Reo Tanaka (59KG) Breaks IPF Raw Bench Press World Record With 176 Kilograms

Japanese bench press specialist Reo Tanaka made an explosive debut in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). He competed in the raw 59KG class at the 2024 IPF Bench Press World Championships (BWC) in Austin, TX, which featured an intense battle for the world title.

Tanaka lifted on May 22, 2024, the first day of competition at the BWC. He put on quite a show, going three for three, breaking an Open world record, and becoming world champion on his first international appearance. Take a look at the lift below:

Tanaka employed the maximum width grip permitted in the IPF, with forefingers covering the rings on the barbell, and used wrist wraps and a lifting belt. The descent came in two parts. After receiving the start common, Tanaka began the descent but paused fractionally before taking the barbell to his chest. This technique can move the weight to a more advantageous place to properly set the back position.

Upon receiving the press command, Tanaka returned the weight to arms’ length, locking it out smoothly and without drama, etching his name into the record books for the first time. At 175.5 kilograms, the record had belonged to Kazakhstan’s Abdulkarim Karaman, and, by coincidence, Karaman lifted in the same session but in a heavier weight class.

2024 IPF World Bench Press Championship Results — Reo Tanaka (Japan), 59KG

Bench Press

160 kilograms

165 kilograms

176 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

The progression of weights, when taken in isolation, seems odd. Usually, lifters take a smaller jump to their third lift than their second. However, these lifts did not occur in isolation but in the heat of battle.

Four athletes were in contention for the title at the outset. Bat-Amgalan Purevsuren of Mongolia dropped out of contention early when he missed his second lift. Norway’s Fred Myrvang also struggled to get a second and third lift on the board.

This left only the Japanese teammates, Tanaka and Shu Hamaguchi, vying for domination. Tanaka moved into first place with his second bench press of 165 kilograms. The competition heated up when they both asked for a world record attempt of 176 kilograms for their final respective lifts.

Hamaguchi went first because of his lower lot number. Lot numbers are allocated randomly at the weigh-in and determine the lifting order when multiple athletes select the same weight. Hamaguchi was unsuccessful, however, handing the opportunity to Tanaka, who capitalized magnificently.

Keep Watching

The World Bench Press Championships continue until June 1, 2024, and can be watched live on the IPF YouTube channel.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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