2024 California Supplements Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

The 2024 California Supplements Pro bodybuilding show occurred on Sunday, May 12, 2024, in Alicante, Spain. This event featured IFBB Pro League Classic Physique and Wellness division contests with 2024 Olympia Weekend qualifications going to the winners.

Jose Manuel Munoz (Classic Physique) and Jade Cristaldo (Wellness) were winners.

2024 California Supplements Pro Results

The full results from both competitions are below:

Classic Physique

Jose Manuel Munoz (Spain)

German Pastor (Spain)

Alexander Westermeier (Germany)

Ferran Minana Ibanez (Spain)

Manuel Moisel (Germany)

Andre Gerstner (Germany)

David Marmol Martinez (Spain)

Niclas Pitkanen (Finland)


Jade Cristaldo (Spain)

Valquiria Lopes (Brazil)

Raeli Dias (Brazil)

Chery Figueroa Calix (Spain)

Ruth Petizco (Spain)

Kihara Martinez (Chile)

Antonia Liliana Liccardi (Italy)

Alexsandra Jelmorini (Switzerland)

Rosa Benadero Munoz (Spain)

Anne Ercolano (Italy)

Note: Only pro show winners during the 2024 season qualify for the 2024 Olympia.

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Classic Physique Winner — Jose Manuel Munoz

Munoz’s last showing was at the 2023 Empro Pro, where he finished in fourth place in the Men’s Open division. This shift to Classic Physique clearly paid off for him as he received perfect scores from the judges in the prejudging round.

Becky Clawson was the head judge. This is Munoz’s first professional win, and he also received his first Olympia qualification. Many fans considered German Pastor the favorite in the show, but he settled for silver. Third place went to Alexander Westermeier.

Wellness Winner — Jade Cristaldo

Ten women were in the Wellness lineup, and Cristaldo was the clear winner on the scorecards. This was her IFBB Pro League debut, leading to her first professional win and Wellness Olympia qualification. Two Brazilian competitors were joining her in the top three – runner-up Valquiria Lopes and third-place finisher Raeli Dias.

Other Notes

The next pro show to be held in Spain is the 2024 Empro Pro, which is also in Alicante on the weekend of June 15-16, 2024. Eight pro divisions will be featured in that competition.

Featured Image: @josema_beast on Instagram

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