MADabolic Partners With Macrostax To Add Personalized Nutrition Plans

The collaboration gives MADabolic members a comprehensive approach to achieving their fitness goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle

Strength-driven interval training franchise Madabolic has launched a strategic brand partnership with nutrition app Macrostax. The collaboration aims to upgrade the integration of fitness and nutrition for MADabolic members by combining expertly designed workouts with personalized, macronutrient-focused plans to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Macronutrients, often referred to simply as “macros,” are the primary components that make up food. The three main macros are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each macronutrient plays a crucial role in supporting the body’s daily functions and overall well-being.

This partnership is set to provide MADabolic members with a complete approach to health and fitness, going beyond traditional diet culture and quick-fix challenges. The integration with Macrostax is designed to equip members with the tools and education needed to sustain their results, reach their goals, and maintain a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing their favorite foods or quality of life.

“Changing eating habits can be as confusing as adopting a new religion,” Madabolic co-founder and chief concept officer Brandon Cullen tells Athletech News. “However, we believe that partnering with Macrostax will simplify this transition … and we aim to help clients adopt small habits that lead to pivotal changes in their lives.”

credit: MADabolic

Macrostax offers customized nutrition plans based on individual goals, such as fat loss, muscle gain, or overall health improvement. By syncing their workout schedules with Macrostax, MADabolic members can access nutrition plans that complement their specific fitness routines and support optimal body composition

The app provides custom macro and calorie calculations, educational resources, macro-friendly recipes, direct access to a qualified nutritionist and progress tracking features.

“You can’t out-train a dumpster diet,” said Finley Funsten, MADabolic’s Creative Director and author of MADabolic’s original Nutrition Blueprint

“Dialing in nutrition is a critical component of any fitness journey and often the missing link to the results that people feel they’re missing, Funsten added. “Our former Nutrition Blueprint was a fantastic jumping-off point, but Macrostax will take our members’ fitness and nutrition journey to the next level. This integration aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering sustainable and impactful fitness solutions.”

Released earlier this month, the subscription-based app model hopes to add revenue potential to franchisees while enhancing the MADabolic member experience and extending membership lifespan.

MADabolic currently has 30-plus 33 studios open and operating across the nation, with an additional 80+ in development, despite having no initial plans to franchise. Co-founder Kirk Dewaele recently told Athletech News that the company is committed to “a steady growth trajectory.”

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