Bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic’s 3 Must-Eat Meals for Muscle-Building

American IFBB Pro bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic published a video on his YouTube channel showcasing the preparation of his three main daily meals. He stressed the importance of planning meals to stay on track with your diet, as carving out time for healthy cooking during busy days can be challenging

Hadzovic recommends investing in glass tupperware for food storage and a kitchen scale for precise portion control. Here is an overview of Hadzovic’s three daily meals:

Sadik Hadzovic’s Three Muscle-Building Meals

Meal One: Chicken breast, ground beef, potatoes, ketchup

Meal Two: Chicken breast, ground beef, white rice

Meal Three: Chicken breast, white rice, tomato, green vegetables

Check out the video below:

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Meal One

Since Hadzovic eats the first meal before hitting the gym, he emphasizes protein and carbohydrates to ensure optimal glycogen stores and support muscle recovery during training.


Chicken breast — Three ounces

Ground beef — Five ounces

Potatoes — Nine ounces


Hadzovic streamlines his meal prep process using chicken breast, ground beef, and potatoes from a meal prep service. He adds a generous amount of sodium to his meals, emphasizing its role in maintaining optimal fluid balance, enhancing muscle pumps during training, and preventing dehydration.

Meal Two

The portion sizes for chicken breast and ground beef in the post-workout meal are the same as those for the first meal but with white rice instead of potatoes.


Chicken breast — Three ounces

Ground beef — Five ounces

White rice — Six ounces

The 36-year-old bodybuilder is a proponent of fatty red meat, as it is a good source of saturated fat, which can help boost natural testosterone production. A study published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry found that reduced dietary fat, particularly saturated fats, can lower testosterone levels in men. (1)

Hadzovic tapers his carb intake as the day progresses to optimize carb utilization around his workouts and minimize the possibility of excess carbs being stored as body fat.

Meal Three

Hadzovic omits ground beef from the third meal, incorporating nutrient-rich vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli. The chopped tomatoes infuse flavor and vitamins, while the green vegetables contribute carbohydrates, fiber, zinc, folic acid, and additional fiber, all essential for digestion, immunity, and cellular growth.


Chicken breast — Seven ounces

White rice — Seven ounces

Tomato — One chopped

Broccoli — One cup

Hadzovik revealed that incorporating tomatoes into his diet played a pivotal role in overcoming a multi-year struggle with fertility issues. A review published in the Asian Journal of Andrology concluded that lycopene (an antioxidant found in tomatoes) may improve sperm quality and motility in men with infertility. (2)

Hadzovic doesn’t track calories for green veggies, citing their high fiber content and ability to enhance nutrient absorption. This meal’s combination of protein and fiber promotes satiety, which can help curb evening cravings.

Way Forward

Hadzovic was 12 weeks out from his next competition at the time of recording. He must win a pro show before the Sept. 15 deadline to punch his ticket to the 2024 Olympia, scheduled for Oct. 10-13 in Las Vegas, NV. 


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Featured image: @sadikhadzovic on Instagram

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