Paul Smith Crowned 2024 UK’s Strongest Man

The 2024 UK’s Strongest Man was one of the contests held from June 7-9 in Cardiff, Wales. Eight of the UK’s strongest athletes competed in a single day of competition through five events: Truck Pull, Tire Flip, Dumbbell Press, Deadlift Hold, and Stones of Strength.

Paul Smith of England entered as the defending champion and left the arena as the three-time UK’s Strongest Man (he also won the 2022 edition). Smith secured 38 of a possible 40 points en route to the top of the podium.

2024 UK’s Strongest Man Results

Paul Smith (ENG) — 38 points

Louis Jack (SCO) — 34 points

Andrew Flynn (ENG) — 28 points

Shaun Diver (IRL) — 24 points

Matt Dimond (WAL) — 17 points

Chris Beetham (SCO) — 15 points

Cilléin Groom (IRL) — Nine points

Stephen Jackson (SCO) — Five points

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2024 UK’s Strongest Man Event Results

Below are the results of the five events featured in Cardiff:

Truck Pull

Each strongman received a single attempt to pull the 15,000-kilogram vehicle down the 20-meter course as fast as possible within 75 seconds.

Paul Smith — 36.36 seconds

Matt Dimond — 36.67 seconds

Andrew Flynn — 36.89 seconds

Louis Jack — 37.98 seconds

Cilléin Groom — 40.29 seconds

Shaun Diver — 41.98 seconds

Chris Beetham — 43.40 seconds

Stephen Jackson — 43.50 seconds

Tire Flip

Each athlete had 75 seconds to flip the 435-kilogram tire.

Louis Jack — Four in 28.48 seconds

Paul Smith — Three in 64.42 seconds

Shaun Diver — Two in 60.35 seconds

Andrew Flynn — Two in 72.52 seconds

Cilléin Groom One in 64.09 seconds

Matt Dimondno lift

Chris Beethamno lift

Stephen Jacksonno lift

Dumbbell Press

With 75 seconds on the clock, each strongman attempted max reps with a 90-kilogram dumbbell.

Paul Smith — Nine reps

Louis Jack — Seven reps

Andrew Flynn — Six reps

Shaun Diver — Five reps

Chris Beetham — Four reps

Matt Dimond — One rep

Cilléin Groomno lift

Stephen Jacksonno lift

Deadlift Hold

Each strongman attempted to hold 300 kilograms for time.

Paul Smith — 63.91 seconds

Shaun Diver — 60.73 seconds

Louis Jack — 55.68 seconds

Andrew Flynn — 50.82 seconds

Chris Beetham — 41.52 seconds

Matt Dimond — 37.12 seconds

Stephen Jackson — 30.53 seconds

Cilléin Groomno lift

Stones of Strength

Five stones weighing 100 to 160 kilograms had to be loaded as fast as possible within 75 seconds.

Louis Jack — Five in 28.34 seconds

Paul Smith — Five in 28.8 seconds

Andrew Flynn — Five in 28.9 seconds

Chris Beetham — Five in 30.92 seconds

Matt Dimond — Four in 25.74 seconds

Shaun Diver — Three in 17.72 seconds

Stephen Jackson — Two in 24.55 seconds

Cilléin Groom — One in 14 seconds

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