2024 Adela Garcia Pro Fitness Division Show Preview

The 2024 Adela Garcia Pro Fitness division show is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2024, in Bastrop, TX. Eight-time Figure Olympia champion Adela Garcia promotes this show.

The winner of this contest will be the seventh competitor to qualify for the 2024 edition of the Fitness Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, on the weekend of Oct. 10-13, 2024. The 2023 winner of this show was Darrian Tannenbaum, who is not in the lineup for the 2024 contest.

2024 Adela Garcia Pro Roster

Ellie Ambs (United States)

Savahannah Byczek (United States)

Missy Khasawneh (United States)

Allison Kramer (United States)

Amanda Leal (United States)

Kristen Morby (United States)

Michaela Pavleova (Slovakia)

Jen Richards (United States)

Amber Steffen (United States)

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Amber Steffen

Amber Steffen ranked 10th at the 2023 Fitness Olympia. This is the first pro show of her 2024 campaign. She ranked second in the 2023 edition of this contest to Tannenbaum and is back to redeem herself. If she wins this event, she will have four months to train for the Olympia.

Allison Kramer

This is Allison Kramer’s 2024 season debut. She was 12th at the 2023 Fitness Olympia and won the Tampa Pro that season. Kramer has been competing in the pro ranks since 2019 and has been on the Olympia stage twice.

Kramer’s routines (which count for two-thirds of the score in this division) usually showcase different holds that set her apart from the field. If she places high enough in the physique round to be in contention, she stands a good chance of being in the top three of this show.

Savahannah Byczek

Savahannah Byczek was fourth in the 2023 Adela Garcia Pro. She is in her third pro season but has yet to earn her first victory or Olympia qualification.

Going against two Olympia-level rivals will challenge Byczek, but anything can happen on contest day. Byczek’s last show was the 2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro, where she finished in 10th place.

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