24 Hour Fitness Invests in West Coast Clubs, Adds Longevity Classes

The gym chain will put millions into four of its clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, and soon, throughout the Western U.S.

24 Hour Fitness is going back to upgrade a handful of existing locations with new equipment, layouts and classes as part of a multi-million dollar modernization initiative that will start in San Francisco.

The brand just announced a multi-million dollar investment at four of its clubs in the San Francisco Bay area. 24 Hour Fitnesses in Fremont, Livermore, Walnut Creek and Hayward will receive new state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, new flooring and lighting. New turfs for group exercise zones are coming as well.

“Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked diligently to identify clubs whose performance and attendance represented a new opportunity to better serve our members,” said Karl Sanft, CEO at 24 Hour Fitness. “We want to invest in those clubs to not only better serve our members, but to make these gyms stronger resources for an even larger community as they work out, connect, and thrive.”

A few sites will also feature murals depicting the Bay Area’s unique culture and identity by award-winning artist Chris DeLorenzo. 

“While fitness can be a personal pursuit and bring growth and fulfillment to individuals, my aim with this mural is to celebrate the unique energy and diversity of the community that sustains and motivates us,” said DeLorenzo. “Its composition is a reminder that there is a space for everyone in this place and outside it.”

Re-Committing to the Bay Area

24 Hour Fitness locations in San Francisco are no longer open 24 hours, a move that was first reported by SF Gate. A 24 Hour Fitness spokesperson told the publication that the decision came after analyzing “usage patterns” in the area. At least several of the brand’s gyms in other parts of the country also feature closing times.

The gym chain closed a handful of San Francisco Bay Area gyms after the gym chain filed for bankruptcy in 2020 amid the pandemic and closed over 100 locations. 24 Hour Fitness currently has nearly 300 gyms established across 11 states.

Gyms outside the Bay Area in the Western U.S. will also see investment and club improvements in the coming years, 24 Hour Fitness said. 

Riding the Longevity Wave

24 Hour Fitness will also upgrade its catalog of group fitness classes with two new offerings via a partnership with SH1FT Fitness, a brand that creates low-cost, high-quality bespoke programs for gyms. 

Modus Mobility is an active recovery class featuring functional motion training and stretching to help users enhance their performance inside and outside a gym environment. The class features a blend of science-backed techniques in mobility, flexibility and stability to stretch and strengthen muscles. 

Modus Move focuses on the bigger picture, addressing longevity rather than helping users feel more immediate effects. This class concentrates on stability, neuromuscular activation and general athleticism for anyone who wants their body to “feel good” and “move well” in the years to come, according to SH1FT.

Modus Move (credit: SH1FT/24 Hour Fitness)

“These classes have been meticulously designed around the latest scientific research to deliver real change to our members,” said Mike Heim, senior manager of programming and education at 24 Hour Fitness. “Longevity training or ‘fitness for life’ is an area that is far too underserved in group exercise – but it’s incredibly important to us at 24 Hour Fitness.”

Both classes keep users guessing with an eight-week cycle featuring different workouts. 24 Hour Fitness members who can’t attend classes in person can still do so from afar via the 24GO member App.

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