Chamelo Enters Active Eyewear With Workout-Focused Sunglasses

Backed by former NBA star Stephon Marbury, Chamelo is innovating in the sunglasses space with a fitness-focused pair that offers customizable tints and integrated audio

Chamelo Eyewear has officially launched, unveiling a line of smart eyewear equipped with proprietary color-changing lenses, including a workout-focused pair.

The company’s lens technology allows wearers to instantly adapt their eyewear to their environment, activity, mood and style.

The eyewear boasts tint adjustments in less than 0.1 seconds, 1,800 times faster than traditional photochromic glasses. Users can control lens tint through touch, sliders, automatic settings, or the brand’s app, allowing adjustments to suit any occasion or weather condition. 

Chamelo has three collections, with prices ranging from $199 to $385. The Sport Collection includes Music Shield, a pair of workout-focused glasses with customizable tints and integrated audio. Users can customize visibility for any activity or environment, from the sunniest golf courses to beaches with variable cloud coverage. The sunglasses’ built-in speakers and microphones also allow for on-the-go communication or entertainment.

credit: Chamelo

“The eyewear industry is built on outdated tech, and smart eyewear has historically scared off consumers with impractical designs and lack of genuinely useful features,” said Reid Covington, CEO of Chamelo. “At Chamelo, we’re leading the industry by bringing cutting-edge first-to-market technology to consumers and offering a level of customization and versatility never before seen in eyewear.”

“With world-class audio, you have a fun, feature-packed wearable that looks and feels like a stylish pair of designer shades. You’ll never want to take them off (and you won’t need to),” Covington said.

Two-time NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury has joined Chamelo as chief brand officer. “

“Be different. See different. That’s the ethos we live by at Chamelo,” said Marbury. “I’m excited to be involved in bringing a new wave of sunglasses to market that not only elevate style but also bring never-before-seen innovation and functionality to eyewear.”

The brand has plans to expand its range of frame styles later this year, including a frame designed by Marbury.

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