Women’s Activewear Brand Terez Brings Color & Creativity to MLB Apparel

Designer Zara Terez Tisch is known for her vibrant and expressive designs; her collaboration with MLB is bringing new fashions to baseball and getting more women excited about sports fanwear

Terez, a lively and colorful activewear brand founded by designer Zara Terez Tisch, is running back its partnership with MLB.

Terez x MLB offers everything from biker shorts to button-downs, and sports bras to provide female fans with more options for game days; after a successful first year of the partnership in 2023, Terez and MLB decided to keep the collaboration going for the 2024 season.

Athletech News spoke with Terez Tisch about her design inspiration, how her brand formed an unlikely partnership with Major League Baseball, and what’s next for sports fashion.

The following conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Athletech News: What inspired you to create Terez? 

Zara Terez Tisch: I started Terez 15 years ago out of my parents’ basement in Atlantic Beach, New York. I wanted to create something that made me smile and in turn, I thought would make other people smile as well. 

My motivations for starting Terez extend beyond business and economic concerns; my journey has been one of self-discovery and a celebration of life. Through Terez, I aim to align myself with like-minded individuals and emphasize the commonalities that bind us together, rather than the differences that divide us. 

Zara Terez Tisch (credit: TEREZ)

ATN: How did Terez’s unlikely partnership with MLB come about?

ZTT: A woman walked into our store on the Upper East Side and we walked her through (our) entire collection.  When she was checking out she asked me if I had ever thought about working with MLB. We talked about how women and girls are a second thought when designing for sports fanwear. I had never thought about it before – but she was right. The options for women and girls are usually limited to bubblegum V-neck T-shirts with sequin script across for the team, or trying to find something that fits from the men’s section.

The next morning, I received a text from someone at MLB that they wanted us to create a women’s and girl’s collection.  It was magical, and it made sense. 

ATN: How did you figure out the right designs for such a unique audience? 

ZTT: As we had always done, we could create unique and cool products for the women and girls who are sports fans, something that they could not only wear to the stadium but during their daily lives as well. 

We wanted to mesh fashion with sports – and nothing made more sense than America’s favorite pastime. Major League Baseball is a long season, with a very loyal fanbase. We needed to make sure that our collection stayed true to our joyful aesthetic, filled with thoughtfulness and celebration. That comes through in our use of color, fabric and applications (i.e. gems). We wanted to make sure we had a breadth across the collection that took into account weather – not only from region to region, but also because the season is so long and transcends spring, summer and fall.  We always like to use lightweight, breathable fabric – so this partnership really helped to amplify that.  

credit: TEREZ

ATN: What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for activewear brands in 2024?

ZTT: I think the realization that there hasn’t been a focus on women (and kids) for sports fanwear is truly the biggest opportunity. Fashion and sports are having a major moment right now – thanks to music and pop culture – and there aren’t that many brands that are thinking outside of the box, creating cool pieces that you want to wear – and not just for the game.

With the rise of this realization comes the challenge of immense competition. Every brand will be vying for part of the sports fan wear pie. We are a small brand, so our plan is to continue to create and do what we do, stay creative and nimble and try to give the fans something they haven’t seen or felt before: the Terez energy – a true celebration of life.

ATN: What’s next for Terez?

ZTT: We would love to enter into partnerships with more sports leagues. We will be launching an NBA collection later this year and would definitely like to add to that. 

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