The 7 Best Treadmill Apps of 2024 (Personally Tested)

The best fitness apps can help you track, build, and maintain your fitness routine, and while there are thousands of options to choose from via Google Play and the App Store, finding the right app for your training can be like herding cats — it seems possible, but also exhausting. If you’re in need of some assistance for your treadmill workouts, we’ve curated a list of the best treadmill apps that offer workout classes, stat tracking, scenic and virtual runs, supportive communities, and coaching to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re running at the gym or on your own home treadmill, these apps can help you dial in or zone out, providing users of all levels access to the benefits of cardio, such as strengthening the heart, managing weight, and boosting low self-esteem. (1)(2)(3) After testing more than 70 of the most popular apps on the market, our team of fitness professionals have assembled our seven favorites. 

The 7 Best Treadmill Apps of 2024

Best Treadmill App Overall: iFIT

Best Treadmill App for Data Tracking: MapMyRun

Best Motivating Treadmill App: Aaptiv

Best Virtual World Treadmill App: Zwift

Best Free Treadmill App: Nike Run Club

Best Treadmill App for Games: Zombies, Run!

Best Treadmill App with Live Workouts: Peloton

About Our Expert

This article has been reviewed by Amanda Capritto, CPT, CES, CNC, CF-L1, CSNC, a certified personal trainer and CrossFit Level-1 instructor. She reviewed the research we cite and the running tools we listed to help ensure we’re providing helpful, accurate descriptions and recommendations. 

How We Tested and Chose the Best Treadmill Apps

The BarBend team is made up of marathon runners, certified personal trainers, and powerlifters who are always looking for a way to make running less of a punishment. To determine the best treadmill apps, we got hands-on experience with more than 70 different apps, utilizing the BarBend equipment testing methodology to score each app’s ease of use, pricing, accountability, instruction, and more on a scale of 1 (boo) to 5 (awesome).

Ease of Use: When we want an app to support our walking or running workouts, getting the app set up and ready to use shouldn’t be what spikes our heart rate. We prioritized treadmill apps that made signing up, navigating, and getting started a headache-free experience. 

Workout and Entertainment Variety: We zeroed in on apps with a focus on finding options with diverse workout offerings, entertaining coaching and storytelling, and programming suitable for all levels of runners and walkers.

Training Metrics: We worked to highlight apps that could track your training, so you can better understand the details behind the work you’ve put in and how that affects your overall progress. 

Price: While many apps on our list are free — or have free tiers — we made sure to note when there is a subscription cost. Some have low monthly costs that provide basic training plans and tracking, but we also wanted to include options that offer trainer-led classes and immersive features, which will inevitably drive up the subscription price. 

Best Best Treadmill App Overall: iFIT

$25 Off

IFIT Class Subscription

IFIT Class Subscription

The iFit app features a library of over 16,000 live and on-demand classes that range from mental health and recovery to rowing, running, HIIT and strength classes. You can get the full studio experience virtually through iFit, and is a great boost to any home gym set-up — with or without equipment.



Price Per Month: Starting at $15

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Scenic running, walking, and hiking classes around the globe


More than 17,000 on-demand classes both on and off treadmill

Run, walk, and hike through scenic locations

Can pair with compatible treadmills for stat-tracking and automatic speed adjustments


Live classes have been discontinued

Some app features are only available with compatible treadmills

Limited music integration

iFIT is one of our team’s favorite treadmill running apps, as it offers scenic runs along busy city streets in Japan, beside mountains in Chile, through rich historical cities like Prague, and more. iFIT prioritizes outdoor runs where the trainer is right there with you, running across beautiful backdrops,” said our tester, a certified personal trainer. Ease of use and instruction both scored a 4.5 out of 5.

If quality and quantity are your love languages, iFIT’s library of more than 17,000 classes will keep your heart happy. In addition to scenic and studio treadmill runs, walks, and hikes, you’ll also find yoga, strength training, and more. “The library of classes is easy to navigate when you browse by type of workout,” noted our tester, who gave ease of use a 4.5 out of 5.

While iFIT can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet, it also comes integrated into many NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills (see our list of the best treadmills with iFIT). However, if you don’t have compatible equipment, fear not. “Since I can download it to my phone, it’s an app that I can take with me anywhere I go,” noted our tester. Equipment demands scored a 4 out of 5. 

BarBend lead video reviewer Jake Herod, NASM-CPT, selecting an iFIT class on the NordicTrack S22i.

However, running on an iFIT-compatible machine can provide you with more data tracking and access to AutoAdjust, a feature that allows your speed and incline to adjust automatically based on your workout. BarBend editorial member and certified personal trainer Kate Meier NASM-CPT, USAW-L1, CF-L1, did a workout in Hawaii during testing, noting the beautiful views on the app. “SmartAdjust took control of my resistance and really made me feel like I was climbing the hills I saw on screen,” said Meier. 

If you’re looking for real-time classes, you may be disappointed. They previously had daily live classes, but currently only offer occasional live racing events. Additionally, while you’ll be able to stream music in the app, you’ll only be able to choose stations based on genre and you won’t be able to select the exact music you’d like to listen to. 

“These classes are great,” concluded our tester, who gave instruction a 4.5 out of 5. With a variety of coaches, you can find a trainer with the right vibe or style to support your training. We also like how many coaches will share running tips and interesting facts about whatever location you choose to run through. 

Read our full iFIT Review.

Best Treadmill App for Data Tracking: MapMyRun 

MapMyRun by Under Armour

MapMyRun by Under Armour

MapMyRun by Under Armour gives you free access to the app, with some added benefits with a paid subscription. A solid running app with GPS tracking, map creation capabilities, and data analytics to support your mileage.

Shop MapMyRun


Price Per Month: Free or $5.99

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Audio coaching and feedback


Pairs with heart rate devices and compatible shoes to track data

Invite friends to challenges you’ve created

Training plans built for beginners and seasoned runners with MVP subscription


MVP subscription needed for some features

Limited videos to train with

Shoe connectivity expires on March 31st, 2025

While Under Armour’s MapMyRun app was designed to benefit outdoor trail running and laps on city streets with GPS tracking capabilities that provide you with a map of your run, there’s still a good deal of functionality when used on a treadmill. We like MapMyRun for data tracking thanks to its compatibility with many of the best fitness trackers, which can offer detailed insights into your workouts. Setup, instructions, ease of use, and value all scored a 5 out of 5.

MapMyRun’s free version reminds me of Strava, with a social network where you can connect with friends and share your efforts. Weekly analytics also give you insight into how your stats, like total miles and calories, compare from week to week. 

With a $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year MVP subscription, you can enable audio coaching, custom workouts, detailed heart-rate analysis graphs, and live tracking to keep your friends informed about where you are. Value scored a 5 out of 5. 

Screenshots of the MapMyRun app.

“The app doesn’t provide streaming videos akin to iFIT or Peloton, however, the subscription gives you a lot to work with for a reasonable price,” mentioned our tester. 

I hopped on the treadmill to see how the free version of MapMyRun works. Since I wasn’t outdoors, I knew that the app’s free GPS tracking wouldn’t be able to provide me with information on my speed or pace. However, I did appreciate that duration, start time, date, and calories burned were tracked. 

After pairing my Apple Watch, I was able to see a heart rate analysis that allowed me to assess how well I performed from day to day. What’s more, if you have UnderArmour Connected Footwear, you can get access to stats from your run like cadence, stride length, pace, splits, and more. 

“Syncing the app with my devices was super easy,” noted our tester, a certified personal trainer, who scored ease of use a 5 out of 5. However, this shoe connectivity feature is coming to an end on March 31st, 2025.

My favorite aspect of MapMyRun’s social functionality is the ability to create challenges based on workouts, distance, calories burned, or time, which you can invite your friends to compete in. If you’ve ever challenged friends to compete on the Apple Watch, this is a similar feature that will help crown the top performer of the week.

Best Motivating Treadmill App: Aaptiv



An audio-focused streaming workout app that lets you take your workouts anywhere you want to go.

Shop Aaptiv


Price Per Month: $14.99

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Audio coaching


Audio-based training can keep you motivated and off your phone

Workouts and programs suggested based on your goals

AI-powered Coach feature can curate personalized training plans


Limited visual training aids

Currently only six trainers on the app

App has been noted to crash after updates

If you don’t want to be glued to your phone during your run, Aaptiv, one of the best personal training apps we’ve tested, provides audio-based workouts and coaching to help guide you through your paces. Aaptiv is our choice for the best motivating treadmill app thanks to its audio-focused training, with expert coaches who provide form cues and plenty of energy to help keep you moving. Setup and ease of use scored a 5 out of 5, and instruction and accountability came in right behind with a 4 out of 5.

Our tester, a certified personal trainer, scored accountability a 4 out of 5. “I love that I’m able to add programs and workouts to my calendar in the app, which are then followed up with push notifications to motivate me to get to work,” they said. For additional motivation, there’s also a social aspect to the app. “There’s a community feed so I can see what others are doing and post my own workouts as well.”

Workouts are suggested based on your goals, plus our tester noted how easy it is to navigate the app to find what you’re looking for. “The user experience is simple and everything is laid out clearly, so you can find a workout based on duration, the equipment you have, muscle group you want to target, or level of your ability,” they said. Ease of use scored a 5 out of 5. 

Screenshots from the Aaptive app.

However, it’s worth noting that some customer reviews have mentioned that the app functionality can glitch, especially after app updates.

BarBend editorial member Randall Colburn used Aaptiv for about a year and a half, splitting his training on the app between HIIT workouts, strength training, and treadmill running. “I loved the energy of the coaches,” he said. “During runs, the coaches offered speed and incline recommendations, but also routinely encouraged me to focus on and refine my form.” 

While we love the coaching, there are currently only six coach trainers to choose from, which may be an obstacle for those who like variety in their coaches. 

Since this app is primarily for audio coaching, you won’t find a ton of visual aids to support your training. “Since the coaches aren’t always on screen, sometimes you’ll just have an animation doing the movements,” said our tester, who gave instruction a 4 out of 5. The limited visuals may not be suitable for new runners or those who need some more detailed visual cues.

Best Virtual World Treadmill App: Zwift



Immerse yourself in 3D virtual worlds with Zwift. Most popular with cyclists, this premium app is free for runners. 

Shop Zwift


Price Per Month: Free for runners

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Train on virtual courses


Control your avatar through immersive virtual courses

Free for runners

Academy training provides training tips and structured workouts


You need a Bluetooth-enabled treadmill or additional sensors to use Zwift

Initial startup takes multiple steps

Zwift’s RunPod can be finicky

Zwift is an app unlike any other, allowing you to propel an avatar through a virtual world based on how quickly you move on your treadmill. We chose Zwift as the best virtual world treadmill app because of its ability to allow you to virtually run through the land of Watopia, with the option to explore alternating (and real) worlds, such as Scotland, New York, London, and more.

While Zwift and the Zwift Companion app are often used by cyclists — and cost $14.99 — users wanting to explore this virtual landscape on their treadmill can run for free! To get set up, you’ll either need a Bluetooth-enabled treadmill, like the AssaultRunner Pro, or a running sensor, foot pod, smart shoes, or smartwatch. 

Getting set up with Zwift can take a little trial and error, especially if you don’t have a compatible treadmill. The Zwift RunPod ($19.99), a shoe attachment that tracks your speed, cadence, and distance, is one option to get you running as soon as possible, though there have been some complaints from users about problems with the connectivity of this device. 

For those fearful of connecting tools and troubleshooting tech issues, the simplest option is to download the $4.99 Treadmill Smart Speed app, which can tell Zwift (and your avatar) how fast to run.

Once you’re set up, you can run along a variety of courses. If you choose to set up the Zwift Companion app, you can send messages to other racers, flip U-turns on the course, adjust your training segments, teleport elsewhere on the course, and even take photos of your avatar in the virtual world.

Academy training provides running tips and more structured training, and as you accumulate experience points by trying out new features, burning calories, participating in events, and more in the app, you can level up, which rewards you with cool swag for your avatar.

Zwift is one of the coolest apps out there for treadmill running, and if you’re looking for an escape from your reality (or boring LISS cardio sessions), you’ll definitely want to give this app some consideration.

Best Free Treadmill App: Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is a free running app that allows you to track your run while providing training plans and coaching to keep you moving in the right direction. 

Shop Nike Run Club


Price Per Month: Free

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: Best for beginners, suitable for all levels

Key Feature: Free training plans


Free coaching from Nike trainers and athletes

Guided running plans for everyone from beginners to marathon runners

Play music from Apple Music or Spotify


Metrics won’t be calculated unless you hold your phone while you run (or use the Apple Watch app)

Limited library of training options compared to other apps

Users have mentioned their runs not saving

We think that Nike Run Club is one of the best online workout programs, and the icing on the cake is that it’s totally free. I’ve been using this app on and off for about 10 years. The social aspect allows me to look back at all of my training, but my favorite part of this app is that there’s no paywall — you’re getting everything Nike has to offer. Pricing, setup, and ease of use scored a 5 out of 5.

This free app gives you access to a wide range of tools suitable for beginners to marathon runners. That includes stat tracking, training plans, guided runs from Nike coaches, and leaderboards, as well as a social network where you can share and compare your efforts with your friends. Value scored a 5 out of 5.

Apple Music and Spotify integration allows you to seamlessly access playlists from the app, so you can stream music from the landing page that shows you your running stats. 

Screenshots of the Nike Run Club app.

When using this app on a treadmill, you’ll have to carry the phone in your hand for your run to be tracked. If you set your phone down on a media shelf during your treadmill workout, the app will pause your workout. Annoying, right?! We scored our workout experience a 3 out of 5. However, the app can connect with your Apple Watch if you’d rather run without your phone. 

The guided runs provide audio-based support, with a coach telling you when to pick up your pace. The Nike coaches go above and beyond, sharing why you’re doing what you’re doing. This helped me understand more about the mechanics and purpose of my warm-ups, slower-paced endurance runs, and how to pick up the pace for high-intensity training. Instruction scored a 4 out of 5.

While the Nike Run Club library of training options is limited compared to some other apps — there are only five training plans and 302 total guided runs — it’s worth a download to test it out since it’s free. However, one thing to be wary of is that some users have mentioned their runs not saving.

Best Treadmill App for Games: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Run anywhere in the world while you play your own music or listen to a podcast. However, when you hear that zombies are closing in on you, you better pick up the pace to stay alive and complete your mission.

Shop ZRX


Price Per Month: Free or $6.99

Compatibility: iOS and Android

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Outrun zombies within radio plays


Gamified running experience with a horror vibe

Four seasons of stories with more than 100 episodes  

Stream your own music or podcast 


Story downloads can take up a lot of space

Limited fitness metric tracking

Tracked distance can be inaccurate

If your treadmill workout needs a little infusion of fun, Zombies, Run! allows you to participate in what feels like a live-action role-playing game. Throughout your training, a radio play pops on to set the scene of a dystopian zombie apocalypse. You’ll have missions to collect supplies, rebuild the world, rescue people, and uncover mysteries — and when you hear zombies breathing down your neck, you’ll want to pick up your pace to avoid being zombie food (or losing items from your inventory).

I’ve used this app on and off over the last decade, and I find it most useful when I’m trying to get back into a running routine. I love the gamification of cardio, especially with this form of loose Fartlek training where you’re mixing up your speed intensity. Occasionally hearing that I’ve picked up various pieces of equipment or that “there are zombies 100 meters behind you!” keeps me entertained and grinning. Workout experience scored a 5 out of 5.

Screenshots from the app Zombies, Run!

I can listen to my own music or podcasts, and when a story clip pops on, my music’s volume automatically lowers so I can tune in to the mystery afoot. ZRX has created a huge immersive world, with talented voice actors, engaging story arcs, and four seasons with more than 100 episodes worth of content. While you can pay to unlock more episodes, stories, and missions, the value of the free option is impressive and earned a 5 out of 5.

When using this app on a treadmill, you won’t be able to utilize the GPS tracking, which tells the game you’ve outrun the approaching zombies. However, you can switch to Simulate Running mode or Step Counting mode, but you’ll want to hold your phone in your hand for the latter. Ease of use scored a 4 out of 5.

If you’re interested in a running app with detailed training metrics, you’ll want to look elsewhere. While Zombies, Run! does keep track of your distance, many users have complained that this tracking can be inaccurate. Regardless of your level, if you need a jolt of fun to shake up your running workouts, this app is a worthwhile consideration.

Best Treadmill App with Live Workouts: Peloton

Peloton App

Peloton App

No need to have Peloton equipment when you can have access to the app with a subscription. Take classes from popular coaches to help you get your run done and dusted.

Shop Peloton


Price Per Month: Starting at $24

Compatibility: iOS and Andorid

User Level: All levels

Key Feature: Range of coaching styles


More than 7 live tread classes daily

Wide range of coaches can suit whatever mood you’re in

Music focused programming


Leaderboard and training metrics are only available for All-Access memberships

Higher subscription fee with Peloton Tread or Tread+

Pre-loading classes can take up a lot of space on your device

Peloton is a leader in the digital fitness marketplace, notable for its high-energy, off-the-cuff live workouts on exercise bikes and treadmills. (At one point, it even seemed as if these types of virtual workouts would spell the end of fitness studios.) We love Peloton because it schedules more than seven live treadmill classes daily. 

Additionally, the coaches that lead these live workouts are beloved by the masses (huge Cody Rigsby fan here) thanks to their range of talents. Matt Wilpers, a former D1 runner, brings a grounded, cue-driven focus to his workouts, and Camila Ramón coaches in Spanish and English with uplifting beats to support your run. Whatever your mood, there’s a coach to suit your preference. Instruction scored a 5 out of 5.

In addition to awesome coaches, the music selection on Peloton is better than any other fitness streaming service or app I’ve tried. You can select a music genre (pop, punk, metal, hip-hop, rock, country, 90s, 80s, etc.) to play a workout that features the music you want to hear. Workout experience scored a 5 out of 5.

A BarBend tester walking on the Peloton Tread.

The $24 a month Peloton App+ subscription gives you access to live and on-demand treadmill classes that you can stream from your own device, but you won’t be able to track your training metrics. If you have the Peloton Tread or Tread+ — some of the best high-end treadmills we’ve tested —  a $44 a month All-Access membership is needed to stream content, track your metrics, and participate on the leaderboard to see how you stack up against other members.

When using the Peloton App+ on your phone or tablet, preloading each workout can take up a ton of space on your device. While there’s always the option to stream the class, depending on your data plan or available Wi-Fi, downloading workouts may be your best option when working out at the gym or on vacation.

Benefits of the Best Treadmill Apps

Treadmill apps can be built into your equipment or downloaded onto a tablet or phone, allowing users, depending on the app’s functionality, the ability to access coaching, programming, entertainment, and data tracking. The following are some of the benefits of treadmill apps. 

Programming: According to Amanda Capritto, our expert reviewer and a certified personal trainer, “Solid, smart programming is what keeps you from spinning your wheels in the gym and failing to see results.” Apps that can be used on a treadmill can take the guesswork out of your workouts so all you have to do is show up and follow along to treadmill classes or audio instructions.

Social Network: Some of the apps we’ve highlighted offer community within the app, whether you’re a casual jogger or running every day. You can follow friends, post your efforts for your network to see, and encourage (or challenge) one another.

Versatility: Some treadmill apps are built into equipment, but many of these apps can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet so you can take your training on vacation or to the gym. Additionally, some apps provide training beyond treadmill running or walking, so you can have guidance, motivation, and tracking for indoor cycling, strength training, and more.

Data Insights: If you’re a data nerd, some apps and premium memberships can provide you with a clear picture of your mileage, time, speed, heart rate, and how each run compares to previous efforts or the efforts of others.

Affordable Access: Many of the apps on our list can be accessed for free, with premium subscriptions ranging from $5.99 up to $44 a month. Regardless of your budget, there’s something on our list that can help your training.

How Much Do Treadmill Apps Cost?

Regardless if you’re training on budget-friendly equipment or one of the best treadmills that money can buy, there’s a treadmill app to support your efforts at a price point that fits your needs. While some of the apps we’ve highlighted are free (or provide some offerings for free), a wider range of access and functionality can be achieved with monthly subscriptions that range from $5.99 up to $44. Peruse our choices and the expected cost below.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Treadmill App

“Anyone who has an interest in reaching a fitness goal or simply improving their overall fitness will benefit from an [app-based] workout program,” says Amanda Capritto, our expert reviewer and a certified personal trainer. “Those who find success with external accountability and motivation will also benefit.” 

A BarBend tester navigating iFIT on the NordicTrack 1750.

Treadmill apps are diverse in their offerings, functionality, and price, so it’s important to consider the following areas before picking an app to support your training.

Type of Training

What type of training are you looking to accomplish? Consider your fitness goals, whether you’re looking to start a 5k training plan or simply trying to stay active during your downtime. 

If you’re interested in an app that can make getting onto a treadmill to walk or run more enjoyable, consider an app that provides entertainment in the form of storytelling, dynamic instruction, or gamification so you can get some sweet dopamine hits as you compete on virtual courses. (4)

When your fitness goals revolve around increasing your speed or building up your endurance, consider an app that provides training plans, so you can train with a focus on your specific needs.


We’ve provided a range of apps with prices that fit any budget, from free offerings to memberships that cost up to $44 a month. Consider how much you’re willing to spend and if that cost adds value to your indoor runs. 

Higher-priced apps tend to offer live and on-demand streaming video classes, with new classes added daily. More cost-friendly apps offer basic tracking features and some training program guidance to help you progress.

Streaming Content

What do you want from your treadmill workout app? If you’ve got your eyes set on streaming content, you’ll want to consider all of your options. 

Some apps offer live workouts where you can follow along with what the coach is doing on screen. Others specialize in outdoor scenic runs where you train alongside a running coach on beautiful trails. There’s also audio-based programming with coach cues and form insight, as well as radio plays that can help your interval runs feel like you’re in an interactive adventure game. Deciding on the type of content you want to stream is a great place to start.

While we love streaming content, it’s worth noting that there are some virtual coaching limits, and you won’t get one-on-one feedback within these apps.


Some apps allow you to connect with your friends, share your efforts, and even give each other kudos for a job well done. Consider if this is the type of motivation and encouragement you need from your app. While many running apps provide a social feed, some apps take this a step further, allowing you to high-five, message, and participate with others in the community of your choice.

Best Treadmill Apps FAQs

Is there a free treadmill app?

Yes! The Nike Run Club App is our favorite free app, with a wide range of guided workouts to suit beginner athletes looking to tackle a 5k to marathon runners upping their mileage.

Can treadmill apps track running?

Yes. Apps like MapMyRun, Nike Run Club, and Run, Zombies! have options to toggle over from GPS tracking to treadmill running, so you track your training when on a treadmill. Additionally, apps like Zwift, Peloton, and iFIT can pair with some Bluetooth-enabled treadmills to give you even more data from your workout session.

What is the best treadmill app?

We picked iFIT as the best treadmill app because of its huge library of scenic runs, in which a coach runs with you through some of the most beautiful trails on the planet. You can run, walk, and hike in locations around the world, from Japan to Prague, with an expert coach right there with you, sharing training tips and insight into the location you’re exploring. While this app comes integrated into many of the best Nordictrack treadmills, you can also download the app onto an iPhone or Android device.


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