Pleun Dekkers (52KG) Squats IPF Raw World Record of 175.5 Kilograms at 2024 World Classic Championships

The 2024 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Championships occurred June 15-23, 2024, in Druskininkai, Lithuania. Many of the world’s top powerlifters converged on the competition platform to challenge for a world title and to rewrite the record books.

One athlete who accomplished such a feat in the Women’s 52KG class was Pleun Dekkers of the Netherlands, who scored a new IPF raw squat world record of 175.5 kilograms. Check out the lift below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:

Wearing only the permitted gear—wrist wraps, weightlifting belt, and knee sleeves—Dekkers positioned the barbell in her natural stance, screwed in her feet, packed her back, and tightened her elbows to her torso. She descended smoothly into the hole after a deep breath to brace against the belt.

While there was no discernable sticking point during the ascent, there was some knee valgus halfway through the lockout—more so in the right knee.

Dekkers new IPF raw world record squat was enough to secure her the bronze position on the overall podium. Her second attempt of 173.5 kilograms initially broke the world record before extending it to 175.5 one attempt later. Below are her full results:

2024 IPF World Classic Championships — Pleun Dekkers (Netherlands), 52KG


160 kilograms

173.5 kilograms — IPF Raw World Record

175.5 kilograms — IPF Raw World Record

Bench Press

82.5 kilograms

87.5 kilograms

90 kilograms


162.5 kilograms

170 kilograms

177.5 kilograms

Total — 443 kilograms

The top of the podium in the Women’s 52KG class belonged to New Zealand’s Evie Corrigan, who claimed the gold with a 477.5-kilogram total after going eight for nine in attempts. Her fellow countrywoman Megan-Li Smith scored the overall silver medal with a total of 452.5 kilograms through a perfect nine-for-nine day.

The 2024 IPF World Classic Championships continue through June 23, 2024, and the record books are taking a beating. Watch the event live on The Olympic Channel and the IPF YouTube channel. Select sessions will be broadcast live on Eurosport, and there will be highlights shows on Eurosport, Eurosport World, and CBS Sports.

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Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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