Austin Personal Training Studio Adds Keyspan Biomarker Blood Tests

As the fitness industry embraces longevity, Austin Simply Fit will give its members access to blood biomarker tests and functional health coaching from wellness platform Keyspan

Austin Simply Fit, a chain of personal training studios in Austin, Texas, is embracing the fitness-as-medicine trend.

The brand has partnered with Keyspan, a health management and wellness platform, to deliver biomarker data and functional health coaching for its members. It’s the first time those services are being integrated into personalized fitness programs in the Austin area, according to Austin Simply Fit.

“This partnership introduces a revolutionary approach to fitness and longevity tools for our members,” said Krista Bergeron, CEO of Austin Simply Fit. “By integrating advanced health diagnostics and functional coaching directly into our fitness regimens, we’re empowering members and trainers with actionable data that drives stronger gains and better health outcomes.”

“This is the new normal, making every aspect of health measurable and understandable,” Bergeron added.

credit: Austin Simply Fit

The program begins with bi-annual blood tests that signal any nutrient deficiencies based on insights from 25 biomarkers. Austin Simply Fit then delivers monthly supplements to users based on their test results. The program also includes monthly sessions with a functional health coach along with a data-driven training plan that evolves with users as they progress. Users can track their results, mood, steps, sleep goals and more via Keyspan’s app.

“Through our partnership with Austin Simply Fit, we are redefining the fitness experience by embedding our advanced health diagnostics directly into personal training,” said Nate Taylor, CEO of Keyspan. “By providing data-driven insights, we enable trainers to deliver better health outcomes for members.”

Taylor added that personalized fitness programs based on biomarker data can improve results by 20-30% compared to standard programs.

Austin Simply Fit and Keyspan aren’t alone in recognizing the potential of personalized fitness through biomarker data. Similar programs exist with brands such as Equinox, which announced its $40,000-per-year “Optimize” membership plan earlier this year. However, the new offering from Austin Simply Fit comes at a fraction of that price; Keyspan memberships cost $179 per month on top of Austin Simply Fit packages, which start at $50 for a single session.

As interest in longevity surges, Fitness SF, a chain of Bay Area health clubs, is also launching biomarker testing services for its employees and members in a partnership with InsideTracker.

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