Why Vertical Climbing Machines Are a Must for Gyms & Studios in 2024

VersaClimber machines are low-impact, fun, effective and portable, ticking off many boxes for fitness operators in a challenging post-pandemic environment

VersaClimber, a pioneering fitness equipment supplier, knows exercise functionality is only half the battle when it comes to innovation. 

Responsible for the fitness industry’s first-ever climbing machines, the brand has that side of the equation covered. VersaClimbers are one-of-a-kind, low-impact cardio machines where users stand in an upright position, continually pumping their feet and arms to “climb” while burning tons of calories. Anyone can partake, even older populations working their way back from an injury due to the low-impact nature of vertical climbing.

VersaClimber also innovates when it comes to where and how gyms and studios can use its machines on the fitness floor. The brand has reached 18 countries and established over 100 climbing studios largely due to the space and time-saving capabilities of its machines. In doing so, the VersaClimber helps operators re-imagine what their gyms or facilities can be in 2024 and beyond.

Portability Leads to Untold Possibilities

VersaClimber machines are portable, which opens up a world of possibilities for enterprising gyms and studios.

“From the operator’s perspective, the flexibility of the VersaClimber is unlike any other piece of cardio equipment currently on the market,” said VersaClimber CRO Jim Siegrist. “Operators can have 16 VersaClimbers spread out in a room for climbing classes. They have the flexibility to hold classes in a variety of places ranging from a yoga studio to a (cycling) room, HIIT room, basketball court or stretching area. They can wheel them into any functional training area when classes aren’t being held. When they want to flip the space back, they simply wheel them off the floor and they nest together.”

Jim Siegrist (credit: VersaClimber)

This is doable thanks to the equipment’s stackable basses and ability to run on battery power. The latter eliminates the need to situate VersaClimbers near outlets, making them placeable anywhere that’s solid ground. The stackable bases make storage simple as 16 VersaClimbers nested at the base can fit in a 21’ by 4’ area. Siegrist and the rest of the VersaClimber team are proud to be leading the charge when it comes to offering mobile exercise equipment. 

“Absolutely,” Siegrist said when asked if all fitness companies should make their equipment moveable if it’s feasible. “It’s created so many new opportunities for us and our clients. Whether it’s being able to take advantage of great weather and bring your workout outside, adding VersaClimber to circuit training, creating group training opportunities or moving the equipment around from the cardio floor to a functional training area”.

The Need for Speed

VersaClimber sessions are intense – full-body workouts can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to other fitness modalities – so operators can stage quick events.

“You only really need about 20-minute classes for most people to get an incredible full-body workout,” said Siegrist. “For health clubs, this is a great opportunity for them because they can turn classes much quicker than traditional (cycling) or other group training classes, and their members are getting a full-body, non-impact workout that is easy on their joints.” 

That speed allows operators to squeeze in classes during slow or weekend hours at their facilities, leading to new revenue streams. 

credit: VersaClimber

“The next progression for health club owners is to monetize some space that isn’t currently generating revenue for them,” Siegrist said. “With our new stackable bases and battery power, an operator can still keep their yoga classes, for example, and then effortlessly wheel out the VersaClimbers for climbing classes during peak hours before and after work and during lunch.” 

“One of the single biggest expenses for boutique fitness studio owners is the real estate,” he added. “Health clubs already have the space so this is a great way to unlock some untapped revenue potential.”

‘New and Exciting’ Always Sells

Vertical climbing workouts also offer gym members something different from run-of-mill treadmill or indoor cycling classes.

 “We’ve all gotten bored with our routines at one time or another,” Siegrist said. “These climbing classes shred calories and make you feel great in as little as 20 minutes, and you’re not beating up your joints. Incorporating the lighting and music elements similar to a (cycling) class adds new energy to a club and can help with retention.”

New workout modalities often daunt and discourage new users. VersaClimber is working to make vertical climbing more accessible and approachable The brand recently added a health club interface accessible through its machines’ tablets, which provides 15-minute pre-programmed guided climbing classes. This ensures everyone can hit the ground running — or in this case climbing. 

credit: VersaClimber

“These are great for people who have never been in a climbing class and were maybe a little intimidated by the VersaClimber,” Siegrist said. “We have a brief intro to climbing video that shows them how to use the VersaClimber so they can familiarize themselves with it.”

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