Adam Bishop Shares How He Ruptured His Achilles at the 2024 World’s Strongest Man

The 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest saw a cacophony of injuries in the lead-up and during the competition itself. During the Qualifying stage, Bobby Thompson, Gavin Bilton, and Adam Bishop all withdrew due to various injuries.

Adam Bishop suffered an Achilles injury during the Car Walk event. On May 17, 2024, Bishop took to his YouTube channel to share more insight into how his injury happened and how long he will be absent from competitive strongman competition. Check it out below:

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Bishop felt the start of the 2024 WSM contest was going his way. He opened the competition with back-to-back event wins in the Webster Stones and Deadlift Ladder. He followed that up with a runner-up ranking in the Sandbag Steeplechase, all but locking in a spot in the 2024 WSM Final.

Despite splitting the lowest rank in the Viking Press, Bishop planned for that outcome as he was still recovering from a triceps injury. However, disaster struck during the Car Walk.

There were no warning signs.

Bishop quickly isolated that a fortnight before the contest, he experienced tendonitis-like symptoms in his left Achilles. He presumed physical therapy had remedied any lingering issues that might have been sustained.

Bishop’s lift of the yoke during the Car Walk felt smooth. All aspects set the expectations for a smooth run, but he knew immediately that he had ruptured his Achilles when he dropped the yoke four meters into the heat.

Medical assessed Bishop’s injury as “a hole in his Achilles.” Upon returning to the UK, Bishop scheduled a visit with the country’s premier Achilles surgeon. It was confirmed that Bishop suffered a “significant tear” in his Achilles, and surgical intervention would be necessary. Bishop received that surgery one day later.

Bishop’s expected recovery time is six to nine months before returning to competition.

Featured image: @adambishopstrongman on Instagram

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