Sonita Muluh (+84KG) Sets All-Time World Record Raw Squat of 311 Kilograms

At the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships, Belgian powerlifter Sonita Muluh stunned the world by breaking the 300-kilogram barrier, squatting in knee sleeves. However, she has taken it further by squatting 311 kilograms on her way to her first world title.

Muluh competed at the 2024 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Championships (CWC) on June 23 and broke the squat world record twice, first at 301 kilograms and then again at 311 kilograms. Check out this historic squat below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:

Muluh set up for the squat using wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and a lifting belt. The walk out was solid, and Muluh took the weight to full depth. The ascent was tough, as she slowed nearly to a stop twice. However, she eventually made it to the top to rapturous cheers from the packed crowd.

Muluh’s squat was 31 kilograms more than anyone else’s in the contest. After the bench press, Muluh lost a little ground to USA’s Alexis Jones but still led by more than 20 kilograms going into the deadlifts.

Muluh broke the total world record with her opening deadlift of 250 kilograms and then kept pushing it up. She went nine for nine in attempts. As a tested athlete, her total was only four kilograms below the all-time world record.

2024 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship Results — Sonita Muluh (Belgium), 84+KG


285 kilograms

301 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

311 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

Bench Press

142.5 kilograms

147.5 kilograms

152.5 kilograms


250 kilograms

262.5 kilograms

267.5 kilograms

Total — 731 kilograms — IPF Open World Record

This was Muluh’s first world championship win. She lost to Canada’s Brittany Schlater at the 2023 CWC in Malta after her final deadlift was turned down for soft lockout. She finished two kilograms behind Schlater at the 2024 Sheffield Championships.

Still, the third time was the charm, as Muluh finally ascended the podium’s top step and received the overall gold medal. She also won the Best Lifter award, presented to the male and female athletes with the highest GL point score — the formula that compares lifters across different bodyweight categories used by the IPF and its affiliates.

Sonita Muluh’s Future

Muluh secured a spot at the 2025 World Games in Chengdu, China, a multi-sport event held every four years. She qualified for the 2025 Sheffield Championships, the UK’s champion of champions money meet.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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