Jay Cutler’s 5 Go-To Chest Exercises For Aesthetics

In a Jun. 4, 2024, YouTube video, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shared a pec-blasting workout focused on aesthetics. The world-renowned bodybuilder divulged his wisdom regarding form and positioning between the exercises he believes provide a balanced approach to pushing and stretching the pecs.

Although the 50-year-old bodybuilding legend doesn’t provide many details on the workout’s overall volume, he rests for 45 seconds between sets and focuses on contractions.

Jay Cutler’s Chest Pumping Exercises

Incline Seated Chest Press Machine

Machine Incline Flyes (stretch)

 Lying Bench Press Machine

Pec Deck

Dumbbell Bench Press

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1. Incline Seated Chest Press Machine

Cutler’s first chest exercise is the incline chest press machine. He recommends two warm-up sets before his working sets, which are designed using the pyramid methodology.

Once seated on the machine, Cutler grips the middle of the handles rather than the inner portion, as the latter would bias the triceps due to added elbow flexion.

2. Incline Machine Flyes

Plate-loaded incline chest flyes machines are not typically available in most commercial gyms, but dumbbell flyes are a sufficient alternative. Cutler positions the seat on the lowest setting, which allows his pecs to achieve optimal contraction and as wide of a stretch as possible during eccentrics.

3. Iso Hammer Strength Bench Press

Cutler prefers an iso-lateral chest press machine as it allows each arm to move independently of the other. This enables more acute control over the strength of each pec in their fully lengthened positions. Cutler performs a set to check how the weight feels before proceeding to heavier working sets.

4. Pec Deck

Nowadays, many gyms have numerous variations of pec deck machines. Cutler prefers one that is almost archaic-looking compared to modern apparatuses. He prefers the older machines as he enjoys being able to hug the padded arm handles to get a better feel when isolating his chest. He finds that newer machines without those pads require involving the biceps too much when moving the weight.

Cutler alternates the hand that crosses over top at the point of peak contraction. He performed three working sets.

5. Dumbbell Bench Press

Cutler trained with a unique variation to his form on the dumbbell bench press. Instead of his feet on the floor, Cutler placed his feet on the bench when pressing the dumbbells.

Feet on the floor provides a firm foundation for handling heavier weight, as one can maintain torso control and derive power from the legs. Placing feet on the bench creates balance requirements, therefore increasing core activation.

While more stability is favorable when training for hypertrophy, Cutler finds more comfort pressing with this setup variation.

Featured image: @jaycutler on Instagram

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