The 7 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2024, Handpicked by CrossFit Trainers

While certified kids have known about the benefits of the best jump ropes for years, certified CrossFit grown-ups are increasingly wising up to the cardio and coordination these simple pieces of equipment offer up. Whether you want to start practicing singles and crossovers or beat your box’s highest double-under PR, the best CrossFit jump ropes are designed to improve your coordination, cardiovascular health, and muscular power. (1)(2)

After spinning over 30 jump ropes, our team of CrossFit coaches and personal trainers handpicked their go-to ropes, along with new favorites to match a wide variety of experience levels and budgets. We think these options are ideal for newbies and seasoned CrossFitters looking to improve both their technique and their overall fitness. Check out our list of the best CrossFit jump ropes to see if one of our faves can earn a spot in your gym bag.

The 7 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes of 2024

Best CrossFit Jump Rope Overall: Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Speed Rope

Best High-End CrossFit Jump Rope: RX Smart Gear EVO G2

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Speed: RPM Comp 4

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Learning Double-Unders: CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Grip: WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

Best Beaded CrossFit Jump Rope: Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope

Best Budget CrossFit Jump Rope: WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

About Our Expert

This article has been reviewed by Kate Meier, NASM-CPT, USAW-L1, CF-L1, a personal trainer, CrossFit Level-1 coach, and gym owner. Along with personally using several of these CrossFit jump ropes, she reviewed the research we cite to help ensure we’re providing helpful, accurate descriptions and recommendations.

How We Tested and Chose the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

The BarBend roster of fitness professionals is stacked with CrossFit coaches, certified personal trainers, and gym owners who know the ins and outs of the CrossFit community. We’ve tested over 30 jump ropes to see which weights, grips, and materials can help you dominate your next WOD. 

Jake Herod jumping rope in the BarBend gym.

After setting a few PRs ourselves, we assigned ratings of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) across 13 categories, from sizing and adjustment to handle material and rotation system. Read on to see which options made the cut for the best CrossFit jump ropes. For information about how we test products, check out BarBend’s equipment testing methodology.

Cable Sizing and Adjustment: For every rope we got our hands on, we noted how easy or difficult it was to adjust the length of the cable. Some options use the common “size-and-cut” method, while others utilize systems that allow users of different heights to adjust the length of the cable.

Handle Grip: As your only point of contact with the jump rope, the grip is vital. We included ropes with contoured rubber designs, as well as knurled aluminum and the classic plastic shell.

Cable Weight: The picks on our list range from lightweight, speedy cables to heavier, slower ropes. While experienced CrossFitters may need a faster spin to set a new double-under PR, newcomers may want to hone their technique with a heavy cable.

Rotation Mechanism: Most CrossFit jump ropes utilize either a ball bearing or bushing rotation system. Ball bearings allow smooth, 360-degree rotation, but tend to be more expensive. While a bushing system’s range is limited, these ropes are typically more affordable.

Packability: Whether you’re taking your jump rope on the road or just to and from your CrossFit box, they can easily become tangled if they are stuffed in a gym bag or the trunk of your car. We prioritized ropes that come with their own travel cases or easily coil without tangling.

Best CrossFit Jump Rope Overall: Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Speed Rope

Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Speed Rope

Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Speed Rope

With lightweight, knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles encouraging super fast rotation, this rope was built for speed.

Shop Rogue Fitness


Price: $46.50

Product Weight: 0.35lbs

Handle Length: 5.25” or 6.75”

Cable Length: 10’; size and cut


Lightweight, knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles

Super fast rotation

Weighs 0.35 pounds

Two handle sizes available


Its thin cables can become warped without proper care

The tiny adjustment screws are difficult to tighten and loosen

Should only be used on indoor and non-abrasive surfaces

If you’re looking for a jump rope to help you master the classic CrossFit double-under (or, heck, even a single-under), we think the Rogue SR-2 3.0 has everything you need. Between the knurling on the aluminum handles and its smooth, quick rotation, it easily earned its place among the best CrossFit equipment we’ve used. Our tester — a CrossFit Level-1 trainer — even used this rope to set a new PR. “New PR! After trying out multiple other ropes, this is the one that got me to 137 dubs,” they said, rating both its handle and knurling material a 5 out of 5.

With an overall weight of just 0.35 pounds and a high-speed bearing rotation system, this rope quickly earned the affection of our tester after they started using it at their box. “Even as a trainer, I never paid much attention to the rotation system on ropes like this,” they noted, rating the system on the SR-2 3.0 a 5 out of 5. “But the bearing rotation system lets it spin seamlessly in every direction.”

Another of our testers —a certified personal trainer — also felt that this is a solid option for newbies. “This is the rope I used when I learned how to do double-unders, so I think it would be good for new CrossFitters, too,” they said. At just under $50, it lands just at the bottom of the average range of $50 to $100 for CrossFit jump ropes, which may make it a bit more palatable for newcomers.

It earned a 4 out of 5 for value, though our tester admitted those unfamiliar with CrossFit may balk at the price. “It will probably seem expensive to anyone unfamiliar with these types of ropes,” they said. “But it helped a certified CrossFit coach hit their PR, so I am sold.”

Make sure that you either take it to your CrossFit box — or that your space is outfitted with one of the best home gym flooring options, like rubber or turf. Ropes like these are typically recommended for indoor use, so it only scored a 3 out of 5 for outdoor use. “If you use it on concrete or asphalt, the cable will start to rip apart,” said our tester.

Best High-End CrossFit Jump Rope: RX Smart Gear EVO G2

RX Smart Gear EVO G2

RX Smart Gear EVO G2

The ergonomic aerospace-grade aluminum handles on the EVO G2 feature a unique “pinch point” silhouette with diamond-pattern knurling. Its dual-bearing swivel rotation system also enables incredibly smooth rotation.

Shop RX Smart Gear


Price: $165

Product Weight: 1.3, 1.8, 2.6, 3.4oz.

Handle Length: 6”

Cable Length: 7’10” to 9’4”


Ergonomic aerospace-grade aluminum handles

Unique “pinch point” silhouette with diamond-pattern knurling 

Dual-bearing swivel rotation system is incredibly smooth 


At $165, it far exceeds the average range for CrossFit ropes — $50 to $100

Should only be used on indoor and non-abrasive surfaces

High-end. Luxury. Bougie. These were a few of the words thrown around by our testers when they laid eyes on the RX Smart Gear EVO G2. But by the end of our workouts, even our most experienced gear junkies, like certified CrossFit Level-1 trainer and BarBend editorial member Kate Meier, were head over heels. “When I saw the price tag, I wanted to hate on this rope so much,” she admitted. “But during my first reps I actually said, ‘Wowww,’ out loud. The instant it started spinning, I could tell I was going to love it.”

It’s probably no wonder that she scored it at least a 4 out of 5 in 11 of 13 categories, including a 4.5 for her overall workout experience. “You can tell just how much attention to detail they put into this rope,” she said, wishing she had gone with a lighter option. “I only knocked it a half point because I tend to prefer really thin speed ropes.” The 2.6-ounce version of the EVO G2 that Meier used is one of four available weights: 1.3, 1.8, 2.6, and 3.4 ounces.

For another of our testers (a certified personal trainer), the unique design of the handle was what most set it apart from other (more affordable) CrossFit jump ropes. “I absolutely loved this design. Each of the three notches has raised rings, then between the notches are sections of knurling,” she explained. “Holding the handle at the bottom let me spin it faster. With knurling between each notch, I could hold it all the way at the end and still have some to pinch.”

The biggest and most obvious drawback among our testers was the price, which was the culprit behind its 3 out of 5 rating for value. “For $165, you could get so much home gym equipment, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s an incredible rope,” Meier said. 

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Speed: RPM Comp 4

RPM Comp4

RPM Comp4

Need a quick, efficient jump rope for your next workout? The RPM Comp4 features a lightweight cable-style rope for fast rotations, and the Dual-Axis Rotation technology eliminates potential torque at the handles for seamless turnover no matter your training intensity.

Shop RPM


Price: $70

Product Weight: 0.27lbs

Handle Length: 5.5”

Cable Length: 10’; size and cut


Dual-axis rotation system creates incredible speed

Aggressive knurling along entire handle for grip

Comes with its own travel case


The 5.5-inch handles may be small for some users

Length adjustment screws are tiny

Misjumps may hurt or leave small welts

Like Lightning McQueen, the RPM Comp 4 was built for speed. The dual-axis rotation system is engineered to eliminate any “slop” (RPM’s word, not ours) in the system, meaning that it can avoid twisting and torque build-up in your cable. Speaking of it, the 12-foot bare cable is one of the fastest we’ve tested, making it ideal for jumpers interested in high-intensity work. 

“If you’re new to jump ropes in general, I would not start out with a speed rope like this. You’ll definitely be whipping yourself and end up with welts — just like I did,” said our tester (a certified personal trainer). A big part of that speed is the dual-bearing rotation system that earned a 5 out of 5 from our tester. “The dual-axis rotation in the handles generates a ton of speed and opens up training like HIIT cardio workouts. The bushing system is well-oiled, which again, just makes it even faster.”

With a bare cable flying this fast, we don’t think this rope is suited for double-under rookies. After earning a few welts of their own, our tester highlighted who this speed jump rope is geared towards. “This rope is totally not for anyone learning double-unders,” they noted. “It’s definitely better for people who are already proficient in stuff like crossovers, double-unders, or triple-unders who want to get even faster.”

Another of our testers — also a certified personal trainer — rated the grip in the handles a 5 out of 5, saying, “I loved the full-length aggressive knurling and even with sweaty hands had zero issue.” However, issues did soon arise for this tester. “I don’t know what happened, but this rope was an absolute dream before it broke on me,” they said. “After five sessions, one of the ball bearings popped out.”

After struggling with the tiny adjustment screws, our tester walked away feeling they may have been cursed by the jump rope gods. “I so badly want to give this rope a high rating, but getting these little bitty screws in was extremely frustrating.”

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Learning Double-Unders: CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

This heavy rope provides the feedback needed when learning double-unders. Its ceramic ball bearings create smooth rotation, plus the connected app offers metrics tracking and jump rope workouts. If you’re not satisfied, you can return your jump rope within 60 days — no questions asked.

Shop CrossRope


Price: $129 to $149

Product Weight: 0.25

Handle Length: Unlisted

Cable Length: 7’0” to 9’6”


Provides the feedback needed when learning double-unders

Ceramic ball bearings create smooth rotation

Connected app offers metrics tracking and jump rope workouts

Can return within 60 days — no questions asked


Access to CrossRope app costs $99 annually

Handles may feel heavy

For any newcomers to CrossFit or jump rope WODs, mastering the double-under is a must. Of course, single-unders can get your heart pumping and are a great starting point. But during double-unders, the rapid rotation of the rope raises the intensity by forcing you to perform quicker jumps. That intensity is what makes this classic CrossFit movement so effective and efficient for helping with weight loss. (3

As our tester (a CrossFit Level-1 trainer) noted, “When you’re first learning double-unders, you need feedback from the rope,” they explained. “Feedback means you can feel where the rope is, which heavier ropes make much easier.” Enter the CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope Set. Not only can the two included cables provide that feedback, the ceramic ball-bearing rotation system earned a 5 out of 5 from our other tester, a certified personal trainer. 

“It’s not just ad-speak,” they said. “The rotation is buttery-smooth.” They also appreciated being able to progress to the lighter of the two cable weights as they improved, which prompted another 5 out of 5 for rope weight and width. “I love having the two cables and both felt great. Plus, they were so easy to change out.” Before locking in your purchase, they also recommend checking out CrossRope’s sizing chart to help pick the right length for you.

That’s great, but $129 just for a heavy rope? Our tester rated its value a 3 out of 5, and was skeptical they were worth the above-average price. “There is an app that has workouts, but you also have to pay another $99 for a year subscription,” they said. “The cables are definitely nice with no kinks or tangles, but I don’t know if they are $129 nice.”

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Grip: WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

The contoured and thick rubber handles provide a secure grip, while each handle also holds 0.5 pounds of removable weight. Its cable length is also adjustable without needing to be cut.

Shop WOD Nation


Price: $40

Product Weight: 1lb. handles

Handle Length: Unlisted

Cable Length: Adjustable


Contoured and thick rubber handles provide a secure grip 

Each handle holds 0.5 pounds of removable weight

Cable length is adjustable without cutting


Cable is simply attached to handle without any kind of rotation system

Its weighted rope makes it less portable than lighter options

Whether you’re going for a new double-under PR or your hands tend to sweat more than you care to admit (talking to myself), a comfortable grip is one of a CrossFit jump rope’s most important qualities. Our tester, a CrossFit Level-1 trainer, is one of those people, so the contoured rubber handles on the WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope were an easy 5 out of 5 for handle padding.

“As someone who has (more than once) launched a jump rope across my CrossFit box, I absolutely love these handles,” they said. “They were so grippy, they almost felt sticky. The diameter is about 1 inch, so someone with really small hands may find them too thick. But for people like me, whose hands get sweaty and slippery, I can’t recommend them enough.” 

Beneath the rubber grip is a plastic handle, but the actual material isn’t listed, so our tester scored the handle’s material a 4 out of 5. “Honestly, all you need to know is that they won’t go flying during your set.” Beyond the grip itself, the handles also feature removable half-pound weights to work in some upper body exercise, along with forcing you to engage your core to stay balanced.

The rope itself kept the high marks coming. “I liked that I didn’t have to ‘cut and size’ the PVC-coated cable and could just use the little adjustment screw,” they explained, rating its sizing and adjustment 5 out of 5. It earned two more 5 out of 5 scores for the rope’s weight and its overall value. “You get a speed cable and a 4-millimeter heavy rope, which makes it super versatile for a $40 rope.” 

Compared to the ball bearing systems and packability of pricier ropes, a rope around this price — $10 less than the average range for CrossFit jump ropes — won’t feel as luxurious, but our tester found it a high-quality pick nonetheless. “I mean, there’s no fancy rotation system — just a rope in a hole,” they said. “It also won’t pack very well, but as long as you don’t need to take it on a trip, it’s a great option.”

Best Beaded CrossFit Jump Rope: Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope

Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope

Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope

The sound of the beads provides feedback to develop rhythm and cadence while you jump. Plus, its size-and-cut cable can suit athletes up to 6 feet 4 inches. The one-inch plastic beads also protect the cable during outdoor use.

Shop Elite SRS


Price: $22.97

Product Weight: 0.35lbs

Handle Length: 5”

Cable Length: 10’; size and cut


Sound of the beads provides feedback to develop rhythm and cadence

The size-and-cut cable can suit athletes up to 6 feet 4 inches.

One-inch plastic beads protect the cable, allowing outdoor use


Some customers have experienced fraying ropes under the beads

Rotates slower than ropes with rotation systems like ball bearings

If the click-clack of beads on a sidewalk takes you back to your childhood days of double dutch or skipping rope, the Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope may help you mix a bit of nostalgia into your workouts. While we haven’t had the chance to put this exact rope to the test, beaded ropes are good options for working on your technique outdoors. The 1-inch plastic beads help to protect the cable underneath while providing the audible feedback that can help you develop a consistent jumping rhythm.

You may get some side eyes if you bring it to your box, but for just under $23, you can spice up outdoor training sessions without worrying about damaging your speed rope. Some customers highlighted that while the cable may rotate slower than ropes with ball-bearing systems, that may be ideal for beginners or for anyone practicing CrossFit favorites like double-unders or crossovers. “I bought this specifically to work on crossover jumps,” reads one five-star review. “I am 5 feet 4 inches and removed 20 beads, and it works fantastic.” 

The 10-foot cable should suit athletes up to 6 feet 4 inches, but much like pricier ropes, you can measure and cut the cable yourself to match your height. After measuring the rope, any good pair of scissors or wire cutters should be able to handle the job.

A handful of users were dubious about the Elite SRS Beaded Jump Rope’s longevity, including this customer who noticed some fraying. “I spent the extra money thinking this rope would be a high-quality beaded jump rope, but after four sessions at 10 minutes each, I noticed the end of the rope is starting to fray,” reads this two-star review. “The performance of the rope is good, I just wish the quality was better.”

Best Budget CrossFit Jump Rope: WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

At $32.67, this durable, lightweight jump rope costs around $17 below the average range for CrossFit ropes. Both included cables spin quickly and smoothly.

Shop WOD Nation


Price: $32.67

Product Weight: 0.41lbs

Handle Length: 6.75”

Cable Length: 10’; size and cut


At $32.67, it’s around $17 below the average range for CrossFit jump ropes

Durable and lightweight

Two cables included

Smooth and fast spin


Handles are plastic

Nuts holding cable in place can occasionally come loose

If you’re looking for the rope the pros use, the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope has been our expert reviewer Kate Meier’s go-to CrossFit jump rope for five years. As she points out, you’ll get a back-up cable in case you ignore the manufacturer’s instructions (like she did…) “This thing is just incredible. I’ve used it regularly for five years. I replaced the first cable after three and a half years because I (foolishly) used it on pavement,” she explained, rating both its value and her workout experience 5 out of 5.

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The bearing rotation system is reminiscent of much more expensive ropes and also earned a 5 out of 5 from Meier. “It spins super quick and can rotate 360 degrees,” she said. “The cable itself is 2.5 millimeters and fast as heck. It’s definitely the thinnest and lightest jump rope I’ve used.” It’s perhaps no wonder that the rope’s width and weight also garnered a rating of (wait for it…) 5 out of 5.

As she learned through experience, this speed rope should only be used on soft and smooth surfaces, like typical rubber gym flooring. “After seeing how quickly the cable coating can wear down, I bring out a few rubber squares from my home gym if I want to use it outside,” Meier explained, scoring our outdoor use category just 2.5 out of 5.

The basic plastic handles may not impress when stacked up against the padding and knurling of pricier CrossFit jump ropes, but Meier rated both their material and feel 3 out of 5. “They are just run-of-the-mill plastic handles, but I think they’re comfortable,” she said. “I am definitely not nice to these handles. I toss them in my car, on the floor, or across the gym in the midst of a double-under tantrum, but I’ve never seen a crack.”

Benefits of the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

BarBend expert reviewer Kate Meier points out that even a short jump rope session can be a worthwhile cardio workout at home or your box. Jump roping is a fantastic, full-body exercise for those looking to elevate their heart rate and work up a sweat in a short amount of time,” she says. “Even just 10 minutes of jump-roping can burn around 100 calories, depending on your intensity.” (4) Check out a few other benefits these efficient pieces of equipment bring to the table.

Practice Double-Unders: While singles and crossovers are challenging in their own right, the double-under is a CrossFit classic for a reason. The double-under requires a more explosive jump than singles, as well as increased coordination. Finding a jump rope designed with this movement in mind could be the key to setting your next PR.

Improved Cardiovascular Endurance: Regular cardio exercise (thus elevating your heart rate) can improve circulation, endurance, and overall cardiovascular health. (1) In one Harvard study, jump-rope workouts were shown to burn as many calories in 10 minutes as did running for 30 minutes. (4)

Enhanced Coordination: Along with boosting their cardio, Meier incorporates jump ropes into workout plans for her clients looking to improve their overall balance. “In general, I love prescribing any kind of jumps to my clients as they progress working through balance and coordination exercises,” she says.Jumping rope is an excellent way to get the mind and body in sync. You have to concentrate on timing your jump as well as getting your upper body to coordinate with your lower body.” (2)

Accessibility and Portability: Often weighing just a few pounds, jump ropes also conveniently coil up and can fit in most gym bags or backpacks. Being able to easily take your CrossFit jump rope on a trip or back and forth from your box makes them some of the best compact exercise equipment available.

How Much Do the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes Cost?

If you thought every CrossFit jump rope was just a simple 10-foot rope, think again. The options on our list range from $22.97 to $165. These jump ropes run the gamut of plastic handles with plastic beads to Bluetooth-connected smart ropes. Take a look to see which option may be best fit in your budget.

How To Measure a Jump Rope

After you take your shiny new CrossFit jump rope out of its package, you may need to size and cut the cable to suit your height. If you’re clueless about how to measure a jump rope, our expert reviewer Kate Meier breaks it down. 

“Finding the right rope length is simple. Step on the rope with one foot and pull the handles up toward your shoulders. The base of both handles should hit you at your armpits,” she explains. “If the handles are lower than that, you need a longer rope. If they are above your shoulders, you should shorten your rope a little.”

What to Consider Before Buying the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

From HIIT workouts to steady-state cardio, consider how adding a CrossFit jump rope will fit in your regimen. Also pay attention to the rope itself. How long of a cable do you need? Why would I want a heavy rope instead of a thin one? Check out a few of the key factors to consider before buying a new jump rope.

Intended Workouts 

As you peruse our list, imagine how each rope might fit the workouts you want to take on. If you already have experience with the CrossFit darling, the double-under, and just want to get faster, check out a speed rope. For newcomers or those still figuring out how to start CrossFit, a heavier rope that will rotate more slowly may be better for learning common movements like singles, crossovers, and dubs.

Cable Length

Most brands will feature some sort of sizing guide for their jump ropes and, as our expert reviewer Kate Meier points out, it’s one of the most important details to look for. “Before you start jumping, getting the right size rope length is imperative,” she says. “Too short of a rope means you’ll be whipping yourself in the legs entirely too often; too long of a rope means the rope will hit the ground way out in front of you, affecting your timing and likely causing you to miss your jump.”


The weight of the cable should match two things: the movement you’re attempting and your experience level. As some of our testers learned the hard way, when you’re learning advanced movements, like double-unders or crossovers, a thin speed rope can leave welts if you mistime your jump. Beginners may be better off with a heavier rope that provides plenty of feedback as you practice.

Training Surface 

Before you commit to a new rope, consider the surface it’s going to come into contact with. If your cable is exposed and subject to repeated contact with a hard or abrasive surface, like concrete or asphalt, it won’t take long for it to fray. Most CrossFit jump ropes are designed to stay indoors and be used at your gym or on rubber flooring. Consider whether you’ll be able to keep your rope intact by sticking to a more forgiving surface.

Jump Rope Sizing Chart

As a rule of thumb, your jump rope cable should be around 3 feet longer than your height. If the option you choose uses the size-and-cut method, follow Kate Meier’s recommendation above. Also consult the brand’s sizing chart. For a general idea of the ideal length to match your height, take a look at our sizing chart.

Best CrossFit Jump Ropes FAQs

What is the best CrossFit jump rope?

Our top CrossFit jump rope is the Rogue SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope. Between the knurling on the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum handles and its speedy rotation, it was an easy choice for our team.

What jump rope do pro CrossFitters use?

While athletes at the CrossFit Games may have their own personal preferences, many favor the thin cables and fast rotation of speed ropes, like the RPM Comp 4. For lightning-fast double-unders, speed ropes generally use ball-bearing systems that allow for 360-degree rotation and quick spins.

How do I choose a jump rope for CrossFit?

First consider your experience level. As some of our testers learned, you don’t want to be learning double-unders with a thin, welt-inducing speed rope. CrossFit jump rope workouts for beginners may call for a heavier rope that provides more feedback and slower rotation, while experienced CrossFitters might prioritize the speed that can help set new PR’s.

What is the most effective jump rope style?

It may depend on your experience level, but bouncing on the balls of both feet can provide more of a challenge than the one-foot-at-a-time “skipping” style we may have learned as kids. While any style is better than no style, learning to use the balls of your feet to perform quick jumps can raise the intensity of your workout.


Baker, J. A. (1968). Comparison of Rope Skipping and Jogging as Methods of Improving Cardiovascular Efficiency of College Men. Research Quarterly. American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 39(2), 240–243. 

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Knighton, C. (2024, February 27). What exactly are double unders? the mystery solved. WODprep.

Harvard Health Publishing. (2021, March 8). Calories burned in 30 minutes for people of three different weights.

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