Reebok Is All-In on Running, Launching New FloatZig Models

The iconic sportswear brand is looking to solidify its position as a versatile and serious running shoe maker
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Reebok is expanding its FloatZig Running Shoe line, unveiling two new models, the FloatZig X1 for performance road running and the FloatZig 1 Adventure for outdoor trails.

The launches are accompanied by new colorways for the FloatZig 1 and FloatZig Symmetros, which continue to indicate the Boston-based brand’s investment in the running market. The new colorways and products will be available online Friday, June 28th. 

“The introduction of Reebok’s New Shape of Running, the FloatZig, was met with incredible success this past spring, igniting momentum as we expand the franchise further,” said Todd Krinsky, Reebok president and CEO. “Receiving praise from the run community and landing on the feet of today’s top celebrities, we’ve reinvigorated Reebok’s place in running and we’re excited to bring the FloatZig to even more runners with the introduction of the FloatZig X1 and FloatZig 1 Adventure.”

The FloatZig X1 is priced at $200 and was designed for marathon racing and long-distance training. It has a carbon fiber plate between foam layers for a responsive and energy-efficient step. The shoe’s mesh upper also promotes breathability and lightness. At only 9.1 ounces with a 6 mm drop, the FloatZig X1 provides stability and support without added weight. 

credit: Reebok

The FloatZig 1 Adventure, which retails at $150, is focused on outdoor adventures. The shoe has a sticky rubber outsole with angled lugs for extra grip on uneven terrain. The FloatZig 1 Adventure weighs 10.3 ounces and has a 6mm drop, making it a supportive but versatile shoe for trail runs or hikes. 

FloatZig 1 Adventure (credit: Reebok)

The FloatZig Running shoe line was launched earlier this spring with FloatZig 1, a combination of Reebok’s Floatride Energy Foam and Zig Tech technology but in a midsole shape. The shoes retail at $130, a relatively affordable price for performance running shoes.

Reebok is eyeing the running space as a strategically desirable market, although time will tell if the investment pays off. 

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