Germany)

Anna Setlak (Italy)

Rania Stamatiadou (Greece)

Francesca Stoico (Italy)

Laura Zakharias (Hungary)

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Bikini Division Athletes to Watch

Below are athletes likely to contend in first callouts in the Bikini division:

Lisa Reith

Lisa Reith competed 11 times in 2023, highlighted by her win at the Flex Pro. She finished the season at the 2023 Bikini Olympia, placing outside the top 15.

Reith’s most recent outing was the 2024 1 Bro Pro show, where she finished fourth. She must win a show to qualify for the Olympia. The deadline to qualify for the Olympia this season is Sept. 15, 2024.

Anna Setlak

Anna Setlak finished the 2024 1 Bro Pro show one spot behind Reith. She is in her fourth pro season and has shown potential to be a champion.

However, that first win has not come Setlak’s way yet. Her best finish in 2023 was second at the Sheru Classic Italian Pro. If she wins here, she will be eligible to make her Olympia debut this fall. She would join Ottavia Mazza and Alice Marchisio as the third Bikini Olympia athlete from Italy.

Francesca Stoico

After taking the 2023 season off, Francesca Stoico returned to the stage at the 2024 1 Bro Pro show and finished in the bronze position. She has seven pro wins and has been on the Olympia stage four times.

However, Stoico has never broken into the top 15 at the Olympia. Her last show before the 2024 season was the 2022 Bikini Olympia, where she tied for 16th.

Featured Image: @francesca_stoico_official_page on Instagram 

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