Joy Nnamani (63KG) Sets IPF Raw Deadlift World Record of 231.5 Kilograms at 2024 IPF Classic World Championships

The Women’s 63KG class at the 2024 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Championships (CWC) was a deadlifting showcase for Britain’s Joy Nnamani. Nnamani locked out a new IPF world record raw deadlift of 231.5 kilograms on her second attempt en route to an overall fifth-place finish.

Nnamani was 26.5 kilograms shy of a spot on the podium, but the record books were rewritten nonetheless. Check out Nnamani’s new record lift in the video below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:

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After a slow, deep breath to center herself on the lifting platform, Nnamani reached for the barbell in a wide sumo stance. She nearly wrapped her fingers around the barbell before popping back up to the starting position empty-handed, as though visualizing the lift.

Nnamani darted back down to the barbell, firmly grasping it, and began the pull with only chalked hands and her lifting belt. Just as the barbell eclipsed her knees during the ascent, she encountered a slight sticking point. She battled through it steadily, ultimately achieving a solid lockout and the judges’ satisfaction.

2024 IPF Classic World Championships Results — Joy Nnamani, 63KG


165 kilograms

175 kilograms

182.5 kilograms

Bench Press

92.5 kilograms

97.5 kilograms

100 kilograms


215 kilograms

231.5 kilograms — IPF Raw World Record

235 kilograms

Total — 511.5 kilograms

Nnamani went six for nine in attempts, missing one in each of the three big lifts. Despite missing her second squat, she still increased the weight by 7.5 kilograms to a successful lift. She attempted to further her IPF world record deadlift by 3.5 kilograms on her final lift of the competition but missed.

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