Strength Coach Kelly Matthews on How To Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

If you ask most gym goers about their goals, many will likely say to lose fat and gain muscle. However, knowing how to accomplish these goals simultaneously can be challenging. Fortunately, fitness experts like strength and conditioning coach Kelly Matthews have tackled this process, also known as body recomposition.

In a May 29, 2024, YouTube video, Matthews broke down the process of losing fat and gaining muscle. The well-known hybrid athlete went into further detail about which groups have the easiest time with body recomposition and what this looks like for different levels of experience.

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Easiest To Body Recomp?

According to Matthews, body recomposition is possible for most people. She specifies that the following groups likely have the easiest time gaining muscle and losing fat:

Gym Newbies: individuals who haven’t done much work in the gym and have a “fair amount of weight to lose.”

Anabolic Users: individuals who use some assistance to get shredded and stay muscular.

Absentee Lifters: people who have been out of the gym for a long time. Technically, they are not newbies but are still receiving those newbie-like benefits due to a lengthy absence.

Body Recomp for Beginners

Going to the gym is the first thing beginners should do to body recomp. Matthews suggests a strength training program of two to three days per week with progressive overload.

“Utilize progressive overload…week-over-week and month-over-month, you will lift more volume (sets and reps),” Matthews said. “That’s how you know you’re progressing.”

The fitness guru also recommends one to two days of low-intensity, steady-state cardio, like walking or riding a bike. This approach will help beginners increase their caloric deficit, a high priority in a newbie’s diet. A calorie deficit requires an individual to burn more calories than they consume.

So, if you eat 2,000 calories daily, you must burn more than 2,000 calories to lose body fat. Matthews recommends using calorie-tracking apps or tools to establish your current caloric intake. In time, beginners can lessen their dieting restrictions.

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One area that should remain a top priority is protein consumption because it’s the most important macronutrient for muscle gain. Although it may be a high bar for some, Matthews recommends a protein intake of one gram per pound of body weight.

Body Recomp For Intermediate and Advanced

Advanced lifters can face difficulties when body recomping. Matthews attributes this reality to why bodybuilders bulk and cut.

According to the strength coach, bulking involves consuming a surplus of calories and training hard to gain muscle. Cutting involves a caloric deficit and potentially losing some muscle mass to get leaner.

Matthews firmly believes in a lighter version of bulk and cut as it is likely more practical for the larger population.

Bulking & Cutting Light

The light bulking and cutting concept gives individuals a more flexible approach than the traditional bulk and cut process. For example, bulking light stays closer to maintenance calories instead of gaining some body fat that would be common during a typical bulking phase. Consequently, a light bulk will likely require more intense training and patience to reach muscle-gaining goals.

Matthews follows a bulk and cut light process. She eats and trains based more on her goals and competitions rather than following a traditional bulk and cut process.

No matter your experience level or how strict you are with your body recomp training, Matthews said that it’s most important to eat enough protein, train hard, and feel good about what you’re doing to remain consistent over time.

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