INSANE: Dan Bailey Does MURPH with 100 POUND Vest (Watch Viral Video)

Every Memorial Day, the CrossFit community and fitness enthusiasts around the world participate in the Murph workout. 

This challenging hero workout honors 1st Lt. Michael Murphy, who sacrificed his life in Afghanistan. 

This year, Dan Bailey took the Murph to new heights by completing it with 100lbs of weight, paying tribute to soldiers who carry heavy gear in the field.

What is the Murph Workout?

The Murph workout consists of:

A 1-mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 air squats

Another 1-mile run

This workout, originally named “Body Armor,” was a favorite of Lt. Michael Murphy. He often performed it while wearing a 20lb vest. The CrossFit community has embraced this workout as a way to honor fallen service members, particularly on Memorial Day.

Dan Bailey’s 100lb Murph Challenge

Bailey decided to take the traditional Murph to an extreme level by increasing the weight to 100lbs. His setup included the standard 20lb vest and an additional 80lbs in a rucksack. 

This adjustment aimed to reflect the heavy gear that service members carry during their missions, often exceeding 100lbs.

Preparation and Strategy

Understanding the challenge ahead, Bailey carefully planned his approach. He ensured he was fully fueled and hydrated, opting for Ultra Formance pre-workout supplements rich in carbs and electrolytes to sustain him through the extended effort. 

Bailey knew that pacing himself was crucial, so he planned a conservative approach to the pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats, aiming to maintain form and avoid burnout.

The Challenge: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

The Start: From the first step of the initial mile, Bailey felt the significant difference. The added weight slowed his pace considerably, demanding more effort from the start.

Running with the Weight: The mile runs were particularly grueling. Bailey had to adjust his stride and manage his breathing to cope with the extra load.

Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Air Squats: Each segment of the workout presented unique challenges. The pull-ups were tough due to the weight pulling him down. Push-ups required immense core strength to maintain stability. Air squats were a mental battle, each rep adding to the cumulative fatigue.

The Final Mile: The last mile was a true test of endurance. Bailey pushed through with sheer determination, focusing on the significance of the workout and the sacrifice it represents.

Mental and Physical Struggles

Bailey faced both physical and mental hurdles throughout the workout. The physical strain of carrying 100lbs made every movement taxing. Mentally, Bailey drew strength from the purpose of the hero workout, reminding himself of the ultimate sacrifice made by Lt. Murphy and many others. 

This motivation, coupled with his competitive spirit, kept him moving forward despite the pain.

Completion and Reflections

Crossing the finish line brought immense relief and a sense of accomplishment. Bailey took a moment to reflect on the intensity of the challenge and the deeper meaning behind it. 

The experience reinforced his respect for service members who endure such physical demands regularly.

Inspirational Takeaways

Bailey’s 100lb Murph challenge serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of pushing personal boundaries and honoring those who have sacrificed for others. 

It encourages everyone to take part in the Murph workout, not just for the physical challenge, but to remember and honor the bravery of fallen soldiers.

Watch the Full Video


Dan Bailey’s extraordinary achievement of completing the Murph with 100lbs showcases incredible physical strength and mental resilience. It stands as a tribute to the sacrifices of military service members and an inspiration for others to test their limits and honor those who serve. 

The Murph workout remains a meaningful tradition, reminding us all of the true cost of freedom and the heroes who protect it.


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