9 Best Rowing Apps in 2024 for Your Home Gym

When it gets colder and going out on the water seems less fun (or isn’t possible), the best rowing apps can be helpful. Indoor rowing is a great way to work your legs and heart while improving your cardio in a home gym. These apps aren’t just trackers; they’re like having a personal trainer in your pocket. These training programs monitor how fast you’re going, your stroke rate, and even how hard your heart is pumping, all in real time. Plus, these fitness apps give you tips and plans to improve your rowing technique. 

But the best part? These rowing apps make rowing exciting. You can challenge your friends, join in on contests, and meet other rowers from around the globe. It’s like being part of a big team, working towards your fitness goals. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking to up your rowing workout game, BarBend has found the best rowing apps to enhance your rowing journey and make it fun and rewarding. 

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9 Best Rowing Apps in 2024 

Best Rowing App Overall: iFIT

Best Rowing App for Scenic Rowing: Hydrow

Best Rowing App for Beginners: Ergatta 

Best Rowing App with Concept2 Rower: ErgData

Best Rowing App for Live Classes: Echelon Fit

Best Rowing App with On-Demand Classes: Peloton

Best Rowing App for Water Rowers: CITYROW App

Best Rowing App for Advanced Training: Asensei Rowing

Best Rowing Apps for Detailed Metrics: EXR Game

How We Chose the Best Rowing Apps

The BarBend team consists of gym lovers and fitness experts, including certified personal trainers, who thoroughly tested over 55 individual training apps to discover the top choices for indoor rowing machines. Our equipment testing methodology includes factors such as how easy they were to use, pricing, user experience, and workout variety. Each app was rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. From this process, we compiled a list of the best rowing apps. 

Price: In our review of the best rowing apps, we’ve covered a range of options, from free to $50 a month. The pricier ones offer personal trainers or coaches for tailored programs, while the budget-friendly ones still provide value with plenty of workouts and basic customization.

Long-term Success: We prioritized rowing apps built for a long-term commitment, offering tools like personal coaching and community support. Remember, significant changes require dedication beyond quick results, so focus on developing lasting habits. Choose apps that align with your long-term fitness goals for sustainable progress.

Workout Variety: We evaluated these personal training apps based on their diverse workout offerings, encompassing programming types, difficulty levels, session lengths, workout styles, and suitability for various fitness objectives.

Connectivity: Without good connectivity, you won’t be able to even reach the App Store, let alone any other apps. So, we found a few rowing apps that can connect to both iPhones and Androids, ensuring you can access them regardless of your device.

User Experience: The best rowing apps are easy to use and understand. You can figure it out without needing a guide. Its simplicity makes it enjoyable to use, which is why it ranks highly. Plus, it looks good, works smoothly, and doesn’t get stuck mid-row.

Best Rowing App Overall: iFIT

$25 Off

IFIT Class Subscription

IFIT Class Subscription

The iFit app features a library of over 16,000 live and on-demand classes that range from mental health and recovery to rowing, running, HIIT and strength classes. You can get the full studio experience virtually through iFit, and is a great boost to any home gym set-up — with or without equipment.



Price: 30-day free trial, individual monthly: $15/month, yearly: $180/year, family monthly: $39/month, family yearly: $396/year.

Available On: iOS, Android

Compatible Rowers: NordicTrack, ProForm, Weider, Matrix, and Freemotion products

Types of Workouts: On-demand studio classes, challenges, progressive programs, and live events

Metrics Tracked: Heart rate (with monitor), distance, time, watts, strokes per minute, calories burned, and 500-meter split


Expert coaches

Immersive training

Extensive workout library



Can be glitchy 

Finding the best rowing app means it should guide, engage, and connect easily. Our top choice, iFIT, scored a solid 4.2 overall, impressing our team with its fresh fitness approach. 

Setting up iFIT is a breeze, earning a perfect 5 out of 5. “Downloading the app was quick, and I signed in within minutes,” shared our tester. iFIT works with various machines like NordicTrack and ProForm, though your experience might differ based on your device.

iFit Classes on the NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i

Once you’re all set, iFIT offers many classes to explore. Our tester found it a bit overwhelming, but they appreciated the variety. Whether it’s a scenic row or a journey through Glacier National Park, there’s something for everyone. If scenic workouts aren’t your thing, iFIT also offers studio row classes for that gym-like atmosphere, with instructors cheering you on. With an instruction score of 4.5, their guidance is clear and motivating.

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Can you monitor your heart rate while rowing? Strap on the ActivePulse arm strap for accurate tracking. Even though it’s an extra step, it still scored 4 out of 5 from our team, keeping you in control of your workout. Plus, the machine logs important metrics like distance, time, rowing strokes, and more.

Jake following an iFit workout on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450.

Looking to switch things up? iFIT’s extensive workout library has you covered. Whether it’s high-intensity interval training, outdoor runs, or strength exercises, there’s plenty to keep your fitness journey exciting and engaging.

Unfortunately, iFIT’s automatic adjustment feature is only applicable to machines compatible with its system. This means that if you happen to own a rower that isn’t iFIT-compatible, you won’t be able to benefit from this functionality. In such cases, users may miss the convenience of automatic adjustments during workouts.

Best Rowing App for Scenic Rowing: Hydrow

Hydrow App

Hydrow App

The Hydro App is the perfect companion for those investing in the best rowing apps. With various programs to meet all levels of expertise, it’s a game-changer. 

Shop Hydrow App


Price: $26.49/month

Available On: iOS, Android 

Compatible Rowers: Hydrow, Hydrow Wave 

Types of Workouts: Speed, endurance, recovery, intervals, off-the-rower workouts 

Metrics Tracked: Strokes per minute, 500-meter average, time elapsed/remaining, total meters, calories, heart rate (with compatible monitor) 


Live and on-demand workouts 

Variety of rower and non-rower workouts

Access to over 4,000 on-demand workouts, including scenic rows 


Limited reviews 

Full membership is expensive 

Imagine rowing at breathtaking landscapes, gliding along tranquil waters, or amidst awe-inspiring scenery, taking your workout to new heights. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Our team certainly thought so, so we gave the Hydrow app a stellar score of 4.25 out of 5, deeming it the best app for rowing with stunning views.

As you mull over whether to subscribe to the app, it’s essential to consider your options. With a monthly subscription, you get a complimentary 30-day trial to test its features and offerings.

Now, the big decision: will you opt for the comprehensive $44 package or the more budget-friendly $19.99 basic access? The latter grants you access to both live and on-demand content, while the former provides the added benefit of progress tracking and unlocks a vast library of over 4,000 workouts led by expert instructors in picturesque locations like Miami, London, and Scotland.

Tester using the Hyrdrow rower’s app

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Our in-house tester, Jake Herod, says, “With this membership, you can join classes led by instructors and athletes, including those from the esteemed U.S. National Rowing team. You’ll feel like you’re rowing alongside them as they navigate real rowing routes.

Lauren Keary, senior editor at BarBend further emphasizes, “In addition to rowing, the app offers a variety of other workouts including yoga, strength training, and Pilates. Rowing is beneficial for everyone, especially those seeking low-impact exercise, athletes looking to diversify their training, and individuals aiming for a comprehensive full-body workout.” 

While there may be limited reviews of the app, and some users have reported occasional slowdowns, it’s a factor worth considering. Nevertheless, with Hydrow, your workout transforms into an exhilarating adventure without ever needing to leave the comfort of your home.

Best Rowing App for Beginners: Ergatta

Ergatta App

Ergatta App

The Ergatta App is a membership-only way to access additional on-demand classes, instructor training, and more from the comfort of your own home. 

Shop Ergatta


Price: $29/month, $26.58/month for 1 year, $25/month for 2 years, $24/month for 5 years.

Available On: iOS, Android

Compatible Rowers: Ergatta, some water rowers

Types of Workouts: Scenic rows, custom intervals, live competitions, technique tutorials, and games

Metrics Tracked: Heart rate (with compatible monitor), stroke count, stroke rate, 500-meter average, time elapsed/remaining, and calories burned


1,000+ game-based workouts 

Live and on-demand racing

Works with Strava, Apple Health, and heart rate monitors


Requires Ergatta rower

No trainer-led classes

New to rowing and want a chill workout? Ergatta’s your go-to, with our team giving it a thumbs-up. And its easy-to-use app makes it the best rowing app for beginners.

Starting with Ergatta is simple – just download the app on your iOS or Android device. The membership costs $29 a month, with discounted rates available for longer commitments, covering all household members.

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Ergatta’s game-based fitness platform offers diverse workouts, programs, competitions, and challenges to maintain motivation,” says our tester. The app’s intuitive navigation, including features like intervals, competitions, and open rows, makes it beginner-friendly.

Additionally, you can sync your Ergatta account with Strava for seamless workout tracking. While it lacks virtual coaches or group fitness classes, Ergatta’s straightforward design is tailored for beginners.

Our tester was so impressed that they might add  Ergatta Lite to their home gym. “I’m considering Ergatta Lite for my own home gym. I believe my kids would enjoy it, particularly with the engaging game-based workouts,” they added. This showcases Ergatta’s versatility and suitability for beginners tackling their fitness journey.

Best Rowing App for Concept2 Rower: ErgData



The ErgData by Concept2 is a great addition to anyone looking to take their rowing indoors. 

Shop ErgData


Price: Free  

Available On: iOS, Android 

Compatible Rowers: Concept2 RowErg (PM3, PM4, and PM5)

Types of Workouts: Build Your Own, Concept2 Workout of the Day

Metrics Tracked: Strokes per minute, watts, calories, total distance, total time, target splits, projected finish, stroke rate


It’s free  

Connects to Concept2 RowErg, SkiErg, BikeErg

Work out with others in real-time 


Only one workout for the day

Limited reviews 

ErgData is a free Concept2 Rower app compatible with iPhones and Androids. It seamlessly syncs with your Concept2 Performance Monitor, enhancing your rowing experience and fostering a sense of connection. Rated 4 out of 5 by our team, ErgData stands out as our best rowing app for Concept2.

One standout feature is the Real Time Loop, which allows you to virtually row alongside others whenever you wish, creating a more interactive and engaging workout environment. Also, this free app lets you continue racing alongside others when skiing or riding.

Photo Credit: Concept2

However, there’s more to ErgData than just social rowing. It also simplifies adjusting your workouts. Whether you enjoy interval training or have a fixed routine, making adjustments is as simple as tapping your phone screen. Moreover, ErgData integrates with the Concept2 Online Logbook, enabling you to participate in challenges and share your progress on platforms like Strava and Garmin Connect.

Our team appreciates how ErgData empowers you to customize your rowing adventure. It’s compatible not only with Concept2 RowErgs but also with SkiErg and BikeErg, catering to all your indoor training needs. Even if you have an older PM3 or PM4 monitor, you can still enjoy ErgData’s features by upgrading to a PM5.

With various display options, you can tailor the app to your preferences: pace graphs or simple interval tables.  This flexibility makes it easy for beginners looking to elevate their fitness journey. 

Best Rowing App with Live Classes: Echelon Fit

Echelon Fit

Echelon Fit

Shop Echelon


Price: $34.99/month or $399.99/year

Available On: iOS, Android 

Compatible Rowers: Echelon Row, Echelon Row-s, or any rower with a device holder

Types of Workouts: Scenic rows, studio rows, challenges, combo, and non-rowing sessions

Metrics Tracked: Time, distance (in meters), strokes, watts, heart rate (with monitor)


30-day free trial

Works with Echelon bikes, treadmills, rowers, and fitness mirrors

40+ live sessions and on-demand classes


The app lags at times 


If you can’t make it to a live class, don’t worry. The Echelon Fit app has you covered. Rated 3.9 out of 5 by our team, it’s ideal for iOS or Android users keen on rowing, with over 40 live classes available year-round. With plenty of options, it’s a great fit for anyone looking to diversify their workouts with live classes.

The Echelon app offers plenty of variety with over 30 instructors, each with their own unique style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rower, you’ll find a class that suits your preferences. Envision yourself rowing through stunning landscapes or dancing to lively playlists – it’s like escaping to a different realm altogether.

Even better, this app isn’t just about exercising – you’re grooving to the latest hits. We partner with top music labels to create the perfect playlist for your workouts. Whether you’re into indie vibes, country beats, or nostalgic tunes like Nelly’s ‘Hot in Here,’ Echelon’s live classes have something for you.

When it comes to class size, it changes from session to session. Some classes might have 20 people, while others could have over a hundred. However, most reviewers observed an average of about 50 participants, which is noticeably smaller than Peloton’s usual larger groups.

This smaller size means more opportunities for personalized attention from the instructor. One reviewer even mentioned an instructor enthusiastically noticing, “We have Coco in the house!” Who wouldn’t feel energized with that kind of enthusiasm? 

While some reviewers mention occasional lagging issues with this app, it’s common. However, it’s important to weigh this against the fact that the Echelon Fit app works seamlessly with all Echelon equipment, including bikes, treadmills, rowers, and fitness mirrors.

Read our full review: Echelon Row

Best Rowing App with On-Demand Classes: Peloton

Peloton App

Peloton App

No need to have Peloton equipment when you can have access to the app with a subscription. Take classes from popular coaches to help you get your run done and dusted.

Shop Peloton


Price: $12.99/month 

Available On: Amazon compatible devices, Peloton App for Apple iOS, Peloton App for Android, Peloton on the web with Google Chromecast

Compatible Rowers: The Peloton App is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Types of Workouts: Rowing, Row Bootcamp, Time & Distance Scenic classes, music-based classes, and more. 

Metrics Tracked: Total strokes, split/split pace, output (current, average, and total), stroke rate


Real-time feedback from trainers 

Tracks training data 

Work out from home 


Leaderboard requires all-access membership 

Classes take up a lot of device space

Can’t swing Peloton’s expensive rowing machine? Don’t sweat it. They offer a more budget-friendly solution with their rowing app. It’s not just about saving money—it’s the best rowing app for on-demand classes, giving you awesome workouts without breaking the bank.

 Here’s the deal: For $12.99 a month, you can access workouts like strength training, yoga, outdoor running, and gym sessions. But if you want to step it up with bike, treadmill, and rowing workouts, go for the $24/month plan. And, you can try it free for two weeks before committing. Plus, they offer annual plans and discounts for teachers, veterans, and more.

Already have a Peloton Bike or Tread? Lucky you, because your membership already includes access to the app. But if you’re starting fresh and keen on those rowing workouts, go for the $24/month membership.

The cool part? If you have a rowing machine at home, just sign up for the Peloton App membership. It connects smoothly with third-party rowers using Bluetooth from your phone or device, giving you access to various classes.

Peloton Tread display at BarBend testing gym.

Whether you’re new to rowing or a pro, Peloton’s got you covered. Start with beginner classes to learn the ropes, or challenge yourself with advanced options to up your game. They even have themed classes for holidays or music lovers.

And, for a more personalized workout, you can set your own pace or enjoy scenic routes that make every workout feel like an adventure. It’s worth noting that some users mentioned these workouts occupy a considerable amount of storage on their smartphones and devices, which may not be ideal for their data plans.

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Not sure about the instructors? Give them all a try. “If you’re worried about the instructors talking too much, don’t be. Some chat more than others, but it’s usually with stories or words of encouragement,” says our tester. They recommend trying out each instructor to find your perfect match. With reviews like that, it’s tough to argue that this isn’t the best on-demand rowing app out there.

Best Rowing App for Water Rower: CITYROW App



The CITYRow offers a variety of classes, tutorials, and instructors to achieve your fitness rowing goals, while using one of the best rowing apps. 



Price: $14.99 free trial, then $29.99/month

Available On: iOS, Android 

Compatible Rowers: CITYROW Max, CITYROW Classic, some WaterRower models

Types of Workouts: Power Row, Endurance, HIIT the Rower, Cardio + Core, and combo workouts 

Metrics Tracked: Meters rowed, split, personal records, heart rate (through Apple Watch), total classes, total minutes 


Compatible with rowers, including water rowers

Classes for rowers and non-rowers

Provides six different class styles 


Some report the app is buggy and lags 

No scenic rows 

Water rowers aren’t just for exercise—they’re also stylish home additions. And, when you team one up with the CITYROW app, which we believe is the best rowing app for water rowers, your workout routine gets a serious upgrade. 

Inspired by the famous CITYROW studio in New York City, this app brings that top-notch workout to your living room. Our team gave it a solid 4.1 out of 5 because it works like a charm with CITYROW models.

With the WaterRower Bluetooth Commodule, hooking up your WaterRower PM4 performance monitor to the app is a piece of cake. This means you get real-time stats to keep you pumped up as you row.

You can track how far you’ve rowed, your speed, your personal bests, and even earn cool badges. If you’re sporting an Apple Watch, you can keep tabs on your heart rate. And with live tracking, you’ll always know where you stand and how much progress you’ve made—keeping you motivated every stroke.

For those dead set on crushing their fitness goals, the CITYROW app is your ultimate sidekick. It lets you row at whatever pace suits you best and tweak your workout to your liking—all while keeping an eye on your progress.

One of our testers loved how versatile it is, saying, “You can mix things up with endurance sessions, speed drills, HIIT workouts, or even combo classes that throw in some strength training, yoga, Pilates, or core exercises.” Bottom line? This water rower has your water rower fitness needs covered, every time. 

Read our full review: CITYROW Rower 

Best Rowing App for Advanced Training: Asensei Rowing

Asensei Rowing

Asensei Rowing

Shop Asensei Rowing


Price: $12.50/monthly

Available On: iOS 

Compatible Rowers: Bluetooth-equipped Concept 2, WaterRower or FluidRower 

Types of Workouts: Rowing

Metrics Tracked: Stroke rate, split rate 


World-class coaches including Olympians

Discounted family plans are available

Provides feedback on form and technique


Not compatible with Androids 

Exclusively a rowing app 

Asensei is the go-to app for advanced rowers seeking to refine their skills and enhance their fitness. Its specialized tools are designed to cater to experienced rowers, aiding them in perfecting technique and reaching their fitness objectives. With an impressive rating of 4.4, it’s hailed by our team as the best rowing app for advanced training.

Central to Asensei’s success is its team of instructors, which includes Olympic medalists like Eric Murray. Their expertise isn’t just a title; it’s a game-changer for users. Guided by these experienced professionals, users learn techniques, personalized training plans, and the motivation to overcome obstacles. Drawing from their careers, these instructors offer insights and strategies, elevating Asensei’s reputation for top-tier coaching.

Beyond coaching, Asensei excels in working with Bluetooth-enabled rowing machines such as Concept2, WaterRower, and FluidRower. This feature tracks workout metrics directly from the app, providing feedback and insights to monitor progress and adjust training as needed. It breaks down rowing of all skill levels, stressing Asensei’s commitment to effective workouts.

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Furthermore, Asensei doesn’t stop at tracking progress; it offers an in-depth analysis of rowing techniques and delivers constructive feedback to enhance proficiency. This personalized coaching approach ensures users receive tailored guidance, fostering continuous improvement. Additionally, Asensei provides, enabling users to follow structured workouts aligned with their goals and abilities.

However, it’s worth noting that Asensei is currently exclusive to the iOS app store, leaving Android users unable to access its advanced training features. This limitation may disappoint users without iOS devices and eager to use  Asensei.

Best Rowing Apps for Detailed Metrics: EXR Game

EXR Game

EXR Game

The EXR Game app is a great app for those looking for something that’s offered worldwide. Excellent for ramping up your rowing fitness goals, it caters to all levels of expertises. 

Shop EXR Game


Price: 14-day free trial, $9.99/month or $83.88/year if paid annually

Available On: Smartphones, tablets, computers, and Apple TV

Compatible Rowers: Concept2, RP3, WaterRower, and many more 

Types of Workouts: Rowing

Metrics Tracked: Boat weight (currently: single scull), power output (watt), strokes per minute


Workout feels like a video game

Metrics factor in boat weight Real-time instructions provided



Reviewers found the price unjustified  

The app may lag

Could this be the best of the best? Very likely. The EXR is a standout in the realm of rowing apps. Of all the rowing apps on our list, this is the best for those seeking detailed metrics during their workouts. 

Branded as an “innovative exergame” by its creators, EXR offers a captivating 3D interactive experience unlike any other. Everything you need is right at your fingertips: connect your rowing machine and heart rate monitor, and explore three main training modes with over 100 workouts. Receive real-time feedback to track your progress while seamlessly syncing your data with third-party apps like Strava.

One standout feature is the real-time feedback feature. As you row, you can monitor your performance instantly. Plus, with the smooth integration of popular apps like Strava, you’ll have thorough tracking, so you stay on top of your progress like never before. But EXR doesn’t stop at tracking numbers — it makes exercising into a game.  

As you row, watch your avatar progress through unlockable items and boats, delivering rewards for your hard work and dedication. With each stroke, you’re not just exercising, you’re getting closer to your objectives.

While some users have mentioned concerns about the $9.99 monthly price point being expensive for what they perceive as just a regular virtual game, and others have experienced occasional lag in the app, these factors haven’t been major issues for the majority of users who have found EXR to be a game-changer in their fitness routines.

Benefits of the Best Rowing App

Our top picks all have one similar purpose: to help people meet their fitness goals. While some rowing apps are not as expansive, others check all of your boxes for cardio or strength training (or both). Regardless of your decision, you’ll notice when using your rower you suddenly have an extra boost of confidence, a healthier lifestyle, and a sense of community. 

The Aviron App leaderboard up close.

Confidence Booster: We all benefit from occasional boosts in confidence, and with a supportive community behind you, you’ll feel empowered in your actions (both physically and symbolically). This increased confidence will enable you to navigate both successes and failures simultaneously.

Lifestyle Change: Beginning a new exercise plan or habit can be tough at first, but once you understand it, you’ll start to feel better suddenly. There’s a sense of needing to be responsible that makes you suddenly want to make time in your day to fit in a workout. Gradually, you’ll begin to notice positive changes in your lifestyle.

Sense of Community: Certainly, there will be days when you lack the motivation to begin or finish your workout. These apps effectively merge two powerful motivators: accountability and a sense of community. Discovering a supportive community of fellow rowers who share your goals can significantly enhance your journey towards achieving fitness milestones.

How Much Do the Best Rowing Apps Cost?

A rowing app subscription starts with ErgData’s free version and goes up to EXR’s $83.99/yearly plan.  Typically, the more money you spend, the more options and access you’ll have for workouts

What to Consider Before Buying a Rowing App?

Navigating the dozens of rowing apps available can be challenging to identify the best one. To assist you in selecting the most suitable app, here are some key factors to consider before investing in one.

Metrics: Not everyone prioritizes metrics, but certain ones are essential: total time elapsed, 500-meter split times, and stroke rate (strokes per minute). For advanced training, additional metrics like heart rate, projected finish, and watts for power output measurement prove invaluable. 

Connectivity: An application capable of syncing with platforms like Apple Health, Strava, Garmin Connect, or Training Peaks can provide a comprehensive overview of your fitness and wellness journey. While not obligatory, it adds a valuable dimension to your experience.

Workout Classes: Adding variety to your workouts is key for progress and motivation. iFIT stands out as a top pick due to its diverse offerings, including rowing sessions alongside strength and core workouts. With this app, you can ensure a well-rounded fitness regimen that keeps you engaged and continually improving. 

Best Rowing Apps FAQS 

What is the best rowing app?

Are you looking for the best rowing app overall? iFIT has got you covered. It’s our best rowing app overall, shaking up the fitness scene. And if you’re ever in the mood for a change, iFit offers a wide range of workouts to keep things fresh and exciting, from intense intervals to outdoor runs and strength training.

Is there a free rowing app for beginners?

ErgData is the go-to app for indoor rowing, being the companion app for Concept2. Recently updated with a cleaner interface and improved Bluetooth connectivity, it’s even easier to use. Best of all, ErgData is completely free, making it essential for any Concept2 owner.

Can you use any rower with rowing apps?

It depends on the specific app you’re considering. For example, the Hydrow app is compatible with any rowing machine, while the Ergatta app is exclusive to the Ergatta rower. As a general rule, it’s best to check compatibility before purchasing a rowing app to ensure it works with your equipment.

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