2024 Empro Classic Pro Bodybuilding Show Results — William Bonac Wins Men’s Open

The 2024 Empro Classic Pro show was held on the weekend of June 14-15, 2024, in Alicante, Spain. It featured eight IFBB Pro League divisions, and if the winners of those shows had not already qualified, 2024 Olympia qualifications were awarded to them.

The weekend’s main event was the Men’s Open division. William Bonac left the stage as the champion.

2024 Empro Classic Pro Results

The full results of all eight events are below:

Men’s Open

William Bonac (Netherlands)

Behrooz Tabani (Iran)

Michal Križánek (Slovakia)

Sasan Heirati (United Kingdom)

Anthony Jehl (France)

Pablo Llopis Munoz (Spain)

Justin Musiol (Germany)

Patrik Galimsky (Germany)

Reece Mcdonald (United Kingdom)

Kuba Cielen (United Kingdom)

Stanimir Etov (Bulgaria)

Pawel Kowalski (Poland)

Pascal Schlegel (Germany)

Dan Thomas (Germany)

Samir Troudi (United Arab Emirates)

Classic Physique

Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles (Spain)

Luca Reger (Germany)

Mustafa Yildiz (Turkey)

German Pastor (Spain)

Florian Hartlage (Germany)

Andre Gerstner (Germany)

Dominik Woywat (Germany)

Edwin Underwood (Italy)

Ferran Minana (Spain)

Zhivko Petkov (Bulgaria)

Nestor Martinez Carbonell (Spain)

Geoffroy Bloa (Belgium)

Reiner Stimmer (Germany)

Jonathan Moreno (Spain)

Yemi Adefioye (United Kingdom)

Tied for 16th

Carlo Junior Campana (Italy)

Eduardo Duarte (Portugal)

Valeri Frizler (Germany)

Edgard John-Augustin (United Arab Emirates)

Mohammad Mahmoudi (Iran)

Jose Luis Parreno Martorell (Spain)

Javi Senas (Spain)

Terrance Teo Kok Hua (Malaysia)

Ladislav Vozar (Slovakia)

Men’s Physique

Sidy Pouye (Spain)

Matheus Nery Oliveira (Brazil)

Fabian Feber (Germany)

Lenny Massouf (France)

Dawid Wachelka (Poland)

Adama Jammeh (United Kingdom)

Alessio Sbizzera (Italy)

Daniel Leone (Italy)

Mauro Fialho Sales (Spain)

Alessandro Colacchi (Italy)

Omar Suleiman (United Kingdom)

Enrique Gutierrez (Spain)

Andrea Amato (Italy)

Miguel Abibe (Portugal)

Alvaro Rios (Spain)

Tied for 16th

Mohammad Al Hababi (Kuwait)

Saud Al Khamees (Kuwait)

Mauro Azzolina (Italy)

Mattia Ballarini (Italy)

Happy Edodo Ogieva (Spain)

Ali El Khtabi (France)

Dan Ibrahim (United States)

Badmos Lawal (United Kingdom)

Mikael Lega (Belgium)

Rui Liu (China)

Ruben Marques (Portugal)

Jaime Maso Lopez (Spain)

Ziya Mousavi (United Kingdom)

Tobey Rasheed (Germany)

Matthias Roth (Germany)

Andrea Santoro (Italy)

Women’s Bodybuilding

Nadia Capotosto (Italy)

Martina Lopez (Spain)

Vanesa Lloria Santana (Spain)

Elizaveta Starchenko (Russia)

Annabell Serfling (Germany)

Rebeca Roa (Mexico)


Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)

Jenny Kurth (Germany)

Nadine Claudia Huber (Germany)

Amanda Winston (United Kingdom)

Denise Zwinger-Tynek (Germany)

Jeanne Kassel (Germany)

Zulfiya Bitiyeva (Kazakhstan)

Gabriela Linhartova (Czech Republic)

Christina Storck (Germany)

Victoria Tonnesen Persson (Sweden)

Claretta Zanettin (Italy)

Mira Roukala (Finland)

Letizia Nicolosi (Germany)

Irene Donet (Spain)

Heidi Tamara Keim (Germany)

Tied for 16th

Petronella Bihn (Spain)

Maria Espinosa (Spain)

Laura Ortolan (Italy)

Diana Petry (Germany)

Leeni Sajalahti (Finland)

Veronica Triani (Italy)

Ornella Turturro (Argentina)

Anny Ishbel Viga Smith (Spain)

Vanessa Weissmann (Germany)


Antonia Pettersson (Sweden)

Rukiye Solak (Turkey)

Lisa Reith (Germany)

Allison Testu (France)

Renata Souckova (Czech Republic)

Kristina Brunauer (Austria)

Rania Stamatiadou (Greece)

Jiahui Liu (France)

Stine Hansen (Denmark)

Ines Neves (Portugal)

Jena Jerabkova (Czech Republic)

Anna Setlak (Italy)

Alice Cocco (Italy)

Odett Bernath (Hungary)

Celina Schulz (Germany)

Tied for 16th

Ornella Angileri (Italy)

Jasmi Aprile (Italy)

Anastazja Biedka (Poland)

Noemi Cosentino (Italy)

Lucy Edwards (United Kingdom)

Andreia Gomes (Portugal)

Irene Iravedra (Spain)

Doriana Kandeva (Bulgaria)

Lilian Lopez Alonso (Mexico)

Roberta Mangraviti (Italy)

Rosario Orihuela Hammadi (Spain)

Liliana Sakhanova (Sweden)

Kateryna Spievakova (Ukraine)

Nina Suette (Germany)

Kirsty Taylor (United Kingdom)

Leonie West (United Kingdom)

Women’s Physique

Sandra Knezevic (Switzerland)

Paula Ranta (Finland)

Julia Schrade (Germany)

Sanna Nupponen (Finland)

Lenka Ferencukova (Czech Republic)

Frida Palmell (Sweden)

Blue Agle (Italy)

Silvia Cuartero Martinez (Spain)

Yaiza Miranda Gonzalez (Spain)

Sandra Luz Armenta Miranda (Mexico)

Vanessa Schnurpfeil (Germany)

Dayana Cano Molina (Costa Rica)

Orsolya Trucza (Hungary)


Leonida Ciobu (Moldova)

Danai Theodoropoulou (Greece)

Catarina Sousa (Portugal)

Carlotta Tonelli (Italy)

Ana Maria Amante Gregorio (Spain)

Monika Kupis (Poland)

Sara Pereira (Spain)

Mirtha Perez (Spain)

Ruth Petizco (Spain)

Anlly Saenz Colombia

Davina Salaberry (Argentina)

Jessica Eurenius Lopez (Sweden)

Giovanna Favero Taques Loyola (Brazil)

Tania Isabel Cunha Viegas (Portugal)

Anzhelika Ispodnikova (Estonia)

Tied for 16th

Tracy Eden (United Kingdom)

Anna Ercolano (Italy)

Paula Fernandez Lopez (Spain)

Natalia Gorska (Poland)

Katia Hermes (Brazil)

Catia Moreira (Portugal)

Vanessa Silva (Portugal)

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Men’s Open Winner — William Bonac

This was Bonac’s first contest since the 2023 Arnold Classic, where he finished in seventh place. This win qualifies Bonac for his 10th career Mr. Olympia appearance

The pre-judging and final rounds of this contest were scored, and Bonac won both by a single point over runner-up Behrooz Tabani. 2023 winner Michal Križánek settled for third in this contest.

Classic Physique Winner — Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles

Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles turned pro at the 2023 NPC Worldwide Ben Weider Classic Spain contest. He made the most out of his first pro show in 2024, earning a perfect score on the scorecards for his first pro win. He qualified for the 2024 Classic Physique Olympia.

Men’s Physique Winner — Sidy Pouye

Sidy Pouye made his 2024 season debut at this contest and left the stage with his seventh pro win and a 2024 Olympia qualification. Pouye was the best out of 31 athletes, which included runner-up Matheus Nery Oliveira and third-place finisher Fabian Feber.

Pouye can now compete on the Olympia stage for the second straight year. He finished outside the top 15 in 2023.

Women’s Bodybuilding Winner — Nadia Capotosto

There were six athletes in the Women’s Bodybuilding contest. Nadia Capotosto won with a perfect score from the judges. Capotosto was previously third overall at the 2024 Toronto Pro Supershow but appeared leaner at this contest.

Figure Winner — Lena Ramsteiner

Lena Ramsteiner was already 2024 Olympia-qualified thanks to her Toronto Pro Supershow victory. This was Ramsteiner’s third pro win overall.

Ramsteiner’s win here blocked a 2024 Olympia invite from being issued. Runner-up Jenny Kurth, third-place finisher Nadine Claudia Huber, and the rest of the field have until Sept. 15, 2024 to win a show to join Ramsteiner on the Figure Olympia stage.

Bikini Division Winner — Antonia Pettersson

This was Antonia Petterson’s first contest of 2024 and second career pro show. The judges felt she was the clear winner and awarded her eligibility to make her Olympia debut.

Petterson held off 30 opponents, including second-place finisher Rukiye Solak and bronze medalist Lisa Reith, both of whom have Olympia experience.

Women’s Physique Winner — Sandra Knezevic

Some thought the Women’s Physique contest title would be a clash between Paula Ranta and Julia Schrade, who finished second and third, respectively, behind winner Sandra Knezevic.

Knezevic returned to the stage after a five-year absence and has already qualified for the 2024 Olympia. If she competes in Las Vegas, it will be her Olympia debut.

Wellness Winner — Leonida Ciobu

Leonida Ciobu was the defending champion and a top-10 Wellness Olympia finisher going into this contest. As such, her win was not shocking. Ciobu is now a two-time champion of this contest and is set to return to the Wellness Olympia stage.

Featured Image: @william_bonac on Instagram

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