Volume Volume Volume — Larry Wheels & Breon Ansley’s 600-Rep Back Training Session

Training volume plays a crucial role in muscle growth. To explore this, a comprehensive training video exceeding four hours was released on Jun. 14th, 2024, featuring former elite powerlifter turned bodybuilder Larry Wheels and two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Breon Ansley.

Wheels and Ansley embarked on a 600-rep back workout at One Gen Gym in Claremont, CA, alongside bodybuilder and social media sensation Fafa Araujo, known as “Fafa Fitness.”

600-Rep Back Workout


Reverse Grip Pulldown

Reverse Grip Machine Chest-Supported Row

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Machine Seated Pullover

Machine Seated Row

Machine Back Extension

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The trio initiated their intensive, high-volume workout with pull-ups with a neutral grip. They completed three sets of 10 to 15 reps per set. During their routine, they deliberated on their dietary habits, unanimously acknowledging the significance of hydration for enhancing muscle mass.

Water makes you more full. Volumizing the muscle more.

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Reverse Grip Pulldowns

Ansley recommended transitioning to reverse grip pulldowns. Although he wears a weightlifting belt, Ansley doesn’t credit his slender waist to a waist trainer or a belt.

What makes the waist smaller is you being conscientious and tightening [it]. That’s what cinches it down. No waist trainers or belts physically do the work.

Ansley incorporates vacuums while using the treadmill, stairs, and posing exercises to enhance his waist-tightening.

Wheels advocates having a workout partner, arguing that an individual can only push themselves so far, whereas a partner can help reach new heights.

Reverse-Grip Machine Chest-Supported Rows

Wheels and Ansley transitioned to a chest-supported row machine with a reverse grip. They executed controlled eccentric. Wheels began with a reverse grip before shifting to a neutral grip to target his lats.

I go from an underhand to a neutral grip to use less biceps. The more supinated, the more biceps. The more pronated, the more brachialis and back.

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Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks, Seated Pullovers, & Rows

For a firm grip that prevents the dumbbell from slipping, Wheels uses wrist straps. Together, the bodybuilders complete four sets, consisting of 20 repetitions.

During Wheels’ second set of machine seated pullovers, Ansley advised extending the bar back to achieve a deeper lat stretch via an enhanced range of motion.

Machine Back Extensions & Pullups to Failure

The penultimate exercises was hyperextensions. They incorporated weights to load their erector spinae. They kept their legs relaxed to avoid engaging the glutes. Wheels and Ansley opted for an overhand grip. The duo closed with pull-ups to failure.

Volume and Accountability

While it isn’t not likely necessary for anyone not at an elite level to train at such high volume, elite athletes who prioritize their recovery are capable of it. Consistency is the key to success and a training partner can help keep you accountable.

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