2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man & Woman Results — Cillein Groom, Gemma Moore Triumph

The 2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man (ISM) and 2024 Ireland’s Strongest Woman (ISW) contests occurred in Belfast, Ireland, on May 6, 2024. The single-day contest featured five events, including the Truck Pull, Dumbbell Press for Reps, Tire Flip, Stones of Strength, and Steps From Hell for the strongmen, and the Tire Flip, Sandbag-to-Shoulder, Car Deadlift Hold, Axle Clean & Press, and Steps From Hell for the strongwomen.

After those five events, Cillein Groom scored the overall gold among the 12 strongmen and Gemma Moore stood atop the podium among the eight strongwomen. Groom achieved 55.5 of a possible 60 points. Moore scored 36.5 of a possible 40 points.

2024 Ireland’s Strongest Results

Below are the final standings for both contests featured in Belfast:


Cillein Groom — 55.5 points

Gerard Buckley — 45.5 points

Jamie McNamara — 38 points

Shaun Diver — 38 points

Dean Doyle — 33.5 points

Ruairi O’Hagan — 30 points

Dillon Doyle — 29.5 points

Kyle McGowan — 28.5 points

Cathal McNally — 26 points

Matt Pollard — 21 points

Darren McGirr — 9.5 points

Ray Foley — Two points


Gemma Moore — 36.5 points

Gail McComiskey — 35 points

Nicole McMillan — 29 points

Aisling Cunningham — 26.5 points

Dolores McGuckin — 19.5 points

Minnie O’Donnell — 14.5 points

Maeve Frawley — 12 points

Leonie Clarke — Three points

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2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man Event Results

Below are the results for each of the five events the strongmen competed in:

Truck Pull

The truck used for this event weighed 13,000 kilograms. Athletes had to traverse the 25-meter course in the fastest time possible within the 75-second time cap.

Cillein Groom — 30.65 seconds

Kyle McGowan — 33.2 seconds

Gerard Buckley — 33.42 seconds

Cathal McNally — 34.16 seconds

Jamie McNamara — 35.31 seconds

Ruairi O’Hagan — 36.65 seconds

Shaun Diver — 37.11 seconds

Dean Doyle — 38.3 seconds

Matt Pollard — 40.43 seconds

Dillon Doyle — 40.49 seconds

Ray Foley — 46.46 seconds

Darren McGirr — 46.95 seconds

Dumbbell Press for Reps

With 75 seconds on the clock, each strongman attempted to lockout the 80-kilogram dumbbell as many times as possible.

Dillon Doyle — 10 reps

Shaun Diver — Nine reps (T-second)

Dean Doyle — Nine Reps (T-second)

Cillein Groom — Six reps (T-fourth)

Kyle McGowan — Six reps (T-fourth)

Matt Pollard — Five reps

Ruairi O’Hagan — Four reps

Jamie McNamara — Two reps

Gerard Buckley — One rep (T-ninth)

Darren McGirr — One rep (T-ninth)

Cathal McNallyno lift

Ray Foleyno lift

Tire Flip

Each strongman attempted to flip the 400-kilogram tire down the 20-meter course as quickly as they could within 75 seconds.

Cillein Groom — 10 meters (T-first)

Gerard Buckley — 10 meters (T-first)

Jamie McNamara — 10 meters (T-first)

Shaun Diver — Three meters (T-fourth)

Dillon Doyle — Three meters (T-fourth)

Dean Doyleno lift

Ruairi O’Haganno lift

Kyle McGowanno lift

Cathal McNallyno lift

Matt Pollard no lift

Darren McGirrno lift

Ray Foleyno lift

Stones of Strength

This event comprised five strones weighing 100, 115, 130, 145, and 160 kilograms. Each strongman attempted to lift and traverse each stone to their respective pedestals in the 75-second time cap.

Cillein Groom — Five in 45.12 seconds

Gerard Buckley — Four in 22.96 seconds

Ruairi O’Hagan — Four in 27.33 seconds

Jamie McNamara — Four in 28.72 seconds

Cathal McNally — Four in 30.27 seconds

Dean Doyle — Four in 32.75 seconds

Kyle McGowan — Four in 50.22 seconds

Shaun Diver — Three in 14.32 seconds

Matt Pollard — Three in 20.23 seconds

Darren McGirr — Three in 22.31 seconds

Dillon Doyle — Three in 26.25 seconds

Ray Foleyno lift

Steps From Hell

Each strongman attempted to lift five 200-kilogram implements up the steps for time. The time cap was 75 seconds.

Cillein Groom — Five in 33.99 seconds

Dean Doyle — Five in 43.09 seconds

Gerard Buckley — Five in 50.9 seconds

Cathal McNally — Five in 52.3 seconds

Shaun Diver — Five in 56.6 seconds

Ruairi O’Hagan — Five in 58.15 seconds

Matt Pollard — Five in 65.2 seconds

Jamie McNamara — Five in 72.71 seconds

Dillon Doyle — Four in 46.59 seconds

Kyle McGowanZero completed objects, 20.05 meters

Darren McGirrZero completed objects, 20 meters

Ray Foley — Zero completed objects

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2024 Ireland’s Strongest Woman Event Results

Below are the results for each of the five events the strongwomen competed in:

Tire Flip

Each strongwoman attempted to traverse the 20-meter course, flipping a 200-kilogram tire for time.

Gemma Moore — 36.55 seconds

Gail McComiskey — 32.11 seconds

Aisling Cunningham — 40.74 seconds

Nicole McMillan — 42.19 seconds

Dolores McGuckin — 53.79 seconds

Maeve Frawley — 57.24 seconds

Minnie O’Donnell — 68.61 seconds

Leonie Clarke — 10 meters


With 75 seconds on the clock, each strongwoman attempted as many reps of shouldering the 60-kilogram sandbag as possible.

Gail McComiskey — Nine reps

Gemma Moore — Seven reps (T-second)

Nicole McMillan — Seven reps (T-second)

Aisling Cunningham — Five reps

Dolores McGuckin — Four reps (T-fifth)

Minnie O’Donnell — Four reps (T-fifth)

Maeve Frawley — Three reps

Leonie Clarke — One rep

Car Deadlift Hold

Each athlete attempted to establish their max hold with a 180-kilogram car deadlift.

Gemma Moore — 52.63 seconds

Aisling Cunningham — 42.96 seconds

Nicole McMillan — 39.45 seconds

Dolores McGuckin — 38.21 seconds

Gail McComiskey — 28.2 seconds

Minnie O’Donnell — 20.06 seconds

Maeve Frawley no lift

Leonie Clarke no lift

Axle Clean & Press

Within the 75-second time cap, each strongwoman attempted to clean & press the 120-pound axle as many times as possible.

Gail McComiskey — 17 reps

Gemma Moore — 12 reps

Nicole McMillan — 11 reps (T-third)

Aisling Cunningham — 11 reps (T-third)

Minnie O’Donnell — Nine reps

Maeve Frawley — Eight reps

Dolores McGuckin — Four reps

Leonie Clarke no lift

Steps From Hell

With five 100-kilogram implements, the strongwomen attempted to load them up the steps 25 meters away within the 75-second time cap.

Gemma Moore — Five in 31.43 seconds

Gail McComiskey — Five in 39.36 seconds

Nicole McMillan — Five in 50.11 seconds

Dolores McGuckin — Four in 70.71 seconds

Maeve Frawley — Three in 60.02 seconds

Aisling Cunningham — Two in 38.41 seconds

Minnie O’DonnellZero completed objects, 23 meters

Leonie Clarke Zero completed objects, 6.7 meters

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