Nike, Hyperice Unveil High-Tech Recovery Shoes, Vest

The activewear giant and recovery tech company are launching co-designed shoes and a vest, products designed to revolutionize the way athletes warm up and recover from games and practices

Nike and Hyperice have teamed up to introduce new wearable technology to aid with athlete warmup and recovery, including compression massage sneakers and a temperature-changing vest.

The Nike x Hyperice boot is a high-top shoe that combines heat and dynamic air compression massage for athletes’ feet and ankles. It features dual-air Normatec “bladders” that are bonded to warming elements, a system that distributes heat evenly across the upper, so heat can better penetrate muscles and tissues.

The tech simulates a warmed-up state so athletes can compete more quickly and efficiently. With customizable settings, wearers can synchronize heat and compression levels in both shoes or operate them individually, selecting from three levels powered by a battery pack in each shoe’s insole. 

credit: Nike/Hyperice

The Nike x Hyperice vest offers athletes a way to precisely control their body temperature during warmups and cooldowns. The vest uses thermoelectric coolers, delivering instant heating and cooling without ice or liquids. Thermal modules equipped with sensors monitor and maintain body temperature, while an air bladder and pressure sensor adjust the vest to fit snugly for maximum effectiveness. 

“The Nike x Hyperice products are designed to help athletes perform at their best by addressing thermal and dynamic air compression needs across the spectrum of their journey – from warm-up and mobility to preparing the body for training and competition to recovery,” Anthony Katz, founder of Hyperice, a brand trusted by athletes including Patrick Mahomes and Erling Haaland, told Athletech News. 

Nike x Hyperice vest (credit: Nike/Hyperice)

The Perfect Fit

Katz explained that developing the products was not an easy journey. The size of the boots, in particular, made including all of its components and the battery in an elegant and wearable manner difficult.

“The second challenge was dealing with the curves of a shoe- which don’t offer a lot of flat surfaces, so it was really a combination of a great industrial design that also considered the needs for the electronic components to fit and work in an elegant way,” he said. “Early feedback from athletes has been that after wearing the boots and vest, they feel that their traditional warm-up and recovery routines have been taken to a new level, both physically and mentally.” 

Eliud Kipchoge, a highly decorated marathon runner, got early access to the high-tech boots.

“I have used the Nike x Hyperice boots before and after many key sessions in my training for the Olympic marathon,” Kipchoge said.  “When using before a warm-up for a fartlek or hill session, it makes my legs feel light during the workout. I also use them post-run as a key part of recovering my muscles.”

The Rise of ‘Pre-Covery’

With the collaboration, Nike and Hyperice look to redefine the concepts of warm-up and recovery by integrating them into apparel and footwear, creating a new concept altogether.

“Recovery is an important part of any athlete’s journey, but we’re hearing from athletes that this concept of ‘pre-covery’ is equally as important,” said Tobie Hatfield, senior director of Nike Athlete Innovation. “The footwear and vest that we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work.”

LeBron James teases the Nike x Hyperice boots ahead of their launch (credit: Nike/Hyperice)

Katz, who founded Hyperice in 2011 with some help from the late Kobe Bryant, added that the partnership with Nike is a long time in the making.

“Since the inception of Hyperice, we have taken a lot of inspiration from Nike, from the care and innovation we put into our products to how we connect with the athlete,” he said. “This collaboration is the culmination of years of work between our two brands to deliver innovative footwear and apparel for the athlete with the goal of enhancing their performance and recovery. And this is just the start.”

No official release date has been set for the products, although athletes at the upcoming Paris Olympics will wear the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest and provide feedback to the brands.

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