Ryan Terry Trains 7 Days Per Week and Diets for 4 Months to Defend the Men’s Physique Olympia Title

Following an impressive 2023 bodybuilding season, reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion and three-time Men’s Physique Arnold Classic winner Ryan Terry, is preparing to defend his Olympia title.

On June 19, 2024, Terry offers valuable insights into what it takes to excel in bodybuilding and shares his preparation strategy for the 2024 Olympia. Discover his tips and techniques below, courtesy of the NH Talkshow YouTube channel: 

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Ryan Terry’s 2024 Olympia Prep

The reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion began his competition preparation in the United Kingdom sixteen weeks before the 2024 Olympia. He has committed to a strict four-month diet leading up to the competition and shared insights into how dieting became a significant part of his routine for most of the previous year. 

“Last year, I won the 2023 New York Pro, and I won the Olympia in all different parts of the year. I was dieting for most of the year, which I enjoy. I love being in prep; immersed in the industry. Taking time out this year has really killed me,” expressed Terry. “I want to be back in prep; to be hurting…in the trenches, and get back on stage.”

Terry is motivated and inspired to intensify his training during moments of low energy. His strategies to maintain focus and operate at peak performance derive from his desire to be the best in the world.

“I used to play mind games with myself and say, ‘Is that guy working harder than you?’ That guy wants it harder,” says Terry. “If you’re not going 100 percent in gym sessions, if you’re missing meals, or cheat eating, then you don’t want it as hard as somebody else.”

Terry is committed to his training regimen throughout the year, dedicating an hour daily to his workouts, seven days a week. He listens to his body, resting when necessary, especially during his off-season when he allows for longer rest periods and avoids lifting heavier weights. This approach aligns with studies indicating that bodybuilders benefit from extended rest intervals during training. (1)

“The only reason I train every day is because mentally I want to,” shared Terry. “It makes me feel good. I got into training for that feeling and to feel good about myself. If I’m tired and exhausted and my body’s telling me I need a rest, I‘ll take a rest. But that one hour each day that I go into that gym makes me feel good. I switch off from the stresses of my life…I’m just at one with the weight. I train seven days a week.”

Ryan Terry’s Diet & Training 

Terry incorporates an intensive volume training regimen with heavy weights across two sessions. He favors combining drop setssupersets, and giant sets to maximize his workout efficiency. (2

Terry dedicates thirty minutes to cardio and core exercises. 2023 research conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research indicates that increasing aerobic exercise is a common strategy among competitive bodybuilders during their pre-season to improve body composition. (3) Terry concludes with a weight training session in the evening. 

Pressure of the Olympia Stage

Terry recognizes that the Men’s Physique Olympia represents the zenith of male bodybuilding, attracting millions of competitors worldwide. Its popularity demands extensive planning and preparation for anyone aspiring to compete.

Terry accepts the immense pressure of defending his Olympia title. He’s confident in his ability to defend his championship successfully.

“I know I’ve got a massive target on my back,” explained Terry. “I’ve got over a million people wanting to take my title. There comes a lot of pressure with that, but good pressure.

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