How Technogym Is Using AI To Modernize Fitness

Technogym’s AI-based products, Checkup and Coach, are gaining widespread attention for their groundbreaking tech at a time when longevity dominates the conversation

The fitness and wellness industry is no exception to the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence. Technogym, a leading fitness technology and equipment company, is leading that charge. 

The company, founded by Nerio Alessandri in the early 1980s, has developed a robust, AI-based, end-to-end open platform that has reinvigorated the fitness industry for wellness seekers and gym operators alike. 

It’s a carefully designed system that, as Alessandri points out, creates a frictionless, fully personalized experience that allows users to meet their goals. At the same time, operators can manage their business and improve the customer journey while accelerating attraction, retention and secondary spending.

While Technogym has several impressive products within its Ecosystem, its AI-based products, Technogym Checkup and Technogym Coach are gaining widespread attention for their groundbreaking technology at a time when longevity dominates the conversation.

Alessandri is passionate about the longevity movement, long extolling the benefits of fitness and his philosophy that “exercise is medicine.” Technogym is putting that philosophy into practice, aiming to improve the lives of millions.

Technogym Checkup: A New AI-Powered Health Assistant

Technogym Checkup, which debuted at IHRSA 2024 in Los Angeles earlier this year assesses people’s physical and cognitive conditions and allows industry operators to prescribe and deliver personalized programs.

As the name states, the system offers a “checkup” — a method of scanning body composition and analyzing strength performances, balance, mobility and even cognitive abilities. The data forms a “Wellness Age” that gives users a metric on their current state of well-being that’s more valuable than simple biological age.

credit: Technogym

“Our AI-based assessment station … represents the ideal solution for both members and operators in order to measure physical and cognitive parameters and to a fully personalized program for every single individual that evolves over time thanks to AI,” Alessandri has said.

Technogym Coach: AI-Based Trainer Available Across the Entire Technogym Ecosystem

Technogym Coach then steps in, harnessing AI and offering a personalized prescription of effective training protocols. 

Technogym Coach guides and encourages users on their health and wellness journey, delivering a daily ‘Precision Program’ workout with prescribed training days, a DIY section where users can create their work workouts and track outdoor activities, guided meditation sessions, access to nutrition, fitness and wellness content and feedback. ‍If a workout is skipped or a user quits before a workout is completed, Technogym Coach encourages the user to keep going and rewards special badges for finishing 80% of each workout.

credit: Technogym

In addition to adjusting training programs to give users the results they’re after, Technogym Coach enables gyms and club operators to tap into advanced user profiling so they can fine-tune marketing efforts, such as targeted loyalty programs.

Tech That Brings Everything Together

A gym’s members can access the entire Technogym Ecosystem through the Technogym app, ensuring a complete experience. As users log into the app, Technogym’s smart equipment immediately recognizes the user’s unique profile, past sessions and goals, tracking and storing all improvements along the way. And, delivering a truly smart fitness experience, the strength equipment can automatically adjust load, range of motion, correct posture, number of sets, repetitions and more.

“Technogym Ecosystem embodies a multi-touchpoint powerhouse for a truly fluid experience: through the Technogym App, users can easily access Technogym Ecosystem, keeping the training experience contiguous and customized in every detail,” Technogym’s international PR and media director Enrico Manaresi has said. 

The Technogym Ecosystem is an open platform that notably connects to and integrates with management software platforms, equipment from any brand, external apps, wearables and fitness trackers including Strava, Runkeeper, Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, Fitbit and many others. 

“This means members can train anywhere, anytime,” Manaresi said. 

Technogym’s “train smarter, not harder” mantra comes at a time when consumers increasingly seek personalization in all aspects of their experiences, whether nutrition, fitness or wellness.

Even when not in the gym or health club, users can use the Technogym app to find regularly updated on-demand workout videos, sport-specific programs, trainer-led video content and more. The options are abundant – there are over 1,000 workouts across HIIT, strength training, boxing, yoga, Pilates and guided meditations.

While users themselves get countless benefits from Technogym’s Ecosystem, the fit tech company says operators experience ROI through increased retention by up to 20% and upselling and secondary spending by up to 100%. 

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