With New Features, Apple Watch Can Elevate Your Golf Game

Apple Watch’s high-frequency motion API can detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration, offering important feedback on your swing
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Apple Watch has long been an asset on the course, but its new high-frequency motion API in watchOS 10 and the recent release of Ultra 2 can bring a user’s golf game to the next level. 

Apple Watch’s new high-frequency motion API provides golfers with the latest accelerometer and gyroscope technology. Golfshot, one of the most popular golfing apps for practice uses this technology in its Swing ID On-Range experience to detect the exact moment a club strikes the ball. The technology offers in-depth analysis of a golfer’s swing, including granular data like wrist path, tempo, rhythm, backswing, transition and more. Using easy-to-read graphics, Golfshot helps users visualize each element of their swing. The tech can be used at a driving range but also during practice swings in the backyard. 

The Ultra 2 watch has the brightest display ever, so golfers can now track their swings with unprecedented levels of detail on a screen visible even in harsh sunlight. The watch also has 12 hours of battery life with GPS, the most accurate GPS of any Apple Watch.

credit: Apple

Golfshot and Apple Watch also partner well on the course. With over 46,000 courses worldwide, golfers can track every shot and see real-time distances to the green, hazards, and targets. The watch also provides automated data collection so users can experience a visual flyover with advanced stat analysis post-round. 

A suite of other specialized golf apps also pairs well Apple Watch. Arccos, the official game tracker of the PGA Tour, tracks shots and provides precise yardage in real-time. GolfLogix shows hole layouts, carry distances, and approach views with color heat maps of the green. 18Birdies Golf GPS Tracker, one of the most popular golf apps on the market, provides accurate distances for shots, suggestions for improvement based on an analysis of one’s stats, and gamification through creating tournaments with friends. 

From swing practice to real-time on-course data, Apple Watch offers tools that help golfers stay connected, improve their performance, and enjoy the game more. 

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