Daiki Kodama (83KG) Bench Presses 231 Kilograms, Breaks IPF Raw World Record 

Japanese bench specialist Daiki Kodama is widely regarded as the master of bench press in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). He wrote another chapter at the 2024 IPF World Bench Press Championships (WBC) in Austin, Texas.

Kodama competed on May 24, 2024, in the 83KG class and extended his raw bench press world record to a colossal 231 kilograms. Take a look at the lift below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:

Kodama is a popular and charismatic lifter. He always looks relaxed and happy, even before coming out for a world record attempt. The venue lit up as he emerged from the wings and responded to the crowd’s cheers with a smile and a wave.

Kodama was all business when he got the platform, as 231 kilograms is a serious weight for the bench press of a lifter who weighed in at 82.35 kilograms. He took the barbell in the maximum grip width permitted in the IPF, with forefingers covering the rings. He used wrist wraps and a lifting belt to support him and aid stability.

Like many on the Japanese team, Kodama employs a two-part descent: he lowers the bar a short distance and then tightens his lats before taking the barbell all the way to his chest.

The press was slow and tough but Kodama kept his position beautifully and locked out the weight successfully. On receiving the referees’ approval, Kodama shook hands with the platform crew and then did a lap of honor, high-fiving everyone from the referees to the camera crew and commentators.

Once the medal ceremony was over, the audience spilled onto the platform to congratulate their hero; a mob formed around Kodama, wanting to shake his hand and photograph him. Ever the good-hearted champion, he had a word and a smile for everyone.

2024 IPF World Bench Press Championship Results — Daiki Kodama (Japan), 83KG

Bench Press

210 kilograms

217.5 kilograms

225.5 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

This is Kodama’s 23rd world title, but at 45 years old, he is far from finished. He moved up from the 74KG class last year, which has given him new horizons and the benefit of not having to cut weight

Kodama will lift for the second time at the World Bench Press Championships on May 29, this time in the equipped discipline. Watched live on the IPF YouTube channel.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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