Katrin Davidsdottir Opens Up About Her Back Injury and Uncertain CrossFit Future

Two-time CrossFit champion, Katrin Davidsdottir, just opened up about the back injury sidelining her this season on Talking Elite Fitness. 

Discover the details behind her painful decision to withdraw, the emotional toll it’s taken, and how she envisions her future in the sport. 

This interview offers a unique glimpse into the challenges and resilience of one of CrossFit’s most beloved athletes.

The Announcement and Its Impact

A few weeks ago, Davidsdottir took to social media to share the difficult news with her followers. 

Her announcement has stirred a mix of disappointment and support within the CrossFit community, with many expressing how the sport shines brighter with her active participation.

Details of the Injury

Davidsdottir has battled back issues throughout her career, which began with minor tweaks and evolved into more severe problems over time. 

In 2019, she faced a significant setback with a herniated disc, marking her first major back injury. 

Despite various treatments and adjustments in her training regimen, her back pain has fluctuated, impacting her ability to perform at her best.

Decision to Withdraw

The decision to step back this season was not made lightly. Davidsdottir recounted the critical moments leading up to her withdrawal, including the ineffectiveness of a cortisone shot intended to provide relief. 

As the quarterfinals approached, it became clear that she could not perform fundamental movements like Burpee box jumps or muscle-ups without severe pain, signaling that competing was out of the question.

Emotional Impact

The realization that she would not participate this season was profoundly disappointing for Davidsdottir. 

Known for her resilience and competitive spirit, accepting this reality was a challenging emotional journey, marked by a mixture of hope for recovery and sadness over the unattainable season.

Future Prospects and Considerations

Currently, Davidsdottir’s primary focus is on recovery, emphasizing non-surgical methods such as yoga and pilates to alleviate her symptoms. 

While she is open to the possibility of returning to competition, her decision will largely depend on the recovery of her back and overall health.

Broader Impact and Legacy

Davidsdottir’s influence on CrossFit extends beyond her competitive achievements. She is a role model and a potential commentator for the sport, offering insights and depth to upcoming athletes and events. 

Her legacy, characterized by perseverance and excellence, ensures her a place in any future CrossFit Hall of Fame.


While Katrin Davidsdottir’s withdrawal is a setback for her and her fans, the focus remains on her health and potential contributions to CrossFit in other capacities. 

As she navigates through her recovery, the community stands in support, hopeful for not only her return to competition but also her continued impact on the sport in new roles.


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