Daily Harvest Adds Line of Longevity-Boosting Foods

The business of longevity is booming as brands in fitness, wellness and nutrition look to help consumers age more gracefully

Parsley Health, a digital healthcare company, and Daily Harvest, a popular vegan meal delivery brand, are putting longevity on the menu. 

The two brands agreed to a partnership to produce products rich in nutrients potentially leading to improved quality and length of life. Daily Harvest tapped several board-certified medical professionals at Parsley Health to create the line of food and drinks. 

The Daily Harvest Longevity Collection includes four smoothies (acai + cherry, avocado + greens, strawberry + cashew, and blueberry + cacao), three oat-based Forager Bowls, five Harvest Bowls, two gluten-free pastas and two soups.

All or some of those items will feature plant antioxidants with the potential to reduce the oxidative stress tied to aging as well as polyunsaturated fats which reduce inflammation while supporting heart health and spurring metabolism. Ingredients inspired by the world’s healthiest and longest-living populations according to the National Library of Medicine, will also be included, the companies said.

“Everywhere we turn there’s a new way to ‘hack your health,’ but the easiest way to be healthy is to know that food is medicine,” said Dr. Robin Berzin, the founder and co-CEO of Parsley Health. “When you fuel your body with whole, unrefined, unprocessed foods you give your body the building blocks it needs to generate vitality today and a greater healthspan tomorrow. “

Parsley Health and Daily Harvest’s interest in longevity is shared by many brands in the fitness and wellness space. Equinox recently launched an expensive longevity membership program that features personalized blood tests from Function Health. Fitness SF, a chain of Bay Area health clubs, forged a similar partnership with InsideTracker to offer its members and staff access to longevity services like blood testing.

It’s not just longevity; the entire global wellness economy is on the rise, recently being valued at $5.6 trillion by the Global Wellness Institute.

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