Instagram Loses Its Biggest Source of CrossFit Memes: MakeWODsGreatAgain (MWGA) Deactivated

If you’re a CrossFitter who loves memes, you’ve probably heard of MakeWODsGreatAgain (MWGA). 

This Instagram account was a go-to for funny, relatable CrossFit content. 

But recently, MWGA got deactivated by Instagram, leaving its fanbase (500k+) wondering, “What happened?”

Immediate Reactions and Community Response

Fans and fellow CrossFit enthusiasts quickly jumped in to express their disappointment and support. 

Supporters flooded the comments, with some saying, “Freedom of speech,” implying that the deactivation was a blow to free expression. John Wooley, MWGA’s creator, always quick with a comeback, responded, “No one infringed on my freedom of speech. Even free speech has consequences.” 

Potential Causes of Deactivation

Some people think a recent meme featuring Donald Trump might be why the account got flagged. This meme stirred up controversy, and some believe it led Instagram to pull the plug on MWGA. 

The incident has many questioning Instagram’s content moderation policies.

Freedom of Speech and Social Media Policies

MWGA’s deactivation sparked a big conversation about free speech on social media. 

Platforms like Instagram have rules to keep things respectful, but finding the right balance between humor and policy can be tricky. 

However, does this meme alone justify the deactivation of the account? I personally don’t believe so…

MWGA’s Future Plans

Despite the setback, MWGA’s creator isn’t giving up. He’s starting fresh with a new account under his real name. “You’ll continue to get memes, but a larger voice from me personally moving forward,” he shared. 

You can follow John Wooley from MWGA here


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