Pvolve Tackles Low Back Pain With Functional Workout Series

Physician created, Pvolve’s Lower Back Support Series is designed to strengthen and stretch the core and lower body to address the root causes of spinal discomfort

Lower back pain is often perceived as an inescapable consequence of office jobs, aging and poor posture, but Pvolve is fighting against this view.

The fast-growing functional fitness brand has launched a Lower Back Support Series designed to address the root causes of back pain.

Co-created by Dr. Amy Hoover, Pvolve chief physical therapist, and led by Pvolve chief training officer Antonietta Vicario, the Lower Back Support Series aims to develop deep core strength and alleviate back pain through low-impact, functional movements.

The series consists of six workouts that use Pvolve equipment to strengthen and stretch the core and lower body. The series focuses on exercising the pelvic floor, abs and back, as well as activating and mobilizing the hips and glutes for building strength and improving posture. 

Overuse is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. A survey of U.S. adults in 2022 revealed that around 28% have chronic low back or sciatic pain.

“The most common cause of lower back pain is sprains or strains, which occur when the muscles or ligaments surrounding the spinal column are subjected to more stress than they can handle,” Dr. Hoover tells Athletech News. “Another cause of lower back pain is arthritis or degenerative changes in the spine, which is a normal part of aging.  I think most people believe that back pain is normal or will go away with time. While the latter may be true in some cases, back pain is not normal. It is a sign of a deeper issue that, in most cases, may be solved with exercise and body awareness.” 

Dr. Amy Hoover (credit: Pvolve)

Inside the Program

Pvolve’s Lower Back Support series was designed to form a foundational approach to movement and correct biomechanics, integrated with breathwork.

“Once this connection is established, we slowly move through a progressive program with a strong focus on the hips, as the hips are our powerhouse and an integral part of spinal health,” Dr. Hoover says.

In the program, members can go at their own pace and repeat workouts until moving on to the next part of the series. 

“This is not something you will find in traditional fitness on demand,” Dr. Hoover adds. “The series is so successful because it gives people a plan to help them long-term, as well as allows them to exercise in a safe and effective way which translates to better overall movement patterns in daily life.”

Although Dr. Hoover never recommends replacing physical therapy with workouts, she noted that the series is intended to supplement physical therapy or help those looking to improve spinal health and injury prevention. 

credit: Pvolve

Early Results Show Promise

Pvolve released a study on chronic lower back pain with the University of Minnesota, which found that its new workout series significantly reduces chronic lower back pain and improves functional ability. Participants experienced an 80% reduction in pain, a 373% improvement in body awareness and a 108% improvement in core muscle strength, among other benefits.

Dr. Hoover views these results as promising in Pvolve’s quest to drive long-term results for its members.

“The incredible results from this lower back pain study prove that our method checks all of these boxes,” she says. “We are excited to share these results which show that we are truly unique in our ability to help people heal themselves through movement and connection.”

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