2024 Beasts of Burden Results — Mathew Ragg Dominates

The 2024 Beasts of Burden contest was the first elite strongman contest of the 2024 season. It took place in Molendinar, Australia, on Jan. 21, 2024, and featured nine athletes competing across five events.

At the conclusion of the single-day contest, 2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Finalist Mathew Ragg emerged victorious after accruing 41 of a possible 45 points — a dominant performance. Below are the final standings:

2024 Beasts of Burden Results

Mathew Ragg — 41 points

Brenton Stone — 30 points

Eddie Williams — 28 points

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — 28 points

Jordan Osborne — 22 points

Tiano Faapoi — 21 points

Tyler Helm — 20 points

Sean Logan — 14 points

Macauley Tinker — 14 points

The five contested events were the Log Lift, Farmer’s Walk, Car Deadlift, Loading Race, and Atlas Stones. Check out the individual event results below:

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2024 Beasts of Burden Event Results

Check out the individual event results below:

Log Lift

Athletes had 60 seconds to lift as many reps as possible of either 170 or 190 kilograms. One rep at the higher weight outranked any number of reps at the lower weight:

Brenton Stone — Two reps (190 kilograms)

Mathew Ragg — One rep (190 kilograms)

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — Two reps (170 kilograms)

Jordan Osborne — One rep (170 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Tyler Helm — One rep (170 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Macauley Tinker — One rep (170 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Eddie Williamsno lift (170 kilograms)

Tiano Faapoino lift (170 kilograms)

Sean Loganno lift (170 kilograms)

Farmer’s Walk

The Farmer’s Walk comprised 170 kilograms down a 20-meter course for time:

Eddie Williams — 12.79 seconds

Jordan Osborne — 14.76 seconds

Tiano Faapoi — 14.86 seconds

Mathew Ragg — 15.38 seconds

Tyler Helm — 36.78 seconds

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — 51.50 seconds

Brenton Stone — 1.9 meters

Macauley Tinker — 1.55 meters

Sean Logan — 1.5 meters

Car Deadlift

The car weighed 363 kilograms. Athletes attempted to lock out as many reps as possible:

Mathew Ragg — Nine reps

Sean Logan — Eight reps

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — Six reps

Eddie Williams — Five reps

Brenton Stone — Four reps

Jordan Osborne — Three reps (T-sixth)

Tiano Faapoi — Three reps (T-sixth)

Tyler Helm — Three reps (T-sixth)

Macauley Tinker — One rep

Loading Race

The Loading Race featured four implements ranging in weight from 120 to 150 kilograms to be traversed 10 meters and loaded onto a platform:

Mathew Ragg — Four in 36.72 seconds

Tiano Faapoi — Four in 42.13 seconds

Brenton Stone — Four in 50.08 seconds

Macauley Tinker — Four in 54.63 seconds

Eddie Williams — Four in 56.17 seconds

Jordan Osborne — Three in 25.05 seconds

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — Three in 29.39 seconds

Tyler Helm — Three in 40.54 seconds

Sean Logan — Three in 45.63 seconds

Atlas Stones

The closing event featured five Atlas Stones — 160 to 200 kilograms — to be loaded in the fastest time possible within the 60-second time limit:

Mathew Ragg — Five in 45.58 seconds

Eddie Williams — Four in 24.97 seconds

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf — Four in 29.49 seconds

Brenton Stone — Four in 41.63 seconds

Tyler Helm — Four in 55.16 seconds

Sean Logan — Three in 22.10 seconds

Tiano Faapoi — Three in 25.08 seconds

Jordan Osborne — Two in 8.74 seconds

Macauley Tinkerno lift

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