Retro Fitness Uplifts Black & Brown Communities Year-Round With Project Lift

Through Project Lift, Retro Fitness aims to open 500 franchised health clubs in 50 underserved communities over the next five years
James Collins is managing and founding partner of Eastwood Capital Associates LLC, a private equity firm that has partnered with Retro Fitness and the BlackRock Impact Opportunities Fund to open Project Lift clubs, including 12 locations already open in Texas, Florida and New York

As Juneteenth approaches, it’s important to spotlight efforts that consistently support and uplift Black and Brown communities—not just during a single holiday but throughout the year.

A prime example is Retro Fitness’ ambitious Project Lift, which aims to open 500 health clubs in 50 underserved communities over the next five years.

This initiative represents a sustained commitment to improving health and wellness in areas that need it most. The goal of Project Lift is to make affordable exercise, health and fitness more accessible to communities of color to help address disparities in social determinants of health.

Retro Fitness is eager to make a real impact by providing a true sense of community and expansive job opportunities in each location.

Improving Health & Wellness

Through Project Lift, Retro Fitness aims to provide accessible, quality fitness options to improve health outcomes in these areas. According to a study completed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, African American and Non-Black Hispanic citizens have a higher obesity rate than other ethnic groups, regardless of socioeconomic status, which leads to side effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many others that have only been amplified during the pandemic.

Retro Fitness created this unrivaled program to help spearhead change, address rising health issues head-on and bring affordable exercise, health and fitness solutions to Black and Brown communities.

James Collins, founding partner of Eastwood Capital Associates LLC, is helping to spearhead Project Lift
(credit: Eastwood Capital Associates LLC)

By going into these communities to make an impact directly on their health through affordable exercise, we’re able to have a direct and open line of communication, accountability and support with each of them. We will be donating a percentage of franchisees’ royalties back to an organization within the community for the life of the business, which further supports our commitment to making a lasting, profound impact on the health club industry and the communities in which they serve. It’s important for us to be there for the communities we’re in and we look forward to welcoming others to join us on this journey.

Investing in Communities

Retro Fitness isn’t just opening health clubs but investing in the future of these communities. By waiving franchise fees and reducing royalties for the first year for Project Life clubs, the goal is to make it easier for investors to bring quality fitness facilities to areas that need them most. 

A Year-Round Commitment

Retro Fitness’s commitment to these communities extends beyond designated holidays. We believe in supporting marginalized communities every day of the year; health and wellness should be a priority at all times.

credit: Retro Fitness

Making It Personal

As someone deeply invested in this mission, I can attest to the difference these clubs will make. Our facilities provide a safe, welcoming environment where individuals can take control of their health. From offering free wellness workshops to hosting community events, our clubs are more than just a place to work out—they are a hub for community engagement and support.

Creating a Lasting Impact

Project Lift is more than a promise; it’s a significant investment in marginalized communities. We’re dedicated to bringing about real, lasting change in the health and wellness of Black and Brown communities nationwide. With each new club, we take a step closer to a future where everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthier, happier life. 

For more information about Project Lift and Retro Fitness, contact us or visit If you’re interested in opening a franchise in Dallas, Houston or Southeast Florida, I’d love to help you realize your dream. 

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