How Bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic Eats 4,000 Calories Daily While Lean Bulking

The lean bulking phase is a crucial step in contest preparation. It’s a balancing act of maximizing muscle gain while minimizing fat accumulation.

On June 11, 2024, Men’s Physique pro bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic published a video on his YouTube channel, unveiling his off-season lean bulking diet, which consists of seven meals and snacks totaling 4,000 calories. Check out the video below:

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Meal One (Pre-Workout)

Protein powder 1.5 scoops

Cream of rice — 60 grams (measured dry)

Applesauce — Four ounces

Hadzovic prioritizes easily digestible carbohydrates and protein in his pre-workout meal, opting for the cream of rice and applesauce over heavier complex carbs like oats, which he believes can impede muscle pumps during training. 

Meal Two (Post-Workout)

Protein powder — 1.5 scoops

Creatine Five grams

Creatine has been a staple in the 37-year-old Hadzovic’s diet for 18 years. He supplements with creatine regardless of whether he’s using performance-enhancing drugs, as creatine is the most researched sports supplement, and its effectiveness is undeniable. (1)

Meal Three

Whole egg One

Liquid egg whites — Eight ounces

Blueberries — Half cup 

Oatmeal — Two-thirds of a cup

Stevia — One sachet

Hadzovic advises against using Splenda or sugar, especially for bodybuilders in a cutting phase. He suggests Stevia, cinnamon, or vanilla extract as healthier alternatives. Hadzovic advises serious athletes to schedule time to meal prep, as it mitigates the temptation of unhealthy choices when feeling starved. 


Hadzovic recommends a small iced coffee with almond milk and Stevia from Dunkin’ for those who don’t prefer black coffee. This beverage has roughly 30 calories, and Stevia is a natural, calorie-free sweetener that doesn’t negatively affect gut health.

Meal Four

Chicken hibachi

White rice


Salmon sashimi

Find yourself a restaurant where you can eat clean.

Hadzovic’s typical weekly cheat meal involves burgers or pizzas. However, three to four days later, he does a ‘clean refeed’ to restore his glycogen stores.

Image via @sadikhadzovic on Instagram

Hadzovic added that cheat and refeed meals help maintain a strong metabolism and break the monotony of eating home-cooked meals daily. 

Meal Five

Ground beef

Red potato

Sweet chili sauce

“You must have at least one red meat meal daily,” Hadzovic said. Red meat contains a high dose of creatine and can add fullness to the muscles. 

Meal Six

Chicken breast

White rice


Hadzovic preheats the oven to 450 degrees and cooks the chicken for 18 minutes. He travels to a local coffee shop and has his sixth meal with an iced coffee with almond milk and stevia. 

Meal Seven

Liquid egg whites — Eight ounces

Whole egg — One

Almond butter — Two tablespoons

Earlier in his career, Hadzovic drank the liquid egg whites to save time. However, he has since transitioned to cooking them, as he finds it is better for his digestion.

Sadik Hadzovic’s Grocery Haul

Hadzovic’s shopping cart included:




Red potatoes



Sweet chili sauce

While picking ground beef, Hadzovic recommends avoiding 80/20 (lean protein to fat ratios) and 85/15 options in favor of the 90/10 variety. He suggests flank steak and filet mignon are good options for those less constrained by their budget.


Persky, A. M., & Rawson, E. S. (2007). Safety of creatine supplementation. Sub-cellular biochemistry, 46, 275–289.

Featured image: @sadikhadzovic on Instagram

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