PXG Apparel’s Renee Parsons on Changing Golf Through Fashion

Parsons, who spearheaded the launch of PXG’s apparel arm back in 2018, is working to make golf more inclusive, particularly for women

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was founded in 2013 by businessman Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy. PXG was inspired by Parson’s desire to make the world’s best golf equipment, and the brand invested heavily in developing the best sets of golf clubs to transform the game. Now, his wife, Renee Parsons, the president and executive creative director of PXG Apparel, is working to make golf more inclusive, particularly for women, through fashion-forward apparel

“My background was definitely not in apparel or fashion. I grew up in the hospitality business—restaurants and hotels. I think when you grow up in that kind of environment, it trains you for everything,” Parsons told Athletech News. “In 2018, PXG saw the need to expand the brand into apparel and soft goods. I love fashion, and I’m also a golfer. People were already approaching me on the golf course, asking for better fashion options, especially for women. So, in 2019, I started learning from scratch about manufacturing, design, and everything in between.”

Renee Parsons (credit: PXG Apparel)

As Parsons got started, she spent a year and a half figuring out how best to get the new business off the ground.

“I was everything from our original fit model to figuring out who and what we needed to grow the business ” she explained. “In 2020, despite the pandemic, golf took off because it was a safe, outdoor activity. Our business exploded. We expanded our team and launched our first collection in 2021. It’s been growing exponentially every year since.”

PXG stands out from competitors by blending performance with fashion. The brand’s clubs and apparel are custom-fit, and it focuses on providing high-touch customer experiences in its retail locations. Scottsdale National Golf Club, which is owned by the Parsons, provided a test audience for the brand.

credit: PXG Apparel

“I got real-time feedback on what consumers wanted,” Renee Parsons said. “As a golfer myself, I knew the technical aspects needed for performance—fabrications, stretch features, and pocket locations. We prioritized women’s skirts because that was an area lacking in the market.”

Golf is still predominantly a male sport, but female leaders in the space like Parsons are hoping to foster inclusivity.

“Within PXG we have many women in leadership positions,” she said. “Outside, the industry is getting better, but there’s still a way to go. Golf offers so many benefits. It’s about getting over the initial hump of intimidation and realizing how fun and rewarding it can be.”

credit: PXG Apparel

June is Women’s Golf Month, and PXG will host events to celebrate.

“We do a Women’s Day to Play, inviting all the women at PSG to take the day off and play golf,” Parsons noted. “This year, we’re adding a community component by inviting young women from The First Tee, a nonprofit that brings golf to underserved populations. We’re excited to see what these young golfers can do.” 

Parson’s mission is to make golf more accessible to all. She believes golf is unique because of its handicap scoring system.

“You can play with anyone and be competitive,” Parsons said. “It’s a sport you can enjoy into your older years.”

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