CrossFit Launches Medical Society to Push for Fitness as Healthcare

CrossFit’s push comes as the fitness industry continues to fight for a world where physical activity is treated as an essential part of healthcare and disease prevention

CrossFit has launched a membership-based medical society designed to educate healthcare professionals on the effectiveness of the CrossFit fitness regimen and create opportunities for affiliates to become “health homes” for members.

The new entity, CrossFit Medical Society (CFMS), is guided by Dr. Tom McCoy, who is board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine, and Jennifer Pishko, who holds a master’s degree in nutrition education and serves as McCoy Medical’s co-founder and director of operations and education.

According to the CFMS website, direct-to-consumer lab panels, diagnostic testing and screenings are in the works.

“My ultimate vision is to push the boundaries of healthcare and build a model for Healthcare 3.0 by turning the CrossFit affiliate into a true health home,” Dr. McCoy said. “By putting lifestyle intervention at the forefront of patient care and providing affiliates and members with resources and education around utilizing CrossFit to address chronic diseases, the CrossFit Medical Society will promote improved health outcomes for everyone.” 

Dr. McCoy has established two clinics within CrossFit affiliates and focuses on a lifestyle-driven approach to wellness with CrossFit as a “foundational pillar.”

Healthcare professionals with a CrossFit certification are eligible to be listed in one of two directories: the CFMS Directory for MDs and DOs ($300/year) or an HCP Directory for licensed/certified healthcare professionals such as massage therapists, dietitians and mental health therapists ($249/year for those with a CrossFit certification). The directories serve as an informal referral system, so CrossFit affiliates and providers can refer clients to one another. 

Providers who don’t have an active CrossFit credential can still join for $199/month  to receive newsletters, education, Grand Rounds, CME access and discounts on CrossFit courses. A student outreach program offer scholarships for physicians in training to obtain their CrossFit certification and support on-campus activities, with a student membership tier available for $49/year. CrossFit affiliate owners and members can also join for free with a valid CrossFit ID.

CrossFit affiliates have been able to deliver profound health outcomes for over two decades, pointed out chief brand officer Nicole Carroll.

“They’ve often done so in the face of misperceptions about CrossFit’s safety and suitability for all-comers,” Carroll said. “The formation of the CrossFit Medical Society will enable us to further develop, nurture and amplify an international network of like-minded doctors and healthcare providers who recognize the unique power of CrossFit in delivering true and lasting health.”

credit: CrossFit

Fitness as Healthcare Gains Traction

Intermixing fitness and health certainly isn’t a new concept, but leading fitness brands have begun to emerge as wellness stewards, perhaps capitalizing on the fact that over 70% of Americans feel the healthcare system is failing to meet their needs.

Equinox recently unveiled its $40,000-per-year longevity program (dubbed “Optimize”) that offers biomarker tests from Function Health, a series of tests that inform the creation of a personalized program, a dedicated team of health and wellness experts, including a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, sleep coach and massage therapist and access to high-end E Clubs.

The Bay Area’s Fitness SF, a group of eight health clubs that offers InBody and blood pressure testing, is also making advanced headway in the health space with InsideTracker. In a partnership announced last month, Fitness SF will provide biomarker testing that includes DNA analysis and progress tracking and will use the results to guide its training services. 

A Joint Effort 

While fitness brands supercharge their membership platforms with healthcare touchpoints, change is also underway to direct flexible savings accounts (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) funds to cover the costs of fitness memberships.

In recent months, telehealth provider Dr. B has signed deals with F45 Training, SoulCycle, Xplor Mariana Tek and BODi to help Americans cover the costs of fitness classes and member plans with pre-tax dollars.

The Health & Fitness Association (formerly IHRSA) has also been tirelessly working to urge lawmakers to pass legislation such as the Personal Health Investment (PHIT) Act. The bill would enable Americans to use pre-tax funds on gym memberships, fitness equipment and youth sports and would amend the IRS code to treat physical activity as preventive healthcare.

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