Karen Thrige Andersen (84KG) Breaks IPF Equipped Squat World Record With 279 Kilograms

Danish lifter Karen Thrige Andersen is relatively new to the sport of powerlifting, having started her journey in 2021. Yet, she is already mounting a significant challenge at the international level. She was the European Junior Champion in 2023 but has aged into the Open category.

Andersen lifted in the 84KG class at the 2024 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Equipped Powerlifting Championships, held in Hamm, Luxembourg. She surprised everyone in her debut Open international contest by swinging at the equipped squat world record with a 279-kilogram lift. Check it out below:

As this was an equipped contest, Andersen wore knee wraps, a squat suit, wrist wraps, and a lifting belt. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and its affiliates permit single-ply equipment only.

The lift itself seemed relatively easy. Halfway through, an expression of effort crossed her face, but the bar speed was good, and she locked it out quite comfortably.

Andersen was not the only person to break this record: Daria Rusanenko has gradually increased it over the last few years. On her second squat attempt, she took it up to 278.5 kilograms, only for it to be eclipsed by Andersen’s 279 kilograms. Both attempted to increase the record further on their final squats, but both lifts were unsuccessful.

2024 EPF European Equipped Powerlifting Championship Results — Karen Thrige Andersen (Denmark), 84KG


265 kilograms

279 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

285.5 kilograms

Bench Press

105 kilograms

105 kilograms

110 kilograms


185 kilograms

200 kilograms

212.5 kilograms

Total — 601.5 kilograms

Andersen secured the gold medal on squat but slipped some way down the rankings on bench press. She recovered somewhat on deadlift and finished in fourth place, with Rusanenko winning the European title.

For most European equipped lifters, the next big event on the horizon is the 2024 World Equipped Powerlifting Championships, which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in November. If Andersen can make the podium at that contest, she will secure an invitation to the 2025 World Games in Chengdu, China. That would be quite the achievement for someone with only three years in the sport.

Featured image: @theepf on Instagram

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