Apply Dana Linn Bailey’s Hypertrophy Glute Workout Updates to Your Programming

Strongly developed glutes can enhance one’s hip-to-waist ratio, bestowing female bodybuilders the coveted hourglass figure. 2013 Women’s Physique Olympia champion Dana Linn Bailey offers her expertise through online training, bodybuilding advice, and support to a community of over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she shared details of her workout regimen designed explicitly for sculpting the glutes.

This is a glute and ham-focused leg day today. You’ll see all my favorite exercises that I use to build up [the glutes].

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Dana Linn Bailey’s Glute Exercises

Below’s a breakdown of the 2013 Figure Olympia champ’s glute programming: 

Superset: Machine Hip Thrust & Abductor — 4 x 10, 5 x 15-20

Superset: Reverse Good Morning & Sumo Sumo Reverse Hack Squat —12, 10, 8, 8

Superset: Stability Ball Hamstring Curl & Vertical Leg Press — 10–12

Deficit Reverse Curtsy Lunge3 x 12

Reverse Hyper

Check out the video and details about it below:

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Superset: Machine Hip Thrust & Abductor

Bailey performs a distinctive variation of hip thrusts on the machine, executing pulse reps. This technique increases the time the glutes are under tension, maximizing their engagement. She squeezes the glutes through the concentrics.

Bailey recommends using lighter weights to maintain proper form and ensure full engagement of the glutes. She performs full reps accurately and advises against any temptation to swing the legs, which can shift tension away from the glutes.

According to Bailey, opting for heavier weights might detract from the targeted muscle contraction, reducing the exercise’s effectiveness.

When you go too heavy, you lose contraction on your glutes; it goes to [the] quads and everything else besides your glutes.

Bailey advocates combining abductor exercises with hip thrusts in a superset to maximize efficiency. Although she acknowledges that both exercises are effective individually, pairing them saves time.

For those working out at home or gyms lacking an abductor machine, Bailey suggests hip circles as a viable alternative. Additionally, she recommends swapping machine hip thrusts for barbell hip thrusts when necessary.

Bailey typically performs a 15-20 rep range for machine hip abductors, maintaining an upright, slightly forward tilt to concentrate the effort on the glutes. She deliberately squeezes and focuses throughout the exercise.

“It’s the bodybuilder method of things. We focus, we go a little bit slower, and we squeeze,” says Bailey. “We’re focusing on building muscle. So hold for a good one second. Don’t just swing your legs out [for] 15 to 20 [reps].”

Superset: Reverse Good Morning & Sumo Reverse Hack Squat

Bailey suggests facing the machine while performing the reverse good morning to enhance its focus on the glutes. She adds a twist, transforming the exercise into a hybrid of good mornings and Romanian deadlifts (RDL).

“The reason I call it a good morning is because usually the bars on top of you, you’re going all the way back,” said Bailey. “However, I bend my knees a bit more like I would with an RDL. So it’s like sort of like a hybrid good morning RDL.” 

Bailey does not thrust her hips forward at the movement’s peak to maintain optimal glute engagement. She recommends a hip hinge and descending until the glutes are fully stretched. 

Bailey advises a wide stance for the reverse sumo hack squat, enabling an angled push. Additionally, she suggests positioning the feet slightly back to achieve the correct angle.

Superset: Stability Ball Hamstring Curl & Vertical Leg Press

Bailey explains that the stability ball hamstring curl effectively targets the glutes, primarily due to the hip bridge performed during the curl. Keep the hips elevated while rolling the ball from heels to toes, accentuating glute engagement. 

For the vertical leg press, Bailey positions her buttocks almost off the edge, opting for a low foot placement for greater emphasis on the glutes. Bailey performs a similar routine on a Smith machine, adding a doubled-up yoga mat beneath her.

Deficit Reverse Curtsy Lunge & Reverse Hyper

Bailey performs a deficit reverse curtsy lunge on a weight plate while gripping dumbbells. She crosses behind to execute the lunge and shifts the tension to the glutes. Bailey ensures optimal glute contraction by touching her knee to the floor and driving up through the outer glutes and hamstrings. 

For the reverse hyper, Bailey angles the toes outward before the movement primes the glutes for activation. Bailey keeps the tension on the glutes by rounding her back and positioning her head below her hips throughout the exercise.

Bailey incorporates resistance bands into her reverse hyper. Despite the movement’s subtlety, it significantly targets the glutes while minimizing lower back strain. Bailey positions the pad just below the hip for correct form and stresses the necessity of squeezing the glutes for maximum benefit.

Featured image: @danalinnbailey on Instagram

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