Marissa Andrews Wins 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Lions Classic Pro Wellness Show

Marissa Andrews won the 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Lions Classic Pro Wellness show. The contest, which was held on Saturday, May 18, 2024, in Guadalajara, Mexico, featured four competitors vying for the win.

Andrews held center stage with first place and the 2024 Olympia Weekend qualification that came with the victory. Debora Paula De Oliveira took silver, Lilian Nava took bronze, and Etzel Angelina Riestra Martinez settled for fourth place.

The summary of the placings are below, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League:

2024 Mr. and Mrs. Lions Classic Pro Results

Marissa Andrews (United States)

Debora Paula De Oliveira (Brazil)

Lilian Nava (Mexico)

Etzel Angelina Riestra Martinez (Mexico)

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Winner — Marissa Andrews

Andrews was coming off a third-place finish at the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro. She wanted to wrap up her Olympia qualification early in the season.

This victory gives Andrews about 20 weeks to prepare for the Olympia since her qualification is secured. The prejudging round was the only scored round of the contest, and Andrews had a perfect score from the judges.

Second Place — Debora Paula De Oliveira

This was De Oliveira’s 2024 season debut, which kicked off her third pro season. This is the highest finish of her career in the pro ranks.

De Oliveira’s previous best was fifth place in the 2023 Republic of Texas Pro. She and the rest of the field outside of Andrews have until Sept. 15, 2024, to win a show to qualify for the 2024 Olympia; only show winners can move on to the big stage.

Third Place — Lilian Nava

Nava was also making her first appearance of the year, representing the host country. Her last show was the 2023 Pharlabs Sur Cup Pro, and she finished in ninth place. 

Other Notes

This was one of two Wellness shows that took place on this particular day. The other was at the 2024 New York Pro in Teaneck, NJ. The winner of that show was Giselle Machado.

The next pro Wellness shows on the 2024 calendar are the Optimum Classic Pro in Shreveport, LA, and the Everest Muscle Show in Warsaw, Poland. Both of those contests are set for Saturday, May 25.

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