Momence Is a Must-Have for Gyms & Studios Growing From the Ground Up

With a detailed system, excellent customer service and more, it’s no surprise Momence is the go-to for fitness brands looking to grow

When launching a fitness brand, those at the helm are often forced to juggle the duties of a salesperson, manager, marketing head, designer and more. This is a difficult task, to say the least. But Momence, the studio management software platform, is an extra set of hands, apt and eager to ensure no ball is dropped. 

“We care deeply about studio and gym owners and being able to offer them and their clients the best experience possible within the wellness and fitness industry,” said Momence CEO Vojta Drmota.

The brand points to its successful partnerships with wellness studios Atlas Yoga & Healing Arts and The Studio as evidence of its abilities to help fitness brands flourish. Momence’s ability to establish marketing campaigns, catalog waitlists and formulate an onboarding experience was instrumental to both brands’ early successes. 

Early Reach-Outs Lead to Early Profitability

Momence can get to work the moment a fitness brand is formed, oftentimes helping them get in the black on day one. While working with The Studio and Atlas Yoga, it launched waitlist advertising campaigns, built waitlist landing pages to collect leads and nurtured them through email, SMS, and more.

The Studio turned 50 leads into 1,500 and was profitable when it opened its doors to the public. Atlas Yoga saw similar success, as the ads, lead generation and organization provided by Momence relayed memberships before Atlas’ doors even opened. 

“One of the most common mistakes we see most new owners make is that they’re unable to truly maximize their waitlist building efforts to sell enough founding memberships to open profitably,” said Drmota. “Momence as a consolidated platform is more valuable than its individual features because they compound when they work together. In isolation email, texting/phone services, marketing platforms, and CRMs are only going to accomplish so much.”

Vojta Drmota (credit: Momence)

The new studios that we’ve seen open profitably, with Momence, have been due to the fact that they’ve been able to run digital paid ads that funnel the leads immediately into Momence and enroll them into a waitlist warm-up sequence to begin priming leads for the founding memberships sale,” he added. 

credit: Momence

Transparency Is Key 

While Momence’s system might produce results as if it’s some sort of magic trick, there’s no deception or trickery involved. From initial advertising, to lead generation and eventual membership purchase, clients can track the entire process; they receive intel on which ads are converting the highest number of leads, which allows them to understand what’s working best and double down on those practices for greater efficiency with their paid marketing efforts. 

“No other competitor allows you the ability to see the closed-loop reporting of your paid digital media efforts,” said Drmota. “We love being able to offer this level of transparency into the data for owners. It allows them to feel confident with their return on investment when it comes to ads so they can continue to amplify their brand message to attract more clients.”

credit: The Studio

Transparency extends beyond tech. Momence’s in-person customer service contributed significantly to getting Atlas Yoga off the ground, according to owner Jake McGough. Having real humans there to assist him rather than a bot provided necessary support and comfort amid the stress that comes with launching a company. 

“We want it to be easy for our clients to reach out via chat and receive a response within 30 seconds or less, schedule a same-day call back, or via email for more technical questions or concerns and hear back within 11 hours,” said Drmota. “We’ve heard on countless occasions from our clients how much they appreciate being able to talk to a real human and not a bot or AI support.”

Choose a Software You Can Grow With 

Momence knows how to supply brands that run the gamut when it comes to fitness and wellness services. This is important as nuances within different modalities require alternative support in areas such as payments, booking, marketing, and communications. 

“A spin studio will want the ability for their clients to book their bike,” noted Drmota. “Dance studios have seasonal tuition requirements so parents can easily enroll their child into the upcoming semester. Belt tracking for martial arts businesses. Easy door access for gyms. Workout of the day for CrossFit. Offering small or large group classes as well as appointments for Pilates studios. The list goes on.”

credit: Atlas Yoga

While Momence often helps younger businesses like Atlas Yoga and The Studio, it serves well-established ones all the same, who can also benefit from connected, top-tier business, marketing and advertising tools. GoYoga, a 10 location yoga studio and TRIB3, a 20+ location franchise, who both saw success working with Momence, illustrate this versatility. 

“We’re committed to supporting studios and gyms through every stage of business growth—from startup to franchise and everything in between,” said Drmota. “This easily allows studios to add on additional locations as they go from a single location to a multi-location studio via a single dashboard or make the switch to a corporate franchise model and easily access multiple dashboards for the franchise locations.”

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