How to Build Muscle with Kettlebells (w/Joe Daniels)

Today I’m speaking with Joe Daniels, better known as Swing This Kettlebell on social media. Joe has a varied athletic background, but in recent years he’s focused on kettlebell training across a variety of methods. We dive into his experience and bust some myths are kettlebells, hypertrophy, and functional training.

In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Joe Daniels discuss: 

Joe’s athletic background (2:30)

“How I train now is the exact polar opposite of then” (3:25)

Is Joe really kettlebell-only? (9:00)

Can you build muscle with kettlebells? (14:00)

The importance of double bell work (17:00)

Best kettlebell movements for strength (19:00)

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