Wellness Bodybuilder Chloe Pickford’s Steroid Cycle and Leg Workout, Explained

IFBB Pro League Wellness bodybuilder and personal trainer Chloe Pickford recently shared insights into her leg day routine and steroid cycle on her YouTube channel. She is amidst her prep for her professional Wellness debut in 2024, two years after earning her IFBB Pro Wellness card in 2022.

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Chloe Pickford’s Steroid Cycle

During her workout, Pickford discussed her steroid regimen. She was natural in the three years leading to her pro card, attributing much of her growth to genetics. Pickford didn’t use any growth hormones or other performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs); however, as she began her competition preparation, she noticed a decline in the physique necessary to compete in the Wellness division.

During Pickford’s cut from her prep diet, which consisted of 700 carbs per day, she used steroids as an assistance the week of her regional contest, two weeks before the Arnold contest, where she acquired her pro card.

[PEDs] didn’t make me grow muscle; they helped me retain my look.

IFBB Pro Chloe Pickford

“You can argue that [the steroids] didn’t make me grow; it retained the look,” said Pickford. “That’s not a massively assisted prep, so I’m proud. Genetics carried me through. The pro league is a bit of a different story, but my usage is minimal.”

Chloe Pickford’s Leg Day Routine

Below is a breakdown of her leg workout:

Seated Leg Curl

45-degree Leg Press

Smith Machine Bulgarian Split Squat

Machine Hip Abductor

Machine Hip Thrust

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Seated Leg Curl

Like many bodybuilders, Pickford employs isolation exercises to engage her hamstrings, adequately warming up before compound exercises. A spotter assists her with the final two reps during leg curls as she pushes to failure.

Research supports training for muscle failure to promote muscle growth effectively. (1) Pickford maintains a training log, which aids accountability.

45-Degree Leg Press, Hip Abductor, & Hip Thrust

The leg press machine biases the quadsglutes, and hamstrings depending on foot position. Pickford’s 45-degree angle maximizes her range of motion.

Due to hip tightness, Pickford is challenged by the hip abductor. She addresses the issue via massages every three weeks. Pickford concludes her leg workout by focusing on the glutes via hip thrusts at high reps with a squeeze at the top of each rep.

“With the hip thrust, many forget about their glutes as they go down. On the eccentric, think about your glutes the whole time…much better [mind-muscle] connection,” says Pickford. She reps to near failure, finishing with partial repetitions until she can no longer extend her hips.


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Featured image: @chloepickford_ifbbpro on Instagram

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